Kiwi para-athlete Sophie Pascoe motivated by her own legacy

Kiwi swimming champion Sophie Pascoe is still motivated for more success after another triumphant campaign in the pool.

The 25-year-old won two gold medals on the Gold Coast this month, taking her total haul to 13 over her Paralympic and Commonwealth Games career.

Speaking to the AM Show on Tuesday, Pascoe revealed she felt the pressure to improve, even if it's not coming from her rivals.

"It is tough," she said. "It's pretty hard to sometimes get up in the morning, but if you want to be the best in the world, that's what you have to do.

"I'm constantly willing to challenge myself. I want to be able to write this legacy, and look back and go 'there's no regrets', you know. I've not once gone 'I can't do this'.

"I'm constantly pushed to my maximum every single day in training and I might be racing a clock in training, just because I train a lot by myself, but the competition is getting gradually harder and harder and harder."

Pascoe is unclear on how many medals she hopes to collect by the end of her illustrious career, but her drive to get back on the podium is tangible.

"I don't have a target. The medals for me, they're all part of the accolade, but it's that two minutes you get up on the podium that's remembered for a lifetime.

"Once you win one gold medal, you want another.

"I'm just going with the love and passion of the sport, and I currently still love it so much that I obviously want to go out and keep challenging myself."


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