NBA: Steven Adams catches up with 'Stache Brother' Enes Kanter before elimination playoff game

  • 26/04/2018

Steven Adams spotted a familiar face in the crowd as he prepared to take on the Utah Jazz on Thursday.

The Kiwi and his Oklahoma City Thunder faced elimination from the NBA Western Conference playoffs if they couldn't top the Jazz in Game Five.

But Adams spied an old friend watching on as he went through a pre-game warm up routine - 'old mate' Enes Kanter, who was sporting a 'Stache Brothers' shirt.

The former OKC teammates made the moustache famous from 2015-2017, with both centre's growing glorious mo's.

Kanter and Adams shared a vigorous handshake and embrace as they exchanged words.

But the towering New York Knicks giant may not have necessarily been supporting Adams - the Jazz drafted him third in the 2011 draft and he spent four years with them before being traded to the Thunder.