Horse racing: The Whitelocks - Breeders of champions

Christchurch horse breeders, Braeden and Caroline Whitelock, continue to not only produce All Blacks sons, but champion horses as well. 

They have three set to run at the Harness Jewels in Cambridge on Saturday, one of the biggest days on the racing calendar.

But it's a race which has since been rocked by scandal. Ten horses have been detained for testing, after it was revealed they had been in contact with workers who smoked drugs during the trip north from Christchurch.

Betting on the race has been suspended pending the results of the testing, which are due on Friday.

Gearing up for such a big race day has its pressures, but Braeden Whitelock is trying to not get too worked up over the drugs debacle leading into the Jewels.

"From my perspective, it's pretty much precautionary and going through the protocols," Whitelock told Newshub. "We look forward to a positive result."

Breeding is in the Whitelock blood. As well as being the parents of four rugby-playing sons, including three All Blacks, they are also hobby horse breeders at their Manawatu farm.

"Anyone who does come round home, first thing is to come see the horses. See who's related to who, the bloodline, those sorts of things," said Sam Whitelock.

"We used to go, all six of us, in the car to Auckland to watch the races."

Subject to being cleared to race, the Whitelocks will have three horses in action, including two in the first race on Harness Jewels day at Cambridge.

Unbeaten in all four starts, "Princess Tiffany" is a reference  to Adam's wife, while Kayla Marie is named after George's wife and former Blacksticks captain Kayla.

 "It will be an intriguing race, about tactics. You don't have a lot of time over a mile, so it should be interesting," said Braeden Whitelock.

The Whitelocks have won on Jewels day before, but Friday's outcome will dictate if they have a chance to do so again.