Auckland football referee quits after physical threats

Auckland football referee quits after physical threats
Photo credit: Getty/ file

The Auckland Sunday Football Association (ASFA) has warned players to be more respectful towards their referees or face harsh consequences.

It comes after a long-standing ASFA referee quit after being physically threatened by a player for the third time this season.

ASFA communications manager Richard Wright said the association was told the referee was threatened by a player who was unhappy with his performance, but no violent action occurred.

"Needless to say we were shocked and disappointed that an individual thought it acceptable to behave in this manner, as indeed were his teammates."

Competitions manager Trevor Brook said although it was the third incident this season, the latest incident was the first time a complaint was laid.

The ASFA said in a Facebook post they will be issuing a directive and punishment schedule later this week.

"Players and teams can expect monetary fines, points deductions and extended bans for this type of behaviour."

One individual has already been banned from playing football in New Zealand for at least two years after spitting in an assistant referee's face.

"If anyone thinks this type of behaviour is acceptable, you are playing in the wrong competition," the post said.