Barrett brothers' dad on his history-making All Black sons

Wednesday was an ordinary day for Kevin Barrett as a farmer shifting stock around - but for the man they call 'Smiley', it was an extraordinary day as a father.

"Obviously having three of them on the paddock at once certainly makes us proud parents," he said.

Three sons - Beauden, Scott and Jordie - have been named in a starting All Black side. It's the first time three brothers were named together - history made by this coastal Taranaki family.

"Rural Taranaki folk - that just kids get out there and kick the ball around in the mud," Mr Barrett said.

The boys were raised on a farm in Pungarehu - there is a proud mum, Mr Barrett's wife Robyn, and a proud grandmother, his mum Mary.

Smiley is a Taranaki legend himself having played 100 games for the amber and blacks.

The boys will run out together at Eden Park, which is where Mr Barrett helped win the shield in one of Taranaki's greatest games.

"We just knew if we all played well and put it together we were in with a chance, and yeah - we just we made history," he said.

He is gutted the iconic Yarrow stadium has been shut down for safety reasons.

Growing up, the boys were competitive - especially Jordie.

"There were many times when he'd be steaming in with a cricket ball and crying at the same time, trying to get us out," brother Beauden said.

There's got to be a secret to having such success with all three boys - and Mr Barrett says it's down to their diet.

"Well it's nothing to do with the water... I think it's the organic milk they drink," he said.

Yes, organic milk is behind the rugby success.

"Last year the boys played in town, in New Plymouth there. For their protein shakes after the game, I took a billy out for the boys and they mixed their protein shakes up with it," Mr Barrett said.

Mr Barrett said he was going to breed some All Blacks when he finished his playing career.

"You'd always have an ambition in life, and someone wanted to be Prime Minister, someone be an astronaut. So I thought how about breeding an All Black," said Mr Barrett.

One thing that isn't secret - he's very proud of his boys.

Smiley Barrett: hardworking farmer and proud father


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