Boxing: Jeff Horn vs Terence Crawford - As it happened

Crawford is heavily favoured over Horn in the WBO welterweight title fight.
Crawford is heavily favoured over Horn in the WBO welterweight title fight. Photo credit: AAP

CRAWFORD DEF HORN BY TKO - ROUND NINE: Crawford was just far too good for Horn. His speed was just on another level and found success with the jab on a regular basis. Horn started well, but faded away before what looked like a pre-mature stoppage brought an end to the title fight. Thank you for joining us.

ROUND 9: Crawford immediately comes out to the centre and lands the jab down the middle. Horn lands a little one-two but Crawford's able to duck to partially avoid it. Horn's trying to land and wrap but he's just not finding success. Crawford pushes Horn onto the rops before firing a straight jab to the body. Crawford teeing off now and a left hand sends Horn to the Canvas! He's up but Crawford's iimmediately on him, letting shots go with the Australian ducking and on the ropes and the ref steps in! This fight's over! Crawford wins by TKO.

ROUND 8: Horn seems to have picked up the pace but Crawford still the quicker of the two. Crawford changing levels so effectively, ducking under Horns leaping punches before firing back with the jab. A beautiful body shot from Crawford on the counter before a nasty left hook upstairs. Crawford goes left, right and left once more to push Horn back. He's just on another level. Crawford's landing flush to the head of Horn and the Australian's hurt! He's off balance but the bell saves him.

ROUND 7: Horn lands a nice left to the chin of Crawford before another nice little flurry catches the American. Crawford hits Horn coming in before they wrap up on the ropes. Both land a strong punch in close quarters but the jab of Crawford continuing to cause problems for Horn. Crawford throws a power punch to the body and it sticks. A better round for Horn, but that's another for Crawford.

ROUND 6: Horn tries to leap in and catch Crawford, but he's just not having any success, Crawford changing levels very effectively and evading his punches. Crawford lands a hard shot to the body before Horn grabs on. Horn lands a nice right on the inside but Crawford fires right back. Crawford targeting the body a lot more. Another one for the American.

ROUND 5: Horn ducking and weaving but he looks shot. Horn lands a nice combination with Crawford on the ropes, but it's short-lived as the American moves away. Crawfords lands a flurry of punches and forces Horn to back up. The Australian's right eye is closing up. Horn tries another lunge in but Crawford wraps up as the bell rings. Crawford coasting.

ROUND 4: Crawford's starting to follow up the lefts with the right and he's landing. Horn's trying to close the gap, but he's starting to miss more and more with his shots. Crawford really dictating the pace and the distance, he's got a very wide stance. Horn looking tired, struggling to keep up with the pace. Crawford well on top.

ROUND 3: Crawford comes in, lands, but Horn counters nicely. The pair exchange with a couple of heavy blows in the cente of the ring, both landing plenty. Horn finds Crawford's chin with a nice right, straight jab. These boys are fast. Crawford finding a home for the straight left but Horn copping it well. Crawford finishes the stronger of the two.

ROUND 2: Crawford popping the jab very effectively, playing a patient game from the outside. Horn stepping in but is getting wrapped up when they get close. Crawford fires the left and finds Horn's chin. The pace has definitely slowed down. Horn tries to fire the left uppercut as the bell rings but can't conntect.

ROUND 1: Horn immediatelty takes the centre of the ring, pushing Crawford back. Crawford happy to sit back and BOOM, lands a left hand upstairs on the counter. Horn then lands a right hand flush on the American. Both have now dropped the pace a little bit and the rounds ends with a nice exchange between the pair.

3:01pm: Now just for the introductions and we're all set!

3:00pm: Michael Buffer does what Michael Buffer does best and delivers his trademark "Let's get ready to rumble!". 

2:57pm: Now it's Horn's turn. The Champion, rocking the black, red and gold strip. Got a lot more bounce and energy in his walkout than Crawford.

2:55pm: The challenger, Crawford now making his way out to the ring. Looks very relaxed and taking his time, feeling the music.

2:46pm: Horn stunned the boxing world when he beat Manny Pacquiao for the belt. Most had the Australian losing on the scorecards, but the judges favoured Horn and now they're making a movie about him and the fight.

2:40pm: Horn hitting the pads one more time before making his way out. It's not often the champion is not considered the favourite but here we are.

2:33pm: Alright, we're just about set for the MAIN EVENT, Horn v Crawford. Might be the only time I'll be backing an Aussie. Always got to back the underdog.

2:29pm: Pedraza defeats Moran by unamanious decision. All judges had it 96-94, it was an entertaining bout.

2:23pm: Tenth and final round now. It's been an entertaining fight. Despite Moran's heart, it's looking like it's Pedraza's fight to lose.

2:13pm: Round seven in the books. They've both eased off the pace just a tad. Moran finishing strong with the jab.

2:10pm: Blood continuing to stream down the face of Moran. He's certainly the more aggressive, but Pedraza making the better contact.

2:00pm: It's Moran with the bloody face but he's certainly not scared to throw, and is finding success upstairs.

1:55pm: Some really good exchanges between Jose Pedraza and Antonio Moran in the opening few rounds. Both landing plenty, but no killer blow as of yet.

1:42pm: The fight has yet to start but it shouldn't be too far away now. We're getting closer.

1:27pm: Crawford is the heavy favourite tonight and most are expecting him to coast to victory over the Australian. Hoping others.

1:25pm: Backstage footage shows Horn and Crawford wrapping their hands. Not too far away now. We've also just had the anthems sung.

1:20pm: Thanks for joining us. We've got just one more fight before Horn and Crawford enter the ring. It's Jose Pedraza taking on Antonio Moran for the WBO Latino lightweight title.

Hello and welcome to MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas as Jeff Horn defends his WBO welterweight title against the undefeated, Terence Crawford.

The Australian schoolteacher won the belt off Manny Pacquiao last year, and has had just the one title defence since.

He arguably faces his toughest test yet in the form of Crawford, who is undefeated in 32 bouts and is a former WBO and Ring magazine champion.

Round-by-round updates and commentary start around 1.30pm.


AGE: 30
HEIGHT: 175cm
REACH: 173cm
WINS: 18

AGE: 30
HEIGHT: 173cm
REACH: 178cm
WINS: 32

Horn $4.50 Crawford $1.18

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