Football: Kangaroo invades pitch during match

While New Zealand fans invaded the rugby pitch at Forsyth Barr Stadium on the weekend, a kangaroo has bounced onto a football pitch on Sunday.

A local roo broke onto the field during a club football game in Canberra between Belconnen United and Canberra FC in a National Premier League women’s match.

Onlookers tried getting the animal off the field at halftime, but it wouldn’t budge. One person even tried kicking a football at it, but the marsupial showed off its impressive goalkeeping skills, before eventually moved away.

Its keeping skills were that impressive, it might even earn a call-up to the real Socceroo's team.

But, when the second half resumed, the kangaroo returned and, players from both teams fled.

Play was stopped for about 20 minutes before eventually, it left ago after a Ute driver shooed the animal away.


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