As it happened: NRL - Warriors vs Sharks


80mins: Johnson goes short with the restart but the Sharks are aware to it and gather it in. Moylan has a run and Paasi is penalised at the play of the ball. Game all but over. Sharks take it up a couple of times as the hooter sounds and that's full time!

78mins: SHARKS TRY - LEE: Fifita has a crack but again, is well tackled before offloading to Holmes. Towsend's in the pocket, he's well marked, gives it to Moylan to try the field goal but it's charged! Mannering dives on it but knocks on! Sharks go right, putting it through the hands and Lee goes over in the corner for the try!

76mins: RTS gets out of a couple of tackles before Green kicks the bomb on the last. Holmes goes up, drops it, Luke picks it up and dives over for the try! Wait, they're asking the TMO, he was in front of Green's kick. Late drama here!

76mins: Warriors make easy metres through Mannering and Luke, before Johnson gets it in acres of space, 20 metres out and kicks the field goal to put the Warriors in front! It was an ugly kick but it doesn't matter.

74mins: Sharks do well to get themselves out of trouble with a strong set, followed by a good Townsend kick, forcing Beale to run it back to his own 10m. Prior is penalised for his tackle on Hiku.

72mins: RTS gets the ball from Luke but Ramien nails him to keep the ball from going out wide. Mannering has a crack and they're just a couple of metres out. Luke tries the grubber but Holmes sticks the boot out before diving on the loose ball.

70mins: Tevaga has a crack before Mannering spins his way up to halfway. They go right for Papalii but he's well contained. Johnson kicks through along the ground and Lee knocks on right in front of the try line! Would you believe it? Warriors scrum.

68mins: Johnson nails the penalty goal and we're all tied up! We're in for a cracking last 12 minutes or so. It can all be traced back to RTS' linebreak. What a moment to stand up.

66mins: Sharks were scrambling but are now back in possession. Fifita has a run and makes the error at the play of the ball for a Warriors scrum. Can they hit back? Johnson beats one, throws the dummy and is finally tackled before winning the penalty.

64mins: Sharks playing for time, taking it up through the middle. Townsend puts the bomb up but the Warriors clean up comfortably. RTS now has a run and he's clean through! He's in open field, goes left and is finally dragged down near the Sharks 40m. Johnson kicks right for Hiku but Lee does well to get back to it.

62mins: Holmes finds Lee in space on the left wing, he bumps off Johnson and takes the Sharks up just 10 metres out. Moylan finds Capewell, no space for him so he kicks through and RTS cleans up.

60mins: Paasi has a crack and he loses it in contact! Was a good hit, attacking the ball from Woods. Sharks taking it up through their big men up the middle. Moylan kicks through and Hiku is forced to take it dead.

58mins: Warriors concede another penalty and Townsend slots the easy shot at goal. Warriors have been better this half but are now trailing for the first time in the game. Sharks looking to attack but Segeyaro's kick is poor and the Warriors will have the scrum.

55mins: Tevaga has a crack before Luke makes metres on the right. Satae makes yet another strong run up the middle, but he's penalised for the play of the ball. It's a strange call to be honest.

53mins: Warriors concede the penalty and the Sharks are hot on attack as Gallen has a crack before offloading to Woods. They're just a metre out but the Warriors showing great defence before being awarded the penalty. Woods guilty of trying to go too quick.

51mins: RTS returns the kick but three Sharks defenders are there waiting. Tevaga has a crack but makes the error at the play of the ball after a good hit from Woods for a Sharks scrum.

49mins: Green finds Paasi with a nice short ball and he's tackled up over halfway. Luke has another dart from dummy and makes good metres. Warriors go right but Sharks defence keeps them in field before kicking.

47mins: Warriors concede the penalty and Woods has a crack from the tap on the Warriors 40m. Holmes finds Ramien on the inside but he's looked after well. Ramien gets another inside ball and RTS NAILS him to send him backwards. They grubber through but it's that man again, RTS who slides through and gathers it in before the Sharks are penalised.

45mins: Sorensen and Gallen have a run each before Townsend kicks deep. Hiku is hit hard but he takes it up over halfway. Luke has a dart from dummy before Kata gets it wide and somehow stays in field. Ball somehow comes back Warriors way from the kick, Paasi kicks through and it rolls dead. 

43mins: A loose Sharks carry sees Paasi pick up and charge. Papalii has a run and they're just five metres out. Luke tries to find Satae on the charge but he knocks on. Came at him quick.

41mins: We're back underway and it's Paasi with the first hit up, bumping off Capewell. Great start Warriors. Satae has a crack and he then runs over Capewell. Johnson puts the ball along the ground and Lee finds Holmes to return.


40mins: Townsend's kick holds up nicely and would you believe it, Hiku knocks on just five metres out on the return. Sharks have one last chance. Gallen's has a crack and he's just a metre out. They grubber through but RTS dives on it and it's halftime.

38mins: Commentators aren't happy with the decision at all as it looks as if Beale and Katoa went shoulder to shoulder. Nonetheless, Townsend kicks the penalty goal and we're all tied up.

36mins: Moylan makes a great tackle on Johnson to prevent him from going wide. They kick for Holmes to return and he almost busts through the tackle. Capewell has another surging charge up the middle. Segeyaro somehow finds a bit of space, finds Gallen and he makes good metres. They kick through and Beale takes out Katoa for a Sharks penalty. 

34mins: Johnson kicks on just the third tackle as the Sharks now look to counter. They go right for Holmes and he finds Capewell on the inside. Townsend kicks on the last but it's easy for RTS to cover. Afoa's down. He's going off with what looks like a broken arm.

32mins: Warriors try and go wide quickly but Johnson's pass to Harris is knocked on with Sharks players on top of him. Gallen runs hard and low, as the Sharks are just 10 out. Lee gets it out wide but the Warriors cut him off and make the tackle. They switch right to Katoa but Beale makes a great tackle, dragging him over the sideline.

30mins: Afoa gets a nice short ball but he's JUST tackled around halfway. Looked as if he was going to go straight through. Sharks now with it through Gallen and he offloads for Segeyaro to charge. Ramien gets it on the last, he pushes off a poor Kata tackle but is thankfully finally taken down just five out.

28mins: Green has a rare run before Afoa takes some stopping in his charge. They kick but Holmes takes it comfortably with players on top of him. 

26mins: Woods takes it up from the restart. Fifita has a crack and he's well looked after, as he has been all game so far. They go wide and right through Holmes and he takes it up over halfway before Townsend kicks it out.

25mins: SHARKS TRY - LEE: Sharks go wide on just the second tackle, Holmes holds it up, finds Leutele and it's a simple draw and pass for Lee and the winger goes over untouched for the try. Sharks have taken control of the game.

24mins: Moylan finds Woods and he produces a great offload back to him for another run. The Sharks get a fresh set of six from a Green knock on, Moylan gives it to Townsend, he dummies and dives for the line but RTS makes a great try-saving tackle along the deck. Wow, what an effort from the skipper.

22mins: Kata makes a great spot tackle on Ramien to stop a promising bit of play from the Sharks. Woods has his first carry for his new club. Townsend's grubber is a good one and RTS is forced to tap it dead.

20mins: Fifita takes it up before Gallen has a charge up the middle. Townsend's kick is well taken by RTS. Luke kicks long and Holmes cuts right through them on the return! He's weaving through the defence before finding Ramien. They switch right but cough it up with a man advantage!

18mins: Sharks looking more comfortable now as Prior takes it up over halfway. Townsend's kick finds the deck before Beale takes it up. Green kicks low and Holmes handles it well.

16mins: SHARKS TRY - RAMIEN: Sharks go right, Townsends finds a surging Moylan and he cuts out a couple to give the ball to Ramien and he crashes over for their first try of the game. Against the run of play, the Sharks hit back!

14mins: Gallen's allowed to run and he puts the Sharks on the front foot. Sorenson gets a nice inside ball and he forces the Warriors to concede the penalty. Prior gets a short ball and he's just a metre out. Fifita goes over but he's held up.

12mins: Fifita takes some stopping and makes a nice run, but the Sharks are struggling to make metres. They kick and RTS returns it. Warriors having no trouble gaining ground as Johnson's bomb rolls dead. Close call.

10mins: Gavet runs it hard from the restart and it's a strong charge. Warriors making easy metres out wide but the Sharks make a crucial tackle on Harris. Johnson kicks for Lee to return.

8mins: WARRIORS TRY - GELLING: Sharks charge inside from inside their own 10m and knock on! Beale returns it before Kata goes close. Johnson gets it, throws the dummy, finds Gelling and the centre crashes over for the try.

6mins: Paasi makes a strong run from the restart, taking three Sharks players with him before winning the penalty. What strength!

5mins: WARRIORS TRY - KATA: Warriors switch right through Papalii, he beats Townsend's tackle, takes another on and brilliantly finds Kata with the offload and the the centre crashes over for the try.

3mins: Warriors go through their first set as Gavet makes a nice run and then the offload for Luke to have a dart. Johnson puts the grubber through but Katoa looks after it. Sharks win the penalty but the kick doesn't find touch.

1mins: Luke gets us underway and it's Townsend who takes it up, the former Warrior! Prior has a crack before Fifita makes a strong surge,

7:58pm: Players make their way out now. Just moments away from kick-off. Here we go!

7:55pm: So there's no David Fusitu'a tonight. He couldn't overcome an injury, so fresh from arriving in NZ on Wednesday, Peta Hiku replaces him on the wing.

7:50pm: We're back for NRL action after that mess that was the Denver test. Tonight, the Warriors look to topple the Sharks.

Kia ora and welcome to live updates of the New Zealand Warriors up against the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks.

The Warriors are without Ken Maumalo and the injured David Fusitu'a, but Peta Hiku and Isaac Luke have been named in the run-on side.

In front of them are the Sharks, who can take a step closer to challenging for a top four berth and are also boosted by new signing, Aaron Woods.

Commentary will start from around 7:50pm.


Warriors: 1. Roger Tuivasa-sheck 23. Peta Hiku 3. Anthony Gelling 4. Solomone Kata 5. Gerard Beale 6. Blake Green 7. Shaun Johnson 8. James Gavet 24. Isaac Luke 10. Agnatius Paasi 11. Isaiah Papalii 12. Tohu Harris 13. Simon Mannering 

Interchange: 9. Karl Lawton, 15. Chris Satae 16.Bunty Afoa 17. Jazz Tevaga 21. Sam Lisone

Sharks: 1. Valentine Holmes 2. Sione Katoa 3. Jesse Ramien 4. Ricky Leutele 5. Edrick Lee 6. Matt Moylan 7. Chad Townsend 8. Andrew Fifita 9. Jayden Brailey 10. Matt Prior 11. Kurt Capewell 12. Scott Sorensen 13. Paul Gallen 

Interchange: 14. Joseph Paulo 15. James Segeyaro 16. Aaron Woods 17. Jayson Bukuya 18. Aaron Gray 19. Ava Seumanufagai

Match officials
Referees: Adam Gee, Chris Butler
Sideline Officials: Tim Roby, Chris McMillan
Video Referees: Henry Perenara, Bryan Norrie

Previous results
Played 37; Sharks 21 wins, Warriors 16 wins

Last meeting
Round 21 2017 - Warriors 12 Sharks 26

Head to head
Warriors $1.80 Sharks $1.95

Pre-match banter: Warriors winger Ken Maumalo out of Sharks showdown

Kiwis international Ken Maumalo won't play for the NZ Warriors against the Cronulla Sharks on Friday night at Mt Smart Stadium.

Maumalo, along with Peta Hiku and Issac Luke, all played for the Kiwis on Sunday in their mid-season international defeat against England in Denver.

All three players arrived back in Auckland on Wednesday, after their return flight was delayed by bad weather.

But both Hiku and Luke remain in contention for the top-eight clash, after not being scratched from coach Stephen Kearney's 23-man squad.

Kearney cut his squad down to 20 on Thursday night, with Maumalo, prop Albert Vete and centre Blake Ayshford omitted.

The Warriors boss stated previously that any players who featured in the Denver test wouldn't play against the Sharks, but Kearney might be forced to throw both Hiku and Luke in, due to the significance of the match.

Three more players will be dropped from the interchange, when the final squad is confirmed an hour before kick-off.

The Sharks have won the last three games between the two sides, with four of the previous five games decided by four points or less.



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