Football World Cup: Mitch McCann finds a venue to watch Monday's final

  • 12/07/2018

While Newshub colleague Lloyd Burr was facing a hostile crowd of devastated English fans, Mitch McCann enjoyed the spoils of Football World Cup victory at Auckland's Croatian Cultural Society.

"I didn't even know this was a thing until two days ago," he told Henry Rounce in Newshub's Cup Chat.

"There were probably 150 people there - there were kids, there were adults, there were elderly people.

"They were having a great time - there were flags everything and when they won, the place went off.

"They were letting off fireworks in the carpark. I don’t think it was legal, but it was good times."

With France already confirmed for the final, McCann sensed his hosts went into the second semi-final with low expectations, possibly discouraged by the 'It's coming home' movement behind the England team.

"When England scored that first goal, there was a 'here we go' feeling," he said. "But when Croatia came back, they just went nuts.

"The way they were carrying on after that game, they were going to beat France 10-0… they were so excited.

"I can tell you that Croatian Club, on Monday morning, will just be going off, so if you're Croatian, get down there."

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