Live updates: NRL - Warriors vs Gold Coast Titans


80mins: Mein goes short to Matthews but he's wrapped up well. Titans knock on so the Warriors have one final crack with the ball. Nevermind, they lose it forward and that's fulltime.

78mins: Beale puts a huge shot on Hurrell and the Titans midfielder looks to be in trouble. Titans still in possession, Taylor looks to find Sami with a cutout pass but it's forward and sails over the sideline.

76mins: Paasi makes a nice run, looks to offload but it goes straight to a Titan. Gordon looks to step before Rein kicks through and Tuivasa-Sheck absolutely fluffs it and knocks on as he looked to gather it in along the ground.

74mins: Sami toying with the Warriors now, gets up to claim the short kick-off, and begins stepping across field, smiling at the defence in front him. Brimson almost goes through again but is eventually dragged down.

72mins: TITANS TRY - SAMI: Titans go right, Brimson does well to get the ball away with defence right on him, Gordon draws on and gives it to Sami and he runs in untouched for his second try in five minutes. Really, really ugly now for the Warriors.

70mins: Wallace finding space up the middle once again. Just been so easy for the Titans in the second half. Taylor puts a nice grubber through behind the defence, takes an odd bounce but Tuivasa-Sheck does well to take it.

68mins: TITANS - SAMI: Titans combine nicely in close quarters, offloading at will and Sami's put through a HUGE hole! He's just got Tuivasa-Sheck to beat, and he absolutely leaves him for dead with the step for the ages and he runs in under the sticks for the try. Game over then?

66mins: Papalii does well to get the offload away to Tuivasa-Sheck before Gavet runs it hard up the middle from the right. Johnson puts the grubber through but it's too shallow and Don dives on it and makes sure it's out of the in goal area.

64mins: Proctor gets ride of Kata before he comes back for more. Taylor puts the kick through and it rolls into touch. Titans quite happy to just put it into the corner and see out the game. Titans concede the penalty.

62mins: Paasi and Mannnering combine nicely before Lawton puts the kick through and finds the sideline near the Titans 10m. Warriors need a huge 20 minutes, but it has been a round of NRL comebacks, so there's a chance.

60mins: Hipgrave gets rid of Green on the hit up from the restart and again, the Titans finding space with ease, this time down the right wing. Rein has another crack before Taylor puts the kick in and Hurrell knocks on.

58mins: TITANS TRY - BRIMSON: Hurrell charges onto the ball and takes some stopping. Rein makes a run from dummy and puts Brimson into a hole! He's in acres of space, support either side, throws the dummy, bobbles the ball and dives over for the try. 

56mins: Titans playing with real confidence at the moment, making plenty of inroads on attack. They go to Brimson but the Warriors defence are quickly up on him and force the knock on.

54mins: Titans cough it right in front of their own try line and the Warriors have another chance to hit back. Tevaga looks to ride a couple of tackles towards the try line but he now loses it and the hosts survive.

52mins: Johnson runs across field, gives it to Beale, he's in space with Fusitu'a outside him, but opts to grubber through on the 4th tackle and it goes dead. Should have passed or put the head down. Poor.

50mins: Wallace and Hipgrave proving hard to handle for the Warriors defence as the Titans continue to plug the middle. They go right to Taylor but he knocks on with nobody around.

48mins: TITANS TRY - LEE: Johnson goes short with the drop out and the Titans knock on for Beale to pounce onto. Tevaga runs across field, steps one, passes but Lee reads it, plucks it out of mid-air and runs 30 odd metres to score under the sticks.

46mins: Brimson links up with Wallace and he's in space up the middle! He's pumping the legs, returns it to Brimson and he's tackled by the collar. Taylor puts the grubber behind and Beale's forced to put it down for the drop out.

44mins: TITANS TRY - DON: Lee gets it, there's not much on but he somehow steps out of a poor tackle from Kata and puts the foot down! He's in acres of space, spots the last defender and finds Don to go over on the right wing.

41mins: We're back underway and it's the Titans with the first possession. Hipgrave attacks the middle and is thrown to the ground before Taylor's kick finds space for Tuivasa-Sheck to clean up.


40mins: Papaplii beats a couple before finding a support player with a nice offload. Johnson looks to step but this time is wrapped up. Warriors go left, putting it through the hands and Maumalo looks to be in for the try but the last pass was called forward.

38mins: Hipgrave attacks the line and makes a good run before Procter's nicely wrapped up by Green. They try and go quickly down the right wing with minimal space and are forced over the sideline.

36mins: Titans just five metres out but make the error and the Warriors will get it back. Maumalo and Fusitu'a getting involved off their wings once more, taking it up through the middle.

34mins: Fusitu'a charges back the restart before Vuna takes it into contact. Tevega almost busts through, gets the offload away and suddenly the Warriors are up over halfway but concede the penalty after Lawton passed it from the ground.

32mins: WARRIORS TRY - LAWTON: There's space for Tuivasa-Sheck, he connects with Papalii before Passi makes a strong run. Lawton has a crack from dummy, taking on three players and bashes his way over for the try. Great show of strength to get that down. The former Titan.

30mins: Taylor's rushed on the last, but gets the kick up and the Warriors look to hit back as Kata takes some stopping up the middle. Titans concede the penalty at the play of the ball.

28mins: Warriors have a scrum right in front of their try line, Fusitu'a gets a horrific ball to charge onto and he knocks on! Proctor pounces on it and the Warriors concede the penalty. This time Gordon makes no mistake and kicks the penalty goal.

26mins: Titans opt for penalty goal. It's bang in front, but really the Warriors are out on their feet, you'd think they want more than just two. And after all that, Gordon actually misses to the right!

24mins: Titans finding plenty of space after Sami's break, they go right through Don, he makes good metres down the right. Taylor dummies, reaches for the try line and goes close before the Lawton concedes the penalty.

22mins: Green attacks the gain line and almost goes through before Johnson shows good footwork, puts the grubber through and Sami cleans up, beats a tackle and makes 30 odd metres before he's finally dragged down.

20mins: Johnson puts up an almighty bomb and Fusitu'a ALMOST comes down with it but it's ruled a knock on. Close. Titans looking to attack down through Don down the right wing but Kata picks him and puts him down hard.

18mins: Now Taylor pegs the Warriors back with a touch-finder 20 out from the visitors' try line. Maumalo and Fusitu'a both come off their wings to make strong runs in the middle of the park.

16mins: Afoa makes a strong run up the middle before Johnson pokes on into the corner, forcing the Titans to start their set just 10 metres out from their own try line.

14mins: Gavet's come off second best in a hit up and will leave the field. Johnson finding space with ease once again, puts the kick up but Don gets up above everyone to take it in goal.

12mins: WARRIORS TRY - JOHNSON: Green finds Johnson on the right 15 metres out, he steps one, steps another and there's clear path for him to run in and dot down for the try. He adds the extras and we're all tied up.

10mins: Titans knock on on halfway so the Warriors finally get some possession. Kata makes a run and now it's the Titans who concede the penalty and the Warriors tap.

8mins: TITANS TRY - HURRELL: Titans go left, they've got dummy runners, Hurrell gets it on the wrap around, steps inside and goes over for the try. They're having a look upstairs for possible obstruction but TMO rules "minimal conact and it's a try.

6mins: Wallace goes close after a strong charge, Brimson puts the grubber behind, Tuivasa-Sheck's there to force it down but the Warriors concede yet another penalty.

5mins: Titans making good metres as Proctor takes some stopping, charging his way into the Warriors 10m and the visitors concede the penalty.

3mins: Titans find a bit of space on the short side but kick and Tuivasa-Sheck's back there to claim it. Green's pass to Gavet is a shocker and he knocks on.

1mins: Paasi with the first hit up and rattles the cage of Arrow straight away! Tuivasa-Sheck steps his way to halfway before Green puts the first kick in.

4:04pm: Warriors making their way out of the sheds now. Just moments away from kick-off. Not a bad way to finish off a great weekend of a sport.

3:55pm: The Warriors are favourites for the win but their task will be a lot tougher without Isaac Luke and Tohu Harris.

3:50pm: Thanks for joining us as the Warriors take on the Titans on the sunny Gold Coast. An away win tonight would be their most ever in history.

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1. Roger Tuivasa-sheck 2. David Fusitua 3. Gerard Beale 4. Solomone Kata 5. Ken Maumalo 6. Blake Green 7. Shaun Johnson 8. James Gavet 14. Jazz Tevaga 10. Agnatius Paasi 11.Isaiah Papalii 16. Joseph Vuna 13. Simon Mannering 

Interchange: 15. Sam Lisone 17. Bunty Afoa 20. Karl Lawton 21. Leivaha Pulu 18. Peta Hiku 22. Mason Lino

1. Michael Gordon 2. Anthony Don 3. Konrad Hurrell 4. Brenko Lee 5. Phillip Sami 6. Aj Brimson 7. Ashley Taylor 8. Jarrod Wallace 9. Nathan Peats 10. Ryan James 11. Kevin Proctor 12. Keegan Hipgrave 13. Jai Arrow 

Interchange: 14. Mitch Rein 15. Moeaki Fotuaika 16. Jack Stockwell 17. Will Matthews 19. Brendan Elliott 21. Kane Elgey

Match officials
Referees: Gerard Sutton, Phil Henderson
Sideline Officials: Dave Munro, Nick Morel
Video Referees: Henry Perenara, Bryan Norrie

Previous results
Played 23; Warriors 16 wins, Titans 7 wins
Last meeting
Warriors won 20-8 at Mt Smart Stadium in round 2

Head to head:
Warriors $1.60 Titans $2.25

Pre-match banter: Blake Green suggests Warriors take 'demotion' out on Titans

Any Warriors feeling belittled by the referee 'demotion' tag hanging over them this week should take their frustration out on the field.

That's the attitude of playmaker Blake Green, after Gerard Sutton's appointment to control Sunday's NRL match against the Gold Coast Titans in Robina.

An NRL statement said leading whistler Sutton had been "assigned to a lower-profile" game, after a widely criticised performance in charge of last week's Canberra-Cronulla clash.

Veteran Warriors hooker Issac Luke described the NRL wording as an insult and disrespectful to both teams in a deleted tweet.

Coach Stephen Kearney and captain Roger Tuivasa-Sheck said the issue had been discussed, but didn't want to comment on whether they or other players were as aggrieved as Luke.

Green said it was important the eighth-placed Warriors didn't get too distracted by the slight, as their playoff hopes enter a crucial phase.

Instead, they should funnel any angst into controlled physicality at C-Bus Super Stadium.

But the veteran five-eighth couldn't resist a dig when it was suggested the Auckland club wasn't rated by officialdom.

"Hopefully they get a big crowd to the game this week, that might be a reflection of how we're travelling," Green said.

"Maybe we're a bit more important than what people see us at the moment.

"But we can't control what people say about us or how they feel about us. We've just got to keep winning footy games, we've got a big six weeks coming up."

Nobody at the Warriors was seeking an apology and Kearney had calmed down, after the 12-6 loss to Melbourne in Auckland and his scalding post-match critique of the state of NRL refereeing.

On Sunday, Kearney described that element of the game as "poorly led" and "a blight on our game".

A midweek conversation with referee boss Bernie Sutton had addressed some of his concerns.

Green will definitely start, after shaking off a rib injury that forced him out of the Storm clash.

Uncertainty surrounds the fitness of Luke (calf), who left the match in the second half, and second-rower Tohu Harris (knee), who has been sidelined since the Round 16 loss to Cronulla.


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