Live updates: NRL - Warriors vs Storm


80mins: Tuivasa-Sheck makes a nice run and the Warriors get the penalty. They have one last chance to tie things up. They're just 20 metres out but the ball's come loose! Smith dives on it and that's game.

79mins: Paasi makes a strong run up the middle and the Warriors are just a couple of metres out. They go back for Johnson to put the bomb up and Addo-Carr's there to claim it.

78mins: Storm hot on attack, just metres metres out. They go left to Munster and the Storm are awarded the penalty. Mannering was offside. It's right in front and Smith extends the lead with a penalty goal.

76mins: Hughes busts through two tackles and he's in space! He's got support both ways, goes right to Vunivalu but he drops it! We're coming back for a cheap shot from Blair on Bromwich.

74mins: Warriors go wide on the right, Fusitu'a gives it to Beale to kick down the line but it goes over the sideline for a Storm scrum.

72mins: Chambers is in space down the right, decides against giving it to Vunivalu and cuts back inside. Smith puts the bomb up but the Warriors are there to take it in.

70mins: Lino tries going quickly from dummy half but knocks on and they turn it over. Asofa-Solomona sets off a charge and gets rid of one. Hughes kicks through on the last and makes the tackle on RTS.

68mins: Beale beats three players before Scott gets up to wrap him up. Johnson tries to find Kata but Chambers is up quick and knocks on for a fresh set of six for the Warriors.

66mins: Johnson goes high with the kick and Addo-Carr takes it well but is wrapped by a good tackle from Fusitu'a. Great chase.

64mins: Slater runs across field before cutting back in, tries to ride the tackle of Tuivasa-Sheck and go over for the try but the the fullback's up to it and makes a good tackle.

62mins: Addo-Carr sets off down the left wing before switching direction and is hit hard by Maumalo! Storm still with possession and Finucane makes a strong run up the middle. Munster grubbers but RTS reads it well and takes it in.

60mins: Kata spins out of another tackle, gives it to Maumalo to cut back inside. Papalii makes another strong run up the middle but it was the last and that's a handover.

58mins: Munster kicks for distance and Tuivas-Sheck puts on the footwork, returning it back to almost halfway. Papalii bumps off Finucane and the Warriors are inside the Storm 30m.

56mins: Johnson tries the short dropout again after the last one's success but this time it sails over the sideline and it's out on the full. It's bang in front and Smith extends the lead with a penalty goal.

54mins: Lino shows the ball on the last, fakes the kick, gives it to Papalii and he grubbers it through but the support chasers were offside and the Warriors concede another penalty.

52mins: Storm awarded another penalty at the play of the ball and they're just 10 out from the try line but Hoffman drops it cold.

50mins: Maumalo drops the shoulder and runs right over the top of Hughes and he's away! He beats another before Smith makes the tackle and forces the knock on. Looked high.

49mins: Johnson's pass it ALMOST intercepted but Tevaga comes up with it before finding Luke on his inside. There was space for both sides there.

48mins: Storm force the drop out, Johnson goes short and Maumalo gets up to tap it back the Warriors way before being awareded the penalty. Great work.

46mins: Johnson fires it wide to Kata, he spins out of the tackle of Vunivalu and he puts the foot down! Chambers drags him down from behind, Kata reaches out and dots it down but TMO rules he was already tackled.

45mins: Johnson sees numbers to his left, fires it back it hits the deck and luckily comes back for the Warriors after Vunivalu fumbled it.

43mins: Johnson is squashed in a gang-tackle and the Warriors get the penalty. Storm went a tad high. 

41mins: We're underway fort the second half and it's Afoa with the first hit up. Tevaga makes a good run up the middle before Lino kicks down field.


40mins: STORM TRY - VUNIVALU: Munster somehow offloads off the deck and the Storm are now on the attack. Hughes puts the bomb up, Vunivalu goes back to back with Maumalo, comes down with it, spins out of contact and scores the try. And that's halftime.

38mins: Maumalo makes another strong run up the middle. Johnson switches direction on the last, gives it to Papalii but his offload to Maumalo was called forward.

36mins: Munster pops a short ball to Finucane and he almost goes through. Glasby shows it and the Storm are just five out before Smith goes short to Welch to bash his way over on the last but he's held up.

34mins: Tevaga's stopped from playing the ball and Glasby is penalised. Johnson finds touch on the Storm 40m for a fresh set of six. Warriors try shovelling it out wide quickly but Fusitu'a can't hang on to a tough pass.

32mins: Mannering plays the ball but there's nobody there and the Storm dive onto it. Poor play from Luke. Storm just five out from the try line but some great defensive work from Kata keep them out.

30mins: Johnson goes high with the kick and Slater tries to catch it in goal but ref calls play on as he was just in the field of play. Both teams playing quite conservatively at the moments.

28mins: Warriors go wide but Tuivasa-Sheck's pass hits the deck as his support players just weren't deep enough and overran the ball. Storm get it back through Vunivalu.

26mins: Asofa-Solomona does well to free up Scott on the right but he knocks on a gang tackle. Maumalo sets off and bumps off one before Beale makes a nice run down the right wing and they win the penalty.

24mins: Asofa-Solomona sets off on a charge and he gets the penalty. Storm's first of the game. Storm start a fresh set inside the Warriors half.

22mins: Hughes decides against kicking on the last, instead pops it to Chambers and he's forced to put in a poor grubber through and Tuivasa-Sheck cleans up before putting on some footwork.

20mins: Warriors forced to start their set inside their own 10m after a great kick from the Storm. They do well to get up over halfway before Johnson kicks low and hard.

18mins: Munster sets off a run across field before Bromwich charges up the middle. Storm kick but Warriors are set well at the back and get the ball back.

16mins: Lino grubbers on just the second tackle but does well to force Munster in goal and force the drop out. Warriors get another crack but Mannering makes a poor pass and they turn it over.

14mins: Storm try putting it through the hands quickly on the right but the Warriors defence up well up for it, defuse it and Smith kicks for Tuivasa-Sheck to run it back before the Warriors get the penalty.

12mins: Smith's kick on the last causes Tuivasa-Sheck a bit of trouble as it rolls low but the fullback cleans up before returning it to the 20m.

10mins: Gavet runs it hard from the restart in his 50th. Mannering's pass hits the deck, but Johnson cleans up for Fusitu'a to find a bit of space.

8mins: WARRIORS TRY - BEALE: Tuivasa-Sheck almost goes over but Munster just hangs on around the ankles to keep him out. Johnson goes high with the kick, Fusitu'a gets up to grab it, flings it back and Beale pounces and scores!

6mins: Hoffman looks to play the ball but loses it and the ref calls for a Warriors scrum much to the former home boy's disgust.

4mins: STORM TRY - CHAMBERS: Hughes holds the ball, shows it and times his pass to Chambers perfectly and he's through! He's got support but throws the dummy before bumping off Tuivasa-Sheck and going over for try.

3mins: Johnson puts up a one but Addo-Carr is up to challenge and takes it in just a couple of metres in front of his own try line.

1mins: Luke gets us underway and it's Bromwich with the first up for the Storm. Munster sets off a nice run and before putting up a bomb on the last.

4:02pm: Players cuddling in the changing rooms before making their way out. Just a couple of minutes away from kick-off.

3:55pm: So no Blake Green or Peta Hiku so another chance for Mason Lino to step up. Warriors looking to avenge their Anzac Day defeat to Melbourne earlier in the season.

3:50pm: Thanks for joining on a very iffy, but typical Auckland day. Was absolutely bucketing down about an hour ago, but the sun is now out and let's hope it stays that way.

Kia ora and welcome to live updates of the New Zealand Warriors up against the Melbourne Storm in round 19 of the NRL at Mt Smart Stadium.

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1. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck 2. David Fusitua 3. Gerard Beale 4. Solomone Kata 5. Ken Maumalo 18. Mason Lino 7. Shaun Johnson 8. James Gavet 9. Issac Luke 10. Agnatius Paasi 11.Isaiah Papalii 12. Simon Mannering 13. Adam Blair 

Interchange: 14. Jazz Tevaga 15. Chris Satae 16.Joseph Vuna 20. Karl Lawton 21. Bunty Afoa 22. Anthony Gelling


1. Billy Slater 2. Suliasi Vunivalu 3. Will Chambers 4. Curtis Scott 5. Josh Addo-carr 6.Cameron Munster 18. Jahrome Hughes 8. Jesse Bromwich 9. Cameron Smith 10. Nelson Asofa-Solomona 11. Felise Kaufusi 12. Ryan Hoffman 13. Kenneath Bromwich 

Interchange: 15. Tim Glasby 16. Christian Welch 17. Brandon Smith 19. Joe Stimson 20. Dale Finucane 21.Cheyse Blair

Match officials
Referees: Ben Cummins, Jon Stone
Sideline Officials: Tim Roby, Brett Suttor
Video Referees: Jared Maxwell, Bryan Norrie

Previous results

Played 41; Storm 23 wins, Warriors 16 wins, 2 draws
Last meeting
Storm won 50-10 at AAMI Park in round 8

Head to head:
Warriors $2.30 Storm $1.57

Pre-match banter: Warriors chasing redemption against Melbourne Storm

The Warriors say they're better equipped to stymie the Melbourne Storm if the NRL premiers are in the mood for another magical half of rugby league.

Nobody was more gobsmacked than the Warriors themselves when Craig Bellamy's team raced 38-0 clear by halftime in their ANZAC Day drubbing.

The 50-10 loss is still on their mind heading into Sunday's clash in Auckland.

Coach Stephen Kearney describes the first 40 minutes in Melbourne three months ago as like being "hit by a hurricane".

Even Bellamy referred to it as "surreal" this week when reflecting on a game in which everything that could go right on attack, did so for his team.

Nine Storm players ran for more than 100m through a generous Warriors defence, bursting the Kiwi team's early-season confidence bubble.

Kearney admits his players weren't in an ideal mental space that week.

They'd come off their best performance of the season, an upset of then-leaders St George Illawarra, and were defying all expectations by sharing the competition lead through seven rounds.

"It was a good reminder for us of the intensity you need to play at," Kearney said.

"We learned that when you're sitting on the table where we are, then teams make sure they bring their best game of footy.

"I don't think there was anything that they could do wrong in that particular game."

The Warriors have slipped to seventh, five spots below Melbourne but only two points behind them in a crammed top eight.

Former Storm forward Adam Blair reckons his Warriors are a wiser outfit than in April as they build towards the play-offs.

They've had a handful of other heavy losses and are slowly learning how to cope with serious opponents, underlined by their 26-6 drubbing of the Broncos in Brisbane last week.

"We're a different team from then, without a doubt," Blair said of the Storm humbling.

"We've moved forward in the right direction. We're playing a good style of football and hopefully we'll see a similar style to what we played against the Broncos."

Replicating the offload-heavy approach that was successful in Brisbane may prove difficult, with wet conditions forecast.

Also, the Warriors must overcome a worrying home record, having lost their last three games at Mt Smart Stadium.