Man who chucked beer at Newshub's Lloyd Burr came back after cameras stopped

  • 13/07/2018

Newshub's Europe Correspondent Lloyd Burr has revealed what happened when the camera stopped rolling after he was attacked by an irate football viewer.

The drunk Australian man threw a beer at Burr's face in the middle of a Thursday morning live cross to The AM Show before returning later on.

At the time, host Duncan Garner called the man a thug and the live cross ended with Burr trying to get the man to go away.

Returning to The AM Show on Friday, Burr said once cameras stopped rolling the man was whisked away by security.

But they let him go five minutes later and he made a beeline for Burr and camera man Simon Morrow.

He accused the pair of only going to the game to cover bad news, despite, according to Burr, being the only one causing bad news.

Burr said he found the incident to be a blemish on what was otherwise a very good experience watching England's first chance to reach the Football World Cup in years.

"It was a little tiny blemish on what was a really pretty cool night, and look I went to Otago University, I'm a scarfie so I've had a lot worse down there in my university days," he said.

As for the beer that hit him? Burr said it was most likely a $5 lager that was being sold near where they were filming.


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