TVNZ reporter Joy Reid tear-gassed in French football riots

A TVNZ reporter has been tear-gassed in France as riots broke out after the country's World Cup victory.

Europe correspondent Joy Reid has tweeted photos of the aftermath of the incident, saying she was making her way back to her hotel when she encountered the tear gas.

She said celebrations of the victory had turned to "chaos" and the damage caused by rioters was "horrifying".

In Paris, 30 people raided the Drugstore Publicis and stole bottles of wine and champagne at about 10pm on Sunday (local time), AFP reports.

On the Champs-Élysées scuffles broke out between police and rioters, with police dispelling tear gas as they fought against protesters throwing bottles amidst hundreds of thousands who had taken to the streets to celebrate.

Footage posted on Twitter shows a group of rioters rolling a car over in a Paris street, with journalist Raveen Rujmaya saying several cars had been destroyed.

"I thought Paris would be the place to be tonight, looks like it's not though as there's now riots breaking out as shops are being looted and fights with the police break out, why can't some people just be happy and celebrate an amazing moment for their country," said twitter user MrDtAFC.

A spokesperson for the Minister of the Interior said in a statement: "We call everyone to be fully responsible for their safety and that of others for the party to be beautiful to the end."

The TVNZ reporter is the second New Zealand journalist to be caught up in incidents of violence while covering the World Cup.

Last week, Newshub Europe correspondent Lloyd Burr was assaulted in London during a live television cross about the Croatia-England semi-final match.