WWE: Bobby Lashley on Brock Lesnar, mixed martial arts and winning the WWE championship

World Wrestling Entertainment [WWE] superstar Bobby Lashley has been compared to Brock Lesnar his entire professional sports career, so squaring off against the former UFC champion is a no-brainer.

The 42-year-old's similarities with Lesnar are un-matched in the professional wrestling realm, with both being decorated amateur wrestlers, standout athletes and garnered successful mixed martial arts [mma] records.

Lesnar won the UFC heavyweight title from Randy Couture in just his fourth professional fight in 2008, four-years after dominating the world of sports entertainment.

As a teenager Lesnar also scooped a national wrestling heavyweight championship in his final year at college.

Lashley has an impressive athletic background himself, holding 17 wins in 19 professional mma fights, claimed multiple college wrestling championships and won gold medals at the military games during his three year tenure with the United States Army.

The Americans professional wrestling career has come full circle after an 11-year absence from the WWE; Lashley signed a multi-year contract in April, hoping he could finally stand opposite Lesnar in a ring, be it a wrestling match or an MMA fight.

"Our careers are so similar," Lashley told Newshub.

"We were both WWE guys, then we went into fighting then we have both come back to WWE.

"It makes sense.

"[MMA] was something I suggested when I first came in.

"The problem is I am still currently contracted to Bellator and Brock is signed with the UFC.

"However if there was some sort of cross promotion fight we could do, with all three companies involved, then I would absolutely love to do it.

"Right now I'm focused on the wrestling side of things and what comes with that, including a match with Brock, but I would be down for that and I am sure the fans would be as well.

"We will see."

Bobby Lashley at a WWE corporate event earlier this year.
Bobby Lashley at a WWE corporate event earlier this year. Photo credit: Getty
Brock Lesnar in a UFC cage with Mark Hunt in 2016.
Brock Lesnar in a UFC cage with Mark Hunt in 2016. Photo credit: Getty

As it stands, Lashley is likely to be involved in a WWE Universal championship match with Lesnar at the upcoming Summerslam event in Brooklyn.

Despite it not being the cage fight many fans are craving, an elite level athletic show from both outstanding combatants should thrill the 20,000-plus-crowd at the Barclays Centre in August.

"So many people deserve that match," Lashley told Newshub.

"I deserve it, Brock deserves it and the fans deserve it

"To have the opportunity to hopefully face Brock with his MMA background, now that I have a similar background with 19 heavyweight fights under my belt.

"For the past 10-years I have got countless messages from people all around the world that are just dying to see myself and Brock, get inside a wrestling ring together, and create something memorable.

"I just think that is a match that needs to happen. It's been written since I started my professional wrestling career.

"From the minute I stepped inside the ring people have compared me to Brock."

Brock Lesnar.
Brock Lesnar. Photo credit: WWE.com
Bobby Lashley.
Bobby Lashley. Photo credit: Getty

Lashley scoffs at critics who question the legitimacy of professional wrestling as an athletic contest.

While admitting the results are pre-determined, Lashley points to the level of athlete currently in the WWE.

Be it Lashley, Lesnar, Ronda Rousey or former Olympic gold medal winner Kurt Angle, the sports entertainment world is now a genuine option for world class athletes to pursue.

"Those people didn’t look at my amateur wrestling background, spending 20-years winning national championships," Lashley said.

Lashley is well qualified to assess the upcoming UFC heavyweight title scrap between Lesnar and champion Daniel Cormier.

Lesnar made worldwide headlines earlier this month when he stormed the octagon following 'DC's' knockout win over Stipe Miocic.

Lesnar confronts Cormier at UFC 226 a few weeks ago.
Lesnar confronts Cormier at UFC 226 a few weeks ago. Photo credit: Getty

Despite a confrontation reminiscent of something scripted that you would see every week in WWE programming, the fight does appear to be in the pipeline for January.

Lashley sees a Cormier win, but believes Lesnar provides such a unique challenge.

"Brock is Brock – he is going to charge and he is going to push his size on Cormier," Lashley told Newshub.

"Brock is so much bigger than Cormier and I think Cormier needs to take that into consideration.

"He will be the smaller fighter, use his quickness and stay away from Brock. If Brock can get on top of Cormier he will punish him.

"Cormier is so well rounded – it's a real tough fight for Brock against an Olympic level wrestler.

"Awesome fight though."

For now though, Lashley hopes to get the best of Lesnar when they finally meet inside the wrestling ring, and accomplish a career goal of winning a WWE championship.

"I want to go after the WWE world title; it is so important to me.

"I want to cement my name inside the history of WWE.

"That is why I am back."

Summerslam will stream live on the WWE Network on Monday August 20.