AFL commentator Sam Newman goes on bizarre racial rant

As if they aren't already reeling enough, Australian Muslims have borne the brunt of a bizarre rant from Aussie Rules commentator Sam Newman.

The moment came after a pre-match show of religious solidarity last weekend.

Racial tension has ramped up across the Tasman over the past week, after a controversial maiden speech from Queensland Senator Frazer Anning, who seemingly called for a "final solution" to immigration - a term infamously used to describe the Nazi extermination of Jews during World War II.

He also called for a return to a "White Australia" immigration policy.

Against this backdrop, two of the AFL's highest-profile Muslim players - Adam Saad and Bachar Houli - publicly embraced before the coin toss of Essendon vs Richmond in Melbourne.

While many saw the embrace as a moving gesture, Newman exploded, labelling it "divisive".

"They share no common interest with what we're on about - they don't," he insisted on the Sam, Mike & Thommo AFL podcast.

"They have no common values - they preach to a different deity.

"They don't generally nationalise, they colonise. This has been the problem in Europe and it is becoming a huge problem in Australia."

Footy Show co-host Newman said he didn't necessarily agree with Anning, but claimed "a significant number of people" would absolutely agree with him.

"Why would the AFL think they're being virtuous by getting those boys to shake hands?" he continued. "They're being divisive."

Others have praised the protest, with Richmond coach Damien Hardwick describing it as "a good opportunity to stand up".