Live Updates: Rugby - New Zealand Black Ferns vs Australian Wallaroos, second test


80mins: Saili looking to power her way through the Australian defence but cover arrives, forcing her over the sideline and that's fulltime! New Zealand win the test and the trophy. 

78mins: Black Ferns concede another penalty for an Australian lineout on half way. The visitors get up to claim the ball but are met by some solid defence in midfield. They kick ahead for Murphy to chase, she gets hands to it but knocks on.

76mins: New Zealand look to have numbers out wide but Lafai makes a great spot tackle. Black Ferns still with possession but concede the penalty at the breakdown before being marched back a further 10 metres for some back chat.

72mins: WALLAROOS TRY - NGAHA: Australia with a rare chance to attack, as they put it through the phases, working their way towards the try line through their forwards. Pressure mounting, Wallaroos playing with the advantage, they pop it to Ngaha and she's over for the try!

70mins: BLACK FERNS TRY - WINIATA: New Zealand disrupt the Australian lineout again and get the ball back. They shift it wide right and they have a huge overlap, Winiata gets the final pass and it's an easy run in to score the try.

66mins: New Zealand really dominating all phashes of the game. Cocksedge spots space behind the Australian defence, puts the kick in and forces them back inside their own 10m for a lineout.

62mins: Cocksedge gets the ball from the back of the scrum, puts the kick in but Murphy's back there to clean up and sets off on a nice run before Pomare kicks and NZ get it right back.

60mins: BLACK FERNS TRY - WICKLIFFE: New Zealand have huge numbers out wide, they put it through the hands before Wickliffe gets the last pass, she channels her inner-Fusitu'a, leaps for the try line in the corner and she's got it! What an effort.

57mins: Winiata just can't link up with an umarked Saili and she's dragged tackled just five metres out. NZ looking to bash their way over, Love picks up, spins out of the tackle and she's over for the try line! We'll go upstairs, she's knocked it on.

56mins: Wickliffe gets the ball out on the wing, she spots space, puts the kick ahead before smashing the covering Treherne in the tackle. Australia do well to rally back before clearing up towards their own 22m.

52mins: BLACK FERNS TRY - COCKSEDGE: New Zealand with the scrum just five metres out, Cocksedge wraps around Fitzpatrick, she pops it to the halfback and she runs in for the try! Great set-piece move.

50mins: Fitzpatrick gets another short ball but this time she's well looked after. NZ still with possession. They go wide to Faamausili but she trips up with the try line begging. NZ win the penalty at the breakdown and Robinson is shown the yellow card.

47mins: BLACK FERNS TRY - FITZPATRICK: NZ get the scrum from an Australiane error just five metres out from their own try line. Cocksedge pops a short ball to a charging Fitzpatrick, she spins out of two tackles before crashing over for the try. 

45mins: New Zealands try a nice-looking set piece move from the lineout, they switch direction back to Faamausili and she crashes over but was just tackled into touch! Good cover defence by Australia.

44mins: Wickliffe puts the foot down and shows good footwork, stepping her way into the Australian 22m before being tripped up. NZ switch direction to the left as Saili gets the ball and she's met hard and high and Australia are penalised.

42mins: We're back underway and NZ win the penalty at the breakdown and Cocksedge finds touch around halfway for the lineout.


40mins: WALLAROOS TRY - PATU: Australia get up to claim the lineout ball and set the drive. Patu spins away from the maul, looks to be short in her reach for the try line, has another crack and looks to have got there! We're going upstairs. It's given! Good call. Similar to an earlier one scored by New Zealand.

40mins: Murphy does well to clean up a good kick from Cocksedge before bumping off Blackwell! What a collission! Pomare makes a break before putting the kick through and Australia set the drive from the lineout win and they get the penalty. 

38mins: Itunu is getting some medical attention after the scrum went straight to deck. She's going to have to be stretchered off. Very sad to see. She opened the scoring for New Zealand tonight. Bit of good news, she's managed to make her own way to the medi-cab. Encouraging signs.

36mins: Australia struggling to find space before Lafai makes another good run up the middle from the breakdown. It's opening up now for the visitors as Hamilton goes through! She can't link up with her support and they cough it up.

34mins: Itunu does brilliantly to turn the ball over at the breakdown and Cocksedge kicks down field for NZ to chase. Lafai makes a good run for Australia down the right wing but is penalised for holding on.

32mins: New Zealand look to counter after a promising passage of play from Australia down the right wing but Savage coughs it up with numbers outside her. NZ get it back through Saili, she steps a few before losing it contact and conceding the penalty.

30mins: Australia with a good opportunity to attack but their throw-in isn't straight and NZ will try their luck now. NZ get it back before some good Aussie defence forces the kick down field.

28mins: Australia look to play it out of their own in goal area but Faamausili says "nah" and makes a great hit, forcing the 22m drop out.

26mins: New Zealand find space out wide on the right wing but Elder just can't quite hold on to it. Wallaroos put the ball in for the scrum and are absolutely DEMOLISHED by New Zealand and concede the penalty.

23mins: BLACK FERNS TRY - BLACKWELL: Australia penalised once more, this time at the maul as NZ marched them back. NZ win another lineout have are playing with the advantage, three and counting, they pop it short to Blackwell and she crashes over for the try!

20mins: New Zealand look to try a set piece move but Waaka is well covered before O'Neill is penalised for hands in the ruck and the Black Ferns will have the lineout just outside the Australian's 22m.

18mins: Australia looking to play their way out of their own 22m and are finding success. NZ counter-rucking well however and force the knock on for a scrum.

16mins: WALLAROOS TRY - POMARE: Savage goes high in the tackle and concedes the penalty. Australia with their most promising passage of play. Trehern pops it into the corner for a lineout. They win the ball and look to drive their way over before breaking away through Pomare and she spins out of the tackle for the try!

14mins: Australia turn the ball over as Trehern looks to get the ball away but instead it comes for New Zealand and they clear down field. Black Ferns dominating the contact.

12mins: BLACK FERNS TRY - LOVE: Australia cough it up with New Zealand's rush defence forcing the error and Saili shows some good footwork before they're awarded the penalty and they tap! They pop it to Love, she gets good support behind her and she crashes over for the try.

9mins: This time New Zealand's defence are set nicely and make good contact from another Australian set piece move, forcing the error for a scrum.

7mins: Treherne goes clean through the middle from a Wallaroos lineout inside their own half! She links up with Lafai but her pass to a surging Carter can't be reeled in and NZ turn it over.

5mins: BLACK FERNS TRY - ITUNU: Savage makes a great run, beating a number of Wallaroos, before linking up with Smith on her outside. Waaka has a crack and goes close. Itunu looks to crash her way over and it's given! Looked like double movement, but TMO says try.

3mins: New Zealand pinning Australia well within their 22m with their kicking game, setting up a lineout on their 10m. The Black Ferns dominated the set piece last week.

1mins: Australia go short with the kick-off but NZ do well to meet the ball and claim possession before Demant kicks ahead.

5:00pm: Just about ready for kick-off. Let's go!

5:00pm: Te Kura Ngata-Aerengamate leading the pre-match challenge. Intensity growing! Let's go ladies!

4:55pm: Not many at the stadium to be fair. Hopefully builds as we go. At least the anthems are better this time around. Last week was just atrocious.

4:52pm: Welcome, welcome, welcome! The Black Ferns are making their way out to meet the Australians. Just about time for the anthems.

Kia ora and welcome to the second test between the Black Ferns and Wallaroos from Eden Park, Auckland.

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Commentary will start around 4.50pm.

Line ups

Black Ferns
1. Phillipa Love, 2. Fiao'o Faamausili (c), 3. Aldora Itunu/Leilani Perese, 4. Eloise Blackwell, 5. Charmaine Smith, 6. Charmaine McMenamin, 7. Les Elder, 8. Aroha Savage, 9. Kendra Cocksedge, 10. Ruahei Demant. 11. Alena Saili. 12. Theresa Fitzpatrick. 13-Stacey Waaka, 14. Renee Wickliffe, 15. Selica Winiata

Reserves: 16. Te Kura Ngata-Aerengamate, 17. Cristo Tofa, 18. Leilani Perese/Aleisha Nelson, 19. Jackie Patea-Fereti, 20. Linda Itunu, 21. Kristina Sue, 22. Krysten Cottrell, 23. Chelsea Alley

1. Emily Robinson 2. Liz Patu (C) 3. Evelyn Horomia 4. Michelle Milward 5.Rebecca Clough 6. Emily Chancellor 7.Georgia O'Neill 8. Grace Hamilton 9. Cobie-jane Morgan 10. Trilleen Pomare 11. Samantha Treherne 12. Sarah Riordan 13. Atasi Lafai 14. Mhicca Carter 15. Mahalia Murphy

Reserves: 16. Darryl Wickliffe, 17.Melissa Fatu, 18. Hana Ngaha, 19. Alisha Hewett 20. Kiri Lingman, 21. Fenella Hake, 22. Crystal Maguire, 23. Shanice Parker

Live Updates: Rugby - New Zealand Black Ferns vs Australian Wallaroos, second test

Pre-match banter: Black Ferns name unchanged squad for second Wallaroos test

The Black Ferns have named an unchanged squad to face the Wallaroos in the second Laurie O'Reilly Memorial Trophy test at Eden Park.

Coach Glenn Moore will use the same squad that won the first match in Sydney 31-11 and they hope for an improved performance in Auckland.

"This week, I'm expecting everyone will improve even more and I'm looking forward to seeing what the team can deliver," he said.

"We've obviously spent the week reviewing our performance and identifying where we need to fine tune.  

"In Sydney, we adjusted our gameplan when Australia started shutting down our outside backs. Our forwards really stepped up and helped us get the points.

"It showed we have the ability to be nimble, but we’ve talked about the fact we created opportunities and didn’t always finish them." 

Barnstorming prop Aldora Itunu is in doubt and has been bracketed, due to a cut on her leg, sustained during the match last Saturday.  

If she is ruled out, Leilani Perese will come into the starting side, with Aleisha Nelson promoted onto the bench.

Live Updates: Rugby - New Zealand Black Ferns vs Australian Wallaroos, second test

Moore said Itunu had progressed well this week and is expected to retain the propping duties.

Itunu scored one of New Zealand's five tries against Australia last week, with captain Fiao'o Faamausili securing a hat-trick, while Kendra Cocksedge also dotted down.

Moore said the team had loved being in Auckland, which is home for many of the players, and were excited about the chance to play in front of a big crowd at Eden Park. 

"Family is very, very important to the Black Ferns. We always have a sense of responsibility that when we go out there, we're representing our country and families.

"The desire to really perform at Eden Park is huge for us. We've been looking forward to this home match for a long time and hope everyone comes early to see first-hand the exciting kind of rugby these two teams will play."


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