Live Updates: Tiger Woods in contention at PGA Championship

Tiger Woods
Golf star Tiger Woods in action at the PGA Championship. Photo credit: Getty.

11:02am: Great performance from Brooks Koepka, who defended his US Open title in June and now adds a third Major to his CV.

No-one can wonder 'Who's Brooks Koepka?' any more.

-16: Koepka (66)
-14: Woods (64)
-13: Scott (67)
-11: Cink (67), Rahm (68)
-10: Woodland (69), Thomas (68), Molinari (67), Pieters (66)

10:59am: Scott is now putting for par and if he misses, Woods finishes outright second. Koepka putts first though and knocks it within a few inches.

He taps in for the championship - somewhat of an anti-climax. Scott misses his par, so Tiger has second by himself.

10:56am: Scott clears the trees, but is still short of the 18th green. Koepka is safely on the green with about 5-6 metres for a birdy.

10:53am: Scott is in the fairway rough of the 17th hole, so he has to negotiate trees between him and the green. 

10:51am: "I had a bit of a struggle with my game today," says Woods. "I hung in there, grinding it out.

"I was trying make as many birdies as possible. I made a run, but it looks like I've come up a couple of shots short."

10:48am: Koepka finds the middle of the fairway with his tee shot on 18, but Scott is way off track - he may have found the carpark.

10:43am: Koepka could have iced this title with a birdy on 17, but he just misses. Still, he would need a disaster on the last to lose it now.

Scott's birdy putt seems to sidestep the hole, so he remains two shots back.

10:38am: Woods rolls in his birdy putt to the applause of an appreciative gallery. He finishes with 64 for the day and minus-14 for the tournament, tied with Adam Scott for now, but still two shots astray of Koepka.

Woodland misses his birdy putt, but makes par.

-16: Koepka
-14: Scott, Woods (64)
-11: Cink (67), Rahm (68)
-10: Woodland (69), Thomas (68), Molinari (67), Pieters (66)

10:34am: Woodland knocks onto the gree safely on 18... so does Woods. Both will putt for birdy.

10:28am: Woods pulls out the big dog on the 18th tee and smacks it way up there near the green. Woodland matches, but the dream is slipping away.

-16: Koepka
-14: Scott
-13: Woods
-11: Rahm, Cink (67)
-10: Woodland, Thomas (68), Molinari (67), Pieters (66)

10:24am: Woodland misses a long birdy putt and still faces a couple of metres for par. Woods makes his par - great scramble - but Koepka birdies 16 to take a two-shot lead over Scott.

10:17am: Woods finds a greenside bunker with his third at 17, so he needs up-and-down for par.

Cink has birdied the last to finish with 67 for the day, currently at minus-11 and a tie for fourth.

10:12am: Meanwhile, Keopka has birdied the par-four 15 to take the outright lead again.

Woods digs his ball out of the deep rough and into the centre of the fairway, but he's scrambling again.

Woodland sprays his second into the undergrown next to the green. Rahm birdies 16 to move into outright fourth.

-15: Koepka
-14: Scott
-13: Woods
-11: Rahm
-10: Woodland, Thomas, Cink, Molinari*, Pieters*

10:08am: Woods' tee shot off 17 hook-slices way right and he's not happy - it could be in water. He's looked for something to hit with his club, but settles for some angry air-swings.

Woodland is safe on the fairway. Cink has birdied 17 to join the minus-10 group.

10:05am: Woods' putt fades left and he taps in for par, still a stroke back from the lead.

-14: Koepka, Scott
-13: Woods
-10: Woodland, Thomas, Rahm, Molinari*, Pieters*

10:02am: Actually, Woodland's tee shot landed on the very edge of the greenside rough, but gains some relief onto the fringe. His putt dies right and he still has a couple of feet for par.

9:57am: How excited is the world about Tiger's chances? Rafa Nadal wins the Rogers Cup tennis final at Toronto and his first wods are, "What's Tiger doing?".

Woods finds the green with his tee shot on the par-three 16, so he will putt for a share of the lead. Woodland is also on - barely.

9:53am: Meanwhile, Woodland is also putting for birdy - a much longer prospect for him - and he winds up about a metre short. He has quietly moved back to minus-10, but no-one is watching him right now.

Woods taps in for birdy and lies a stroke back from the lead.

-14: Koepka, Scott
-13: Woods
-10: Woodland, Thomas, Rahm, Molinari*, Pieters*

9:51am: Wow! Woods' second pitches about three feet from the pin and rolls a couple more for good measure. He should regain that dropped shot here.

9:45am: Woods monsters his tee shot off the 15th, but broadcasters have just thrown up a telling stat - he's minus-13 for the tournament on the front nine, plus-one on the back nine.

Thomas bogeys 16 and is sliding out of contention.

9:41am: Scott picks up another shot, so he's tied for the lead with Koepka, who's just chugging along.

Woods' par putt looks good, but lips out. He falls to minus-12.

-14: Koepka, Scott
-12: Woods
-11: Thomas
-10: Rahm, Molinari, Lowry, Pieters*

9:40am: Woods faces a 4-5m putt for par on 14, so he could drop one here.

9:34am: Scott has birdied 12 to join Woods on minus-13, one shot back from the lead.

Woods takes plays a wood out of the rough on 14 and just clubs the ball to the edge of the green, avoiding the bunkers.

Woodland knocks his second within a few feet of the hole, so he has another birdy chance.

Pieters has parred his last to finish on 66 today and minus-10 for the tournament, but Cink has bogeyed the 14th to slide to minus-nine. 

-14: Koepka
-13: Woods, Scott
-11: Thomas
-10: Rahm, Molinari, Lowry, Pieters, Cink

9:31m: Woods' tee shot at 14 finds the right rough - not as bad as it could have been or has been today. Woodland goes far left, but on the fairway.

9:26am: Woodland misses his long birdy putt. Woods has about three metres, but it's not straight - he makes it.

Woods is within a shot of the lead with five to play - back in the day, this would be his sweet spot. Can it be again?

Woodland makes par.

-14: Koepka
-13: Woods
-12: Scott
-11: Thomas
-10: Rahm, Molinari, Lowry, Pieters, Cink

9:22am: On the par-three 13, Woodland and Woods are both safely on the green - and Woods has another viable birdy opportunity.

9:19am: After a lengthy repair to the hole, Woodland completes his birdy and improves to minus-nine.

So does Woods, who moves into a tie for second with his old mate, Adam Scott.

-14: Koepka
-12: Scott, Woods
-11: Thomas
-10: Rahm, Molinari, Lowry, Pieters, Cink

9:12am: We've got running repairs to the hole on 17 - Woodland's shot must have hit the edge of the cup and caused some damage.

American Stewart Cink joins the group on minus-10 with a birdy at 13 - his second in succession. Thomas has dropped a shot at 14 and is now even with Woods in third.

-14: Koepka
-12: Scott
-11: Woods. Thomas
-10: Rahm, Molinari, Lowry, Pieters, Stewart Cink (USA)

9:09am: Pieters has double-bogeyed the par-five 17th and dropped to minus-10, tied with Molinari, Lowry and Rahm.

9:05am: In case you missed it earlier, Kiwi Ryan Fox finished the tournament at six under par in a tie for 26th, the best Major finish of his career. Among those he tied with was world number one Dustin Johnson.

Woods knocks his second on the 12 to with a few feet for a very makeable birdy putt. Woodland goes one better, hitting the pin and fortunately not bouncing too far away.

9:02am: Woodland and Woods are both down the middle of the 12th fairway with their tee shots. 

Scott picks up a shot at the 10th to join the threeway tie for second at minus-12.

-14: Koepka
-12: Thomas, Pieters, Scott
-11: Woods
-10: Rahm, Molinari, Lowry

8:58am: Unbelievable! Woods' putt is almost perfect, but the ball stops on the very edge of the hole.

There will have been some stamping of feet, trying to coax it over that one more roll, but to no avail.

He taps in for par, Woodland secures his birdy.

8:55am: Woods' chip onto the green goes long. He'll be putting for birdy, but it's a long one on the course's easiest hole today.

Woodland misses his eagle, but makes birdy.

8:50am: The 11th is a drivable par four, but Woods takes his iron and plays safe, just off the green.

But Woodland has his driver and finds the green - he'll putt for eagle.

British Open champion Francesco Molinari has just birdied the 14th to join Rham on minus-10, while Pieters has bridied the 16th to join a share of second with Thomas. 

Irishman Shane Lowry also birdied 13 to joing the gathering at minus-10.

-14: Koepka
-12: Thomas, Pieters
-11: Woods, Scott
-10: Rahm, Francesco Molinari (Italy), Shane Lowry (Ireland) 

8:45am: Woodland misses his birdy putt on 10. Woods' seems to have the right line, but comes up short.

Woodland misses his par - his third bogey today - but Woods has his par on the toughest hole on the course today.

-14: Koepka
-12: Thomas
-11: Woods, Thomas Pieters (Belgium), Adam Scott (Australia)
-10: John Rahm (Spain) 

8:41am: Woodland and Woods have both played their second shots to the green on 10.

Elsewhere, Koepka has just birdied the ninth to move to 14 under, stretching his lead to two shots over Thomas.


Thanks for joining us on this Monday morning, as Tiger Woods lies just two shots off the lead at the PGA Championship at Bellerive Country Club.

He's just birdied the ninth hole, incredibly achieving an up-and-down from the cart parth to close within two shots of leader Brooks Koepka, who won the US Open in June, and a shot behind defending champion Justin Thomas.

Woods birdied two of the first three holes today, but bogeyed the sixth, before birdying eight and nine.

He's in perfect position off the tee on the 10th, as is playing partner Gary Woodland, who tore up the course over the opening two days, but has faltered since.

Woodland is currently eight under par, tied for 10th.