Netball: Speculation continues over Noeline Taurua's Silver Ferns future

Maria Folau's done with New Zealand's domestic netball competition.

The gun shooter's joining her husband in Sydney and will play in the Australian domestic competition, but a special exemption means she will still be eligible for the Silver Ferns.

In the coming weeks, Netball New Zealand may have to go through a similar scenario with super coach Noeline Taurua, as they search for a new head coach.

"I'm really committed to Sunshine Coast Lightning, not only this year, but also 2019," said Taurua.

Committed, but not completely off limits. The international window falls outside the Australian domestic competition, meaning she could conceivably perform both roles.

"I don't see the problem with it, if she wanted to keep her contract with the Lightning," said ex-Ferns coach Yvonne Willering.

It's not quite as clear-cut for the Netball NZ chief executive Jennie Wyllie.

"I think we would have to also look at what that means for us," said Wyllie.

"I don't see the exemption for players as the same sort of rule as anyone else that may come into our environment."

The organisation is only in this situation because of their disastrous Commonwealth Games campaign on the Gold Coast.

The Ferns' fifth-place finish prompted an independent review that ultimately lead to coach Janine Southby walking away from the job.

"If we turn it around and say, 'would this have happened if the Silver Ferns had've won at the Commonwealth Games?', I would say no," said Willering.

If they'd bent the rules last year for Laura Langman, the results may have been different.

"They got the ruling wrong in the past and they are prepared to admit that by giving these exemptions," said Willering.

If they've got it wrong once, they can't afford to make the same mistake again.