Rugby League: NRL Sunday Footy Show slammed for 'fat-shaming' former star Dave Taylor

Channel Nine's NRL Sunday Footy Show has been accused of fat-shaming former Queensland and Australia representative Dave Taylor.

Taylor has had a year to forget, after he had his NZ$1.1 million contract torn up by the Toronto Wolfpack for misconduct during a pre-season camp in Portugal.  

He has since joined his hometown Central Capras in the Queensland Cup, a second-tier competition to the NRL.

The blockbusting forward's size has increased dramatically from a regular playing weight of 123kg since moving back to Australia and on Sunday, he was mocked by the hosts of the popular TV show.

Video of Taylor emerged on the show as a part of their 'Man Shake Gutsy Player of the Week' segment.

Host Joel Caine made the comments that outraged viewers, after he said, "Well Dave, look, it's a three-letter word - fit, okay?

"But it's very easy to turn the 'i' into an 'a' [fat]. That's all I'm saying."

Fellow hosts Peter Stirling, Erin Molan and Brad Fittler could all be heard laughing in the background.

At the end of the segment, Molan said the panel was "not shaming Dave Taylor at all", but fans of the show criticised the segment, after it was shared on Twitter.

"Really? I cannot believe this!" one person wrote. "Fat-shaming Dave Taylor to sell a product? You guys should not be perpetuating the bullying culture currently rampant in our society.

Others were just as shocked, saying, "Imagine the uproar if you did this to a woman".

Another post read: "Disgraceful, shaming someone about their body! Just imagine the uproar if you did that to a female.

"Try growing up, and be more respectful.

Said another:"Ahh, God bless the double standards with shaming a male with weight as opposed to a female."

Other posts said how fat-shaming and bullying were major reasons why male suicide rates were so high.

The video post containing the comments has since been deleted.