Apartheid-era South African flag flown at All Blacks test

A former South African flag linked with white supremacy was confiscated at Westpac Stadium on Saturday night.

It was unfurled in a player entrance tunnel during the Springboks' win over the All Blacks in Wellington.

Retired in 1994 following the abolition of apartheid, it's seen as highly offensive by many South Africans due to its association with the apartheid era. Many have called for its use to be made illegal.

Right-wing Afrikaners and their supporters argue the flag is a symbol of their heritage.

Stadium staff were instructed to have it removed following an outcry on social media.

"Our attention was bought to the flag via South African fans on social media," Westpac Stadium CEO Shane Harmon told Newshub.

"We didn’t initially recognise the flag, but with some quick reference checking we were able to ascertain that it was the pre-1994 South African flag.

"We understand the flag is from the apartheid era and offensive to many South Africans and as a result, we asked the patrons to remove it."

Harmon confirmed there'd be no further repercussions for the flag's owner.

"We'll take further advice for future events, but our assessment at the time was that the flag was not illegal but had potential to cause offence. We acted appropriately when it was brought to our attention.

"We've had flag protocols for many visiting teams and events over the years but this particular one has never been brought to our attention. 

"Now that we know what it is we'll be more vigilant for it in the future."

Many others replied voicing their outrage.

"That is disgusting. Has just taken some of the gloss off a great win," said Twitter user Colin.

"Good job. Please feel free to set a match to it," said another.