Baseball: Auckland Tuatara may have unearthed a few Kiwi diamonds in the rough

About 100 baseball hopefuls have been swinging a bat this weekend, desperate to be selected into New Zealand's first professional team - the Auckland Tuatara.

The franchise's goal was to find a diamond in the rough and they believe they may have unearthed a few.

The nationwide tour wrapped up in Auckland on Sunday, following trips to Christchurch and Wellington.

The Tuatara will play in the Australian League and will be made up of several American minor league baseballers, along with a few already selected locals - leaving 2-4 permanent spots up for grabs.

Christchurch-based Matt Boyce is one of those - the Kiwi pitcher has just completed a college baseball scholarship in the US and has a fairly impressive repertoire.

"A fast ball, curve ball, slider and a changeup – that's about it really," Boyce told Newshub.

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