BMX: Fifth time lucky as daredevil Dawid Godziek nails quadruple tailwhip

  • 15/09/2018

If you're a daredevil sportsman, that old 'try and try again' saying isn't a bad mantra to live by.

Obviously, BMX rider Dawid Godziek has embraced that concept wholeheartedly and put it to good use, as he attempted to become the first person in the world to land a 'quadruple tailwhip' at the Audie Nines MTB in Birkenhead, Germany.

"I landed the triple whip pretty easy, so I decided to try for one more," said Godziek. "I hadn't been thinking about this trick at all, but the jump here turned out to be the perfect jump for it.

"It's huge and there's a lot of airtime to do it."

After four crash landings - some of them spectacular and potentially painful, the 24-year-old Polish stuntman dusted himself off and finally nailed it, stamping his name in the history books.

The Progression Big Air jump featured a five-metre take-off ramp that launched riders 10 metres into the air, living up to the event's 'Send it to the Moon!' motto.

"It's a pretty hard and pretty big course, which is new for me," said Godziek. "But I finally landed something big and I'm really stoked."