Live updates: Boxing - Anthony Joshua vs Alexander Povetkin

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10:10am - Thanks for tuning in to Newshub's live updates of the Anthony Joshua vs Alexander Povetkin fight. Once again for a recap of the bout, click here. 

10:01am - Eddie Hearn said if Deontay Wilder beats Tyson Fury in December, he will be the one who will likely fight Joshua in April, 2019. Otherwise Dillian Whyte will get another chance.

"Joshua's a real world champion, we will go away now and try and make a fight with [Deontay] Wilder," Hearn told Sky Sports UK. 

"Tonight was about getting that big banana skin of Alexander Povetkin out the way.

"If it's not Deontay Wilder then it will be Whyte here on April 13."

10:00am - This is what Joshua had to say after the fight. 

"Povetkin is a very tough challenger and he proved it tonight," he told Sky Sports UK. "I realised he was strong to the head but weak to the body.

"I have no mandatories. I got my knockout streak back, I found my right hand again.

"There's a lot of pressure, the country is rooting for us all and boxing. The energy in here spurs you on and I do feel that pressure."

9:58am - Joshua is now 22-0 (21KO) in his career. He will be back in the ring on April 14 (NZ time). 

9:55am - Looking back, Povetkin showed more in those seven rounds than Joseph Parker did in the whole fight against Joshua earlier in the year. Harsh, but true. 

9:52am - For a wrap of the fight, click here.

Alexander Povetkin after the fight.
Alexander Povetkin after the fight. Photo credit: Reuters

9:49am - That is Povetkin's second career loss. His first was in 2013 when he lost to Wladimir Klitschko. Joshua was pushed in that fight, but he pounced on an opening and seals the deal. 

9:44am: Anthony Joshua has won with a seventh round TKO. 

ROUND SEVEN: Povetkin lands another right hook and that has been his weapon in this fight. As we know, timing is key and he can't keep throwing those in the fight, and then all of a sudden, Joshua goes into beast mode and Povetkin goes to the ground. AJ hurt him with a straight right hand, then a left hook sends the Russian to the floor. He gets back up, but Povetkin is rattled and tumbles over again moments later and the referee stops the fight. 

ROUND SIX: The two fighters bang heads, and Joshua goes on a little attack. Some great attacks by both in this physical round. Neither fighter is willing to give in. Povetkin has been very close, but just a little too far away from landing the killer blow. 

Have to give that round to Joshua 10-9. 

Live updates: Boxing - Anthony Joshua vs Alexander Povetkin
Photo credit: Getty Images

ROUND FIVE: The crowd find their voice again to cheer our their countryman. Povetkin is looking quiet, but then lands another uppercut. A fairly quiet round overall with nothing spectacular happening. 

Povetkin takes the round 10-9. 

ROUND FOUR: Joshua comes out swinging to start the round, and the two fighters make contact, and now there is a cut on Povetkin's face - just above the left eye. This has been a much more physical round as the punches continue to fly. That cut has hurt the Russian, but that won't stop him. 

Joshua takes the round 10-9. 

ROUND THREE: Povetkin lands another overhand right on Joshua and the Russian continues to stamp his mark on the fight. Joshua's camp has done a good jon to slow down the bleeding, but don't be surprised if we find out later that nose is broken. Fairly quiet round in fairness, some good punches thrown, but nothing that would have hurt either fighter. 

That was a better round by Joshua. He takes that one 10-9. 

ROUND TWO: The blood continues to pour out Joshua's nose to start the round. The crowd starts the 'AJ' chants .Povetkin gets another good hook in, he is in control early. Joshua's nose is covered in lots of blood, and Brit lands a nice jab to end the round. Another even round.

That could go 10-9 either way, but i'll give it to the Russian. 

ROUND ONE: The bell rings and here we go. Joshua vs Povetkin is underway at Wembley. Both fighters start trying to find their range. Pretty sub-standard stuff to start the fight. Povetkin gets an early body punch in and has dodged a few Joshua jabs early.  30 seconds left in the round, and both throw some uppercuts, just before the end of the round.

Povetkin lands a good combo, which may have just given him the round 10-9. 

That late hook seemed to rattle Joshua a little, which cased his nose to bleed - remember the Takam fight? Joshua ahd nose problems then too.   

9:14am - It is time to fight. Both fighters are speaking to the referee and the bell will sounds very shortly. 

9:11am - He's made it! 

9:11am - This has to be the longst walk out in sports history. He's being hoisted up on some machine that would be get from a hire shop so it appears he's the king. Six minutes in and he still hasn't found the ring. 

9:05am - Now the crwod finds their voice for 'AJ', who is walking out to 'We Will Rock You', with some rap which i'm not familiar with.

9:02am - Alexander Povetkin is making his way out to the ring first to a mish-mash of 'In The Air Tonight' (a cover version), with what sounds like Russian's Metallica. 

9:01am - Here we go! The fighters will make their way out to the ring now. 

9:00am - Now it is time for the 'Final Countdown'. Another crowd favourite. 

8:56am - It looks like the main event is here. Some 'Sweet Caroline' is blasting around the arena to get the crowd in the mood. 

8:50am - Tony Bellew has just jumped into the ring, which is rather surprising. 

Then Oleksandr Usyk - the undisputed cruiserweight champion - comes into the ring, and the pair announce they will fight on November 11 (NZ time).

8:42am - Luke Campbell gets his revenge and beats Mendy by UD. He gets his payback for the loss he suffered in 2015 against his French opponent. The judges scored the fight 119-109, 118-111 and 116-112.

8:40am - The final bell sounds and both Campbell and Mendy are celebrating. This one might be close one, but i'm guessing Campbell will be crowned the winner. 

8:32am - Sky Sports UK saying the main event is 30 minutes away. 

8:23am - This fight looks like it will be going the distance. The bell for round nine has just sounded. 

8:12am - Anthony Joshua seems very calm and relaxed right now. 

"I fight like I've got everything to gain," he told Sky Sports UK. 

"You've got to listen to the people. I've got to deliver."

8:09am - Campbell is in control so far. Mendy has shown some signs, but the man from Hull is a class above so far. 

7:53am - The final undercard is underway. This is a eliminator for the WBC lightweight title.

7:50am - These fighters fought back in 2015, which Mendy won, That loss was Campbell's first in his career, and nearly three yes on, he seeks revenge on his French foe.

7:45am - Luke Campbell now faces Yvan Mendy in the final undercard before the main event. Both fighters are making their way out to the ring. 

7:34am - Lawrence Okolie wins on points and is the new British Champion with scores of 116-110, 114-112 and 114 113. Those scores are with the three points taken off. 

7:31am - The bout between Matty Askin and Lawrence Okolie is over and the crowd cheer when the final bell goes. This will be an interesting decision here due to the points deduction. 

7:24am - Only two rounds remain, i'm sure the fans can't wait for this undercard to be over.

Okolie has been deducted another point, so that is three this fight. 

7:15am - Okolie has had two points taken off him this fight due to the use of the head. I bet Joseph Parker wishes this referee was in the ring for his bout against Deontay Wilder.

7:11am - I think I can hear fans booing because they want this fight to be over. 

7:05am - We're halfway through the third fight of the night between Matty Askin and Lawrence Okolie. It has been a very scrappy bout so far... Very, very scrappy as the has probably been more wrestling than punches thrown. 

I have Okolie winning the fight so far.  

7:00am - Both fighters have arrived at the arena. 

6:40am - The arena is slowly filling up. I believe at least 80,000 fans are expected at Wembley. 

6:30 am - The next fight sees Lawrence Okolie take on British champion Matty Askin.

6:22am - This is what Price had to say after the loss. 

"I've had a slight tear in the bicep the last few weeks. We had to take the fight, and take a chance.

"At the end of the fourth round, it was barely movable. 

"It's really frustrating. I would love the opportunity to fight him again with the right preparation."

Just looked at his fight record and that is now three losses in his last four fights. 

6:17am - After four rounds the fight is over. It sounds like Price's camp pulled the pin after the 35-year-old picked up a bicep injury in his right arm.

He is leaving the ring with his arm up. That is a couple of loses in a row now for Price, so is this the end for the Liverpool man? 

6:12 am - The fight is over. Sergey Kuzmin has won. Not sure how as it just stopped. 

5:49am - The second unercard is about to get underway between David Price and Sergey Kuzmin.

For those with a good memory, Price lost to Alexander Povetkin on the undercard for the Anthon Joshua vs Joseph Parker fight. If I remember correctly, Price started off well, but Povetkin destroyed him with a brutal punch. 

5:27am - Shakhmar Giyasov wins the fight with a fourth round TKO. It was a fairly convincing win over his Nicaraguan opponent. 

Giyasov threw a flurry of shots at Laguna, then a big right hook sends his foe flying backwards, and the referee stops the fight. 

5:12am - The first bout of the card is about to get underway. Uzbekistan's 

Shakhram Giyasov faces Julio Laguna of Nicaragua. Both fighters are unbeaten during their careers. 

Hello and welcome to live updates of the massive showdown between Anthony Joshua and Alexander Povetkin from Wembley, London.

Joshua (21-0) puts his WBA, IBF, WBO and IBO belts on the line against Povetkin (34-1) in his first fight since beating Joseph Parker.

The 28-year-old Joshua tipped the scales at 111.6 kg compared to the smaller Russian's 100.7kg.

Parker told Sky Sports UK he expects Joshua to win.

"Yes, of course, I will watch. I will be observing their styles closely.

"I expect Joshua to win, but anything can happen in boxing.

"It is frustrating. I would have loved a rematch with Joshua at Wembley, and I believe I am still in the frame, being the only pro to take him the distance."

The main event won't start before 9:00 am (NZ time).

Fight Card:

Anthony Joshua (ENG) def Alexander Povetkin (RUS) by TKO

Luke Campbell (ENG) def  Yvan Mendy (FRA) by UD

Matty Askin (ENG) lost to Lawrence Okolie (ENG) by UD

Sergey Kuzmin (RUS) def David Price (ENG) by injury retirement

Shakhram Giyasov (UZB) def Julio Laguna (NIC) by TKO