Live Updates: Netball Quad Series - NZ Silver Ferns vs England

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Helen Housby finished as the best shooter with 28/31. Folau was 22/30 for NZ and Selby-Rickit finished 7/9, but the England defence was the big difference between these teams.

The Silver Ferns must now regroup for their game against South Africa on Tuesday. England head to Newcastle to face Australia in a Commonwealth Games final rematch on Wednesday.

Fourth quarter
15th minute: NZ 39 England 52
This will be England's biggest win ever over New Zealand, so that will prompt some questions over whether Janine Southby was the problem at the Commonwealth Games.

To be fair, Taurua needs more time to make changes, but this hasn't been a great start.

14th minute: NZ 38 England 52
The wheels have come off here and Taurua is now giving some rookies experience. England have now scored six straight goals.

10th minute: NZ 37 England 46
Selby-Ricket needs three attempts to goal. Burger comes on for her debut at wing defence, replacing Crampton - she becomes Silver Fern number 171. 

Ninth minute: NZ 35 England 45
Taurua pulls Folau and reinstates Ekenasio at goal attack. That doesn't inspire a lot of confidence in a comeback from here.

Eighth minute: NZ 34 England 44
Grant scraps hard for an intercept, but Toeava throws too long for Folau at the other end.

Housby goals - that's six straight goals for England and the lead is now double figures.

Fourth minute: NZ 34 England 40
Folau throws up a near air-ball - that England defence has thrown her off her game.

Housby goals, that's three in a row for England. Make that four now.

Second minute: NZ 34 England 39
New Zealand turn the ball over again and Harten slots against the pass to extend the lead.

First minute: NZ 34 England 38
Taurua has switched Langman and Sinclair around, so the captain is in the centre bib.

That was England's quarter, outscoring the Ferns 16-12. Housby had 11/12 shooting, Folau was 8/9.

Third quarter
15th minute: NZ 34 England 38
Watson secures an intercept and Folau converts. Off the NZ centre-pass, Selby-Rickit misses and then goals off the rebound.

The quarter runs out, with New Zealand in possession - that's a lost opportunity.

14th minute: NZ 31 England 38
England have scored three straight - they've dominated this quarter.

13th minute: NZ 31 England 37
Mentor gobbles up another intercept from Sinclair, Housby extends the lead.

10th minute: NZ 29 England 34
Grant is cautioned (again) for a late attempt at intercept. Haythornthwaite is shaken in the collision.

Toeava comes for Crampton on to debut as Silver Fern number 170.

Ninth minute: NZ 28 England 32
Toeava is warming up on the side-lines. Taurua is looking for more penetration up court.

Seventh minute: NZ 25 England 30
Mentor intercepts and those turnovers are killing the Ferns. Housby goals... and then goals again.

The lead is back out to five.

Fifth minute: NZ 24 England 27
England take advantage of turnovers to gain a little momentum back their way.

Second minute: NZ 23 England 23
Selby-Rickit hits her first shot and Folau goals to level the scores.

First minute: NZ 21 England 23
Taurua is making a change for the third quarter - we callied it, Te Paea Selby-Rickit is replacing Ekenasio. Haythornthwaite is in for Pitman at wing attack for England.

The Roses immediately force a mistake and take a goal back.


The Silver Ferns clawed their way back into the game during that second quarter - they attemped 19 shots on goal, compared to England's 13, and outscored their rivals 13-9.

That's great testiment to the NZ defence, which has swung possession back the Ferns' way. The shooters are under pressure from Mentor and Guscoth, and they need Ekenasio especailly to gain some composure.

Second quarter
15th minute: NZ 21 England 22
Watson forces a turnover in the defensive circle, but Ekenasio can't tie the score up.

Grant forces another turnover, but Ekenasio misses again. Another turnover, Folau misses.

They've certainly had their chances, as the quarter ends.

13th minute: NZ 20 England 21
Off the NZ centre-pass, Folau brings the score within a goal.

12th minute: NZ 19 England 21
Great offensive rebound from Ekenasio off her own miss and she slots the second attempt.

Folau is also successful off an intercept from Grant.

10th minute: NZ 17 England 20
The Ferns are trying to find a way into the shooting circle, but are forced back into the centre third. Eventually, they find Folau, who goals.

Ninth minute: NZ 16 England 20
England have the ball on attack, but someone's lost a show in the circle - it's Grant. When play resumes, Harten goals.

Seventh minute: NZ 14 England 18
Crampton is called for a short pass to Folau and England capitalise to grab the two goals back.

Sixth minute: NZ 14 England 16
England miss at goal, giving the Ferns a chance to grab another goal back. Folau obliges.

Fourth minute: NZ 11 England 14
The Ferns score consecutive goals, but the English defenders are terrorising the shooters. Finally, Ekenasio makes it three in a row.

First minute: NZ 8 England 14
No changes to either side yet. Housby goals to extend the lead.

England have dominated that openeing period, taking four more shots at goal and leading by five. Harten is 9/10 shooting.

First quarter
15th minute: NZ 8 England 13
Harten goals, then England force another turnover. As the ball moves back downcourt, Grant is cautioned for dilberate contact to delay the game and Harten slots another goal to end the quarter.

15th minute: NZ 8 England 11
Harten misses a sitter and Ekenasio is on target for NZ. Folau goals off the Ferns centre pass.

14th minute: NZ 6 England 11
Ekenasio can't handle that pass and Guscott secures another turnover, Harten takes advantage at the other end.

12th minute: NZ 6 England 9
Watson forces a turnover at the defensive end, but the NZ midcourt can't find a way through the England defenders. Folau finally slots one, then Ekenasio to close the margin.

10th minute: NZ 4 England 8
Foalu breaks the run from mid range, but misses from similar distance.

Ninth minute: NZ 3 England 7
England have now scored the last five goals - not the start New Zealand were wanting.

Seventh minute: NZ 3 England 5
Housby is on target to maintain a two-goal advantage. The Silver Ferns are struggling to feed the ball into their shooters.

Fifth minute: NZ 2 England 3
Harten puts the Roses ahead, but misses another shot. Ekenasio also misses at the other end.

Third minute: NZ 2 England 2
Folau slots a goal and Ekenasio is on target with her first shot, as NZ draw level.

Second minute: NZ 0 England 2
England take advantage of the early miss to take a two-goal lead.

First minute: NZ 0 England 0
Sinclair passes off for the Ferns, but Folau misses her first attempt at goal.


BTW if you missed the earlier game, Australia led by four goals at half-time, but powered away from South Africa in the second half to prevail 61-44.


Spark Arena is pumping for this game - there's an feeling of expectation that Taurua and Langman can make a big difference to this New Zealand.

What is realistic though? They've only been in camp for a few days - is that enough to turn things around?

We're about to find out.


The starting line-ups are in and new 'old' captain Laura Langman will line up at wing defence, with Sam Sinclair at centre.

Gina Crampton is at wing attack, Maria Folau and Ameliaranne Ekenasio start in the shooting circle, and Katrina Grant and Jane Watson fill the defensive circle.

Watson, Crampton and Langman are the only players that didn't appear at the Gold Coast in April.

Watson likely replaces Tactix teammate Temalisi Fakahokotau, who ruptured her ACL knee ligament during the week and is out for the rest of the year.

Silver Ferns: Ekenasio (GS), Folau (GA), Crampton (WA), Sinclair (C), Langman (WD), Grant (GD) & Watson (GK)

England: Jo Harten (GS), Helen Housby (GA), Chelsea Pitman (WA), Serena Guthrie (C), Jade Clarke (WD), Layla Guscoth (GD), Geva Mentor (GK)


Kia ora, good afternoon and welcome to Newshub's live updates of the Silver Ferns vs England Quad Series encounter from Auckland's Spark Arena.

Only a few months ago, the NZ side were reeling from a disappointing fourth placing at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

They had lost to Australia, England, Jamaica and - for the first time - Malawi in the process and it certainly felt like the lowest point in our netball history, since losing to South Africa in the 1995 world championship semi-finals.

Suddenly, critics with only a passing interest in netball were calling for the head of Silver Ferns coach Janine Southby and they were rewarded last month, when Noeline Taurua replaced her at the helm, heralding the return of veterans Laura Langman and Casey Kopua to the playing roster.

This will be an early test of that revamping process, with Langman installed as captain and the steady hand in the midcourt.

Previous skipper Katrina Grant will lead the defensive end, with Kopua still sidelined by injury, while Maria Folau will be the target in the shooting circle.

England are stacked with players who have shown their collective ability on the international stage, and developed individually in the Australia and New Zealand national competitions. There will be many familiar faces among the Roses today.

Will this be a case of redemption for the Silver Ferns, a step in the right direction or more of the same from the Commonwealth Games?

More to come.