Live Updates: Tiger Woods in contention at Tour Championship

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1) Tiger Woods -11 (F)

2) Billy Horschel -9  (F)

3) Dustin Johnson -7 (F) 

T4) Hideki Matsuyama (F), Webb Simpson (F), Justin Rose (F) -6

T7) Rickie Fowler (F), Justin Thomas (F), Xander Schauffele (F) -5

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10:07am - Here what Woods had to say after claiming the win. 

"It was just a grind out there. I loved every bit of it…the fight and the grind and the tough conditions," he said. 

"Just had to suck it up and hit shots. Loved every bit of it.

"[At the] Beginning of the year that certainly seemed a tall order but as the year progressed, I proved that I could play. I found a swing and put some pieces together and I knew I could do it again."

9:58am - HE'S DONE IT! Tiger Woods has won the Tour Championship. His last win was 1876 days ago. It is not a major, but what a moment in sport. Tiger Woods is back in the winners circle. The crowd loves it. 

9:56am - Tiger Woods chips it onto the green and it looks like he'll get a birdie to finish the tournament. 

9:52am - Woods' second shot finds the bunker. The ball hsn't bounced his way today. 

9:49am - Justin Rose saves his best for last as he birdies the last hole to become FedEx Cup champion. 

9:45am - Justun Rose gets a lucky bounce on his second shot and finds the green. He has two shots for birdie and if he pulls it off, he'll become the FedEx Cup champion. 

9:43am - Par for Woods. So he leads by two with one hole left. 

9:41am - Beautiful stuff from Woods as he sets himself up for par. 

9:38am - Woods overshoots the 17th green with his second shot. He can still set it up for par though. 

9:36am - Justin Rose pars the 17th. So he needs to birdie the final hole to become the FedEx Cup champion. 

9:35am - Another poor tee shot from Woods on the 17th. It doesn't find the fairway, and lands in the rough. 

9:30am - Woods is putting from the fringe of the green, and it goes wide of the hole, but it's an easy tap-in, for bogey. He holds a two shot lead with two holes remaining. That is back-to-back bogeys for Woods. 

9:26am - Not the greatest second shot from Woods, who is well short of the green. He will need an amzing third shot to save par. It looks nice, but doesn't get the bounce he needs. Might bogey here. 

9:23am - Justin Rose drops another shot, and Tiger Woods is set to win the FedEx Cup if he holds onto is current score, and Justin Rose doesn't birdie one of his final two holes. 

9:22am - A steady tee shot for Woods on the 16th hole. It lands just on the rough, but it could have been worse. 

9:20am - Billy Horschel birdies the final hole, and finishes nine under. Woods is on -12, and Justin Rose is his closest rival on the course at -6. 

9:18am - Woods misses the par putt, and has dropped down to -12. He still leads by four shots over Billy Horchel, but he's on his last hole. 

9:15am - Tiger Woods sets up nicely for par. Most of his main rivals are finishing up now, so it appears the 42-year-old is going to win the Tour Championship, and could well win the FedEx Cup for the third time. 

9:10am - Woods just gets the ball over the water. It was very close to going in the water, but he holds on and may get par on this hole. 

9:07am - The 15th hole is one of, if not the toughest on the course. No fairway, just the tee, and then the green with lots of water in the middle. 

9:05am - His putt is just short of the hole, so he taps it in for par. His lead is still five, with four holes remaining. 

9:02am - Tiger Woods has found the green with his second shot and it about 19 feet from the hole. He might go for birdie, but will likely get par. 

8:57am - Justin Rose has dropped another shot and is in a tie for fourth. This makes things very interesting in the race for the FedEx Cup. 

8:52am - His 14th tee shot goes straight down the fairway. I wonder what is going through his head right now. 

8:50am - Five shot lead with five holes to play. I think it is safe to say Tiger is going to win, but i'll hold off on saying that for another hour. 

8:48am - Tiger is taking his time with this putt, assessing the green very carefully, as if he was a real tiger stalking its prey. It pays off, and he birdies the 13th. He is at -13 once again.

8:44am - The approach shot from Woods looks magical, as he finds himself on the green, 14 feet from the hole. 

8:39am - To the 12th we go, and is another wonderful tee shot for the American. Billy Horschel birdies the 15th, and he trails Woods by four shots. 

8:36am - Woods is about eight feet from the hole. It looks good, but it drifts off at the last second. He then taps it in to maintain his big lead with six holes left. 

8:32am - Bang! Stunning shot from Woods, as the ball lands a few feet from the hole. A birdie chance here, and an opportunity to extend that lead and close in on his first title in five years. 

8:29am - Another wonderful tee shot by Woods who finds the middle of the fairway.

8:25am - Woods doesn't go for it. Instead, he sets it up for par. Just playing the safe game it seems, and I don't blame him. He leads by five with seven holes to go. 

8:22am - Excellent tee shot on the 11th for Woods who finds the green on the par 3. He has a strong chance for birdie here. 

8:21am - Lots of the golfers out on the course are dropping shots. Which means only good news for Woods. 

8:18am - Now Justin Rose drops a shot on the 11th. That means Woods' five shot lead has been restored. 

8:15am - The first bogey of the day for Woods, as he gets punished for a poor tee shot to start the back nine. Still, he holds a four shot lead. 

8:10am - Tiger Woods finds the green wit his third shot. Looks like he could bogey here, would need a beauty of a putt to save par. 

8:06am - Woods' tee shot is off to the right, and it finds the rough. Not the most ideal way to start the back nine. 

8:01am - Another par to end the front nine for Woods. That is eight straight pars for the 42-year-old who still leads by five with nine holes remaining. 

7:56am - This is the final hole on the front nine for Woods. It is a par three. He tees off and the ball finds the green with ease, but still looks like another two putt for par. McIlroy's tee shot is better as he lands it closer to the pin. 

7:55am - Justin Rose misses what appeared to be an easy par putt on the ninth.  Woods now leads by five. 

7:53am - As expected, Woods pars the eighth. He keps his four shot lead as he goes towards the final hole on the front nine. 

7:46am - Great second shot from the bunker by Woods as he lands the ball onto the green. It will be a two-putt for par. 

7:43am - Justin Rose birdies the eighth hole. He is four shots behind Woods, and well on course to win the FedEx Cup. 

7:42am - Rory McIlroy's ball goes wayward, and towards lots of fans. The ball finds space and spectators crush around the ball like a pack of seagulls fighting for a chip at the beach. 

7:40am - At the eighth hole now, which is a very tough hole, just because the entire left side is water. Woods goes for a big swing, and finds a fairway bunker. 

7:37am - Tiger Woods birdies the seventh. He is one under for the day. Rory McIlroy has a double bogey on the hole and drops down the leaderboard. 

7:35am - McIlroy eventually finds his way onto the green but is set to drop a shot unless his putt is right on the money. 

7:30am - On his second shot, Woods finds the green, and it lands very close to the pin, but an unfavourable bounce sees the ball go further away from the hole than he would have ideally liked. 

7:25am - Next up is the seventh hole, which is a  par 4, 481yards. Woods finds the fairway, while McIlroy fis in the heavy rough. 

7:20am - Woods does get par, but that might be a chance missed. Will that come back to haunt him later? My guess is unlikely, but you never know. Meanwhile, Rory McIlroy birdies the sixth and climbs back up to be in a tie for second. 

7:18am - A disaster of some sorts for Tiger, on his third shot, he goes to chip it onto the green, but poor timing on his swing sees, the ball only got a couple of feet. He then takes a long putt from the fringe, and it goes short of the hole. He'll likely sett;e for par, but a golden chance missed to extend his lead in Atlanta. 

7:13am - Tiger Woods has teed off on the sixth, and he finds the fairway with his first shot. His second looks good, as it bounces onto the green, but the bounce carries it onto the rough on the edge of the green. This hole is a par five, so an excellent chance here for birdie. 

7:12am - Justin Rose still trails Woods by five shots after paring the sixth hole. 

7:08am - Rory McIlroy drops his second shot of the day, so he is seven under which is still good, but unlikely to catch Tiger at this stage. Woods with a simple tap-in for par.  

7:05am - Tiger Woods goes for birdie, and the putt looks terrific, but it just kisses the hole and stays out. If it was a millimetre more to the right, it might have gone in.  

7:01am - Woods' second shot on the fifth finds the green, a long way out for a birdie put. You'd think he'd just want to play safe here with his five shot lead. 

6:59am - Tiger Woods now has a five shot lead, as Just Rose drops a shot on the fifth hole. 

6:55am - To the fifth hole we go and it is a par four, 442 yards. A nice tee shot by Woods to get us started. 

6:53am - What a putt by Woods and he gets par on the fourth. McIlroy bogeys and he drops to eight under. 

6:52am - McIlroy pars the fourth. Woods is taking his time as he looks to avoid his first bogey of the day. 

6:50am - Woods gets the ball onto the green. He'll need a great put to save par. he's about 25 feet from the hole. 

6:46am - Not the greatest second shot by Woods as he finds the bunker right of the green. McIlroy also finds the bunker. 

6:40am - The fourth hole is a par four, 479yds. Woods' tee shot isn't the best as it goes right into the rough down the edge of the fairway. McIlroy's isn't the greatest also, but his shot veers left into the rough. 

6:37am - Another par for Woods, and McIlroy. That ,means the American continues to hold his four shot lead. 

6:33am - Second shot on the third for Woods, and he finds the green, but it lands quite a way out from the hole - maybe 20 feet. It would be a miraculous birdie put here, but it is likely he'll settle for par.

6:30am - To the third hole we go, and another tee shot straight down the middle and onto the fairway for Woods. 

6:28am - Both Paul Casey and Jon Rahm have dropped back to five under after bogeys on their respective holes. 

6:24am - A tough birdie put coming up for Tiger here. Once again, he's taking his time, and he goes for it. It lands just short of the hole, but he'll be able to settle for par. McIlroy also gets par on the second. 

6:21am - Woods is at the second hole which is a par three. A nice strike off the tee and it is about 30ish yards to the hole. He got par here yesterday. His tee shot was better than McIlroy's who has found himself in the rough. 

6:19am - There is a four-way tie for fourth as Tony Finau birdies the fourth. 

6:17am - Tiger Woods now has a four shot lead as McIlroy has to settle for par. 

6:15am - Woods got a birdie at this hole yesterday. He is eyeing it up and taking his time assessing the green. A few practice swings before going for it and he nails it.  

6:11am - Woods' second shot is a beauty and lands a roughly nine feet short off the hole. A golden birdie opportunity here for the American.  

6:05am - Here we go, It's Tiger time. His first tee shot goes straight down the fairway. That is a good way to start you final round. 

Rory McIlroy then tees off with an almost identical shot. 

6:03am - Tiger Woods is moments away from teeing off in Atlanta. Remember, Woods has never lost an official tournament when leading by more than two shots.

5:57am - Justin Rose, has just teed off. At this stage, he will be crowned the FedEx Cup champion.  

5:50am - Tiger Woods has one more bucket of golf balls to get through and then he will be out on the course. He is looking calm and composed. 

5:41am - Roughly 25 minutes away from Woods starting his final round.

Out on the course, Justin Thomas in now tied for sixth at five-under.  

5:30am - Tiger is now hitting a few balls with his irons. There is a massive crowd watching him and understandably so. There are not many fans out on the course right now. They all want a glimpse of Woods. 

5:20am - None of the golfers out on the course look like threatening Tiger Woods at the moment. It looks like it will be a shoot-out between the top three for the title. 

5:06am - Tiger Woods is out on the practice green getting a few shots in before he starts the most important round of golf he's played in years. 

5:00am - Tiger Woods will tee off in just over an hour alongside Rory McIlroy. Woods, 42, holds a three shot lead.  

Thanks for joining us on this Monday morning, as Tiger Woods looks for his first PGA title since 2013 at the Tour Championship at East Lake in Atlanta.

He has the 54-hole lead for the first time since his last victory at the Bridgestone Invitational. He has never lost an official tournament when leading by more than two shots.

Woods holds a three shot lead over Justin Rose and Rory McIlroy heading into the final round at the Tour

The 42-year-old is also in contention of winning the FedEx Cup title. For that to happen, he would have to win and have Rose finish in a tie for fifth or worse.

A win would be the 80th of Woods' PGA Tour career. 

The American tees off at 6:05 am (NZ time). 


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