ANBL: Head Coach Kevin Braswell preaches patience with new-look Breakers

The Breakers' shaky start to the season isn't concerning new head coach Kevin Braswell, who insists it's just a matter of time before the team hits its straps.

With a performance Braswell labelled "pathetic", the ANBL side fell to a heavy defeat at the hands of the Sydney Kings on Sunday to remain winless at home.

That said, the American says he's seen enough to believe that results are just around the corner as the new-look squad builds familiarity.

"It's just these guys getting used to each other," Braswell told Newshub.

"You watch training and it's a different speed we play at - it's a different pace, we share the ball well. It just hasn't translated to the game yet.

"I'm trying to get the guys to build that trust among themselves and get the chemistry together so that when the lights are on during game day, we perform."

The team's roster is almost unrecognisable from last season, with seven new players among the 11-man roster.

"One thing the Breakers have always had here is chemistry in a core group – now we don’t have that, so it's new guys trying to learn how to play with each other.

"All three games we've started off we've been up early, then we sub and some guys aren’t really comfortable playing with each other yet. That comes with time."

Braswell is in his first year as head coach after taking the step up from a successful tenure at NBL level, and admits he's also riding a steep learning curve.

"I get a chance to go home and watch the mistakes that I make, and I make mistakes every game.

"I've had a lot of success and this is the kind of adversity that I've never faced as a coach

"But I embrace every challenge that’s been thrown at me, that's the type of person I am

"This is just another challenge. It'll make itself right. I'm in no rush to change it – I love it."

The pressure is mounting for the Breakers to snap their homecourt duck, and they'll get the opportunity to do so against the Adelaide 36ers on Sunday.

Braswell reckons he knows precisely where the improvements need to come, and they all start up top.

"If you lose a road game it's one thing, but if you get embarrassed that way on your home floor you’ve got to come back and redeem it next week.

"It's more mental than anything. Physically we can compete with the best in the league, it's just we have too many mental breakdowns tight now – offensively and defensively.

"We need to keep our confidence in stretches where were not going that well. As soon as we hit a bit of adversity we drop, and our body language changes. Once you show a team that you already look defeated.

"When it clicks, it's going to be special."