Basketball: NZ Breakers promise to hype up flat atmosphere of opening game

They're renowned for having one of the most vocal fan bases in New Zealand sport and that's what the Breakers are promising when the Sydney Kings play in Auckland this weekend.

The atmosphere at last week's NBL season opener at Spark Arena was heavily criticised for being flat, with the performance of the team combining for an underwhelming fan experience.

The new owners vowed to bring an NBA style of entertainment to downtown Auckland, but what fans got on night one didn't come close.

"Yeah, I mean it was obviously a little quiet," Tom Amercrombie told Newshub.

The Breakers performance on the court matched the sombre mood off it.

"We usually have a raucous crowd and that crowd has been a big reason for a lot of our success," said general manager Dillon Boucher.

"There are some things we are bringing back and we've got some new stuff in line.

"I don't want to spoil the party, so come along on Sunday afternoon and you'll see."

The difference between their game in Auckland and Sunday's visit to Melbourne was noticeable.

The Breakers thrived in the red-hot atmosphere against the league's defending champions, so now the trick is being able to replicate that at Spark Arena.

"The crowd will be more actively involved in the game," said Boucher. "That'll be the biggest focus for us, making sure the crowd has that involvement and be able to dictate the outcome of the game." 

The Breakers are promising to ramp up the noise - both on and off the court - come game day.