Fan has Michael Jordan jersey tattooed across his back

One Michael Jordan enthusiast has gone to extreme lengths to pay tribute to his hero.

The Instagram user known as 'El Kon3 Viga' has had Jordan's jersey tattooed across his entire back.

The piece is painstakingly detailed, and includes the mesh dots of the jersey, the ripples of its fabric, the iconic number and Jordan's signature.

The Dominican Republic-native is a sneaker enthusiast and owns a streetwear boutique where he specialises in - you guessed it - Jordan shoes.

It's not his first tattoo testimonial to basketball's all-time great. He also has a 'Jumpman' logo near his ear and a range of Jordan's sneakers on his calf.

The image of his latest tattoo has since gone viral and has inspired plenty of reaction.

"Definitely feel better about life knowing I haven't got this," said one Instagram user.

"Wasted all that money on the third best player. Should've went with leBron," said another.