Live Updates: Rugby League - NZ Kiwis vs Australian Kangaroos

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Full-time: NZ Kiwis 26 (Ken Maumalo, Joseph Manu, Esan Marsters, Brandon Smith & Jordan Rapana tries; Shaun Johnson three goals) Australian Kangaroos 24 (Valentine Holmes, Dane Gagai, James Tedesco & Felise Kaufusi tries; Holmes four goals) 

80th minute: Kangaroos 24 Kiwis 26
Aussies throw a long pass that goes loose and Manu can't gather, but the knock-on is enough to burn up time.

The siren sounds and the Kiwis have won. Tremendous result from Michael Maguire's team and if this doesn't get the fans back on side, nothing will. 

80th minute: Kangaroos 24 Kiwis 26
Johnson kicks deep, but the ball dribbles dead. Aussies will have an extra tackle, but they won't have time to use it.

79th minute: Kangaroos 24 Kiwis 26
The 'Kiwis' chant goes up from the crowd. Hunt kicks high and DWZ fields.

78th minute: Kangaroos 24 Kiwis 26
TRY to James Tedesco.
Wow, Australia strikes again.

They find space out left again and when they head infield, Tedesco shreds the remaining defence to cross near the posts. Holmes converts and it's going to be close, folks.

76th minute: Kangaroos 18 Kiwis 26
TRY to Felise Kaufusi. 
Australia are probing and Holmes makes another run down the left side.

At the end of the set, Cherry-Evans puts through a grubber, but it deflects back to the five-eighth, who spreads it right to Kaufusi and he finishes in the corner. Holmes converts.

74th minute: Kangaroos 12 Kiwis 26
Brandon Smith rockets out of dummy half near the posts and is over the line, but replays show he plants the ball on a defender's foot. No try. 

73rd minute: Kangaroos 12 Kiwis 26
Kiwis' last tackle, 10 metres out, and the ball eventually finds Johnson. When he tries to pass, Gagai deflects it forward and the Kiwis have a scrum in prime attacking position.

71st minute: Kangaroos 12 Kiwis 26
Johnson kicks high and deep, Gagai catches safely. Tom Trbojevich is hit by a loose arm in a tackle and looks groggy.

69th minute: Kangaroos 12 Kiwis 26
TRY to Jordan Rapana.
Ball goes right on the last tackle, Manu dashes to the corner, but palms the ball and when he's tackle, he flicks the ball inside to Rapana to score acrobatically.

Johnson slots the conversion from the side-line. That's 18 unanswered points in the second half.

68th minute: Kangaroos 12 Kiwis 20
Cherry-Evans kicks, but not particularly deep. Rapana brings it back into Aussie territory.

66th minute: Kangaroos 12 Kiwis 20
Kiwis are completing at 90 percent, Kangaroos at 64, so that's a big advantage.

65th minute: Kangaroos 12 Kiwis 20
Johnson kicks into the goal from his own half, Tedesco runs back to gather and only just makes the field of play.

63rd minute: Kangaroos 12 Kiwis 20
TRY to Esan Marsters.
JWH is held up five metres out, Bromwich is stopped, but Johnson dances.

When the ball comes left, there's a two-man overlap and Marsters is the beneficiary. Johnson hooks the conversion through from the side-line. 

60th minute: Kangaroos 12 Kiwis 14
Jesse Bromwich and JWH are back. Johnson kicks deep and the Aussies counterattack - Holmes offloades to Mitchell, but he drops the ball.

59th minute: Kangaroos 12 Kiwis 14
Frizell probes and proves difficult to collar near the line. The Kiwis defence holds firm and when the ball goes right, Gagai is challenged by Maumalo and spills the ball.

56th minute: Kangaroos 12 Kiwis 14
Great run from Taupau into Aussie territory early in the count. Nikorima puts in a clumsy centring kick, easily defused by the Kangaroos.

54th minute: Kangaroos 12 Kiwis 14
TRY to Brandon Smith.
Smith lunges from dummy half only a couple of metres out and gets over the line in a couple of tackles.

The bunker takes a few moments to clarify the grounding, but eventually confirms it. Johnson converts and the Kiwis lead.

53rd minute: Kangaroos 12 Kiwis 8
Liu takes a tackle and the Aussies are penalised. Johnson kicks into the Kangaroos half, as Brandon Smith comes back on.

52nd minute: Kangaroos 12 Kiwis 8
Cook throws a bullet pass to Hunt, but he has Johnson in his face and knocks it on. Kiwis scrum. 

50th minute: Kangaroos 12 Kiwis 8
Mitchell makes a break down the left and is just tripped up. When the ball goes right, the Kiwis have to tidy up a kick to the line and will drop out - their first of the game.

48th minute: Kangaroos 12 Kiwis 8
Johnson kicks deep, but Gagai has plenty of time to run it back. Blair is on for the Kiwis.

47th minute: Kangaroos 12 Kiwis 8
Hunt floats a pass left, taken one-handed by Holmes. On the last tackle, Hunt puts a kick through, but it's secured by Manu.

46th minute: Kangaroos 12 Kiwis 8
Johnson bombs too deep, caught on the full in goal and the Aussies have an extra tackle. To compound that, Proctor is whistled in a tackle and the Kangaroos are inside NZ half.

45th minute: Kangaroos 12 Kiwis 8
Kenny Bromwich is penalised in the tackle and the Aussies go on the attack. They go right, but Marsters is out of the line to wrap the ball up.

DWZ takes the high ball expertly. 

42nd minute: Kangaroos 12 Kiwis 8
DWZ runs strongly out of his own territory and the Kiwis are deep into the Aussie half quickly in their second set. Johnson kicks to the right corner and it goes into touch a metre out from the flag.

41st minute: Kangaroos 12 Kiwis 8
Aussies kick off and Ah Mau carts it up. Johnson kicks from his own 40.

Half-time: Kangaroos 12 (Valentine Holmes & Dane Gagai tries; Holmes two conversions) Kiwis 8 (Ken Maumalo & Joseph Manu tries)

Key stat for the first half - the Kangaroos have had to make 207 tackles, which could come back to bite them late in the game. Damien Cook has made 30 tackles by himself.

40th minute: Kiwis 8 Kangaroos 12
TRY to Gagai.
Play goes right and Trbojevich gives Gagai a clear run to the line just before the half-time siren.

Holmes converts - that's a heartbreaker. Just seconds after having a try disallowed at the other end, the Kiwis concede the lead, very much agains the run of play.

39th minute: Kiwis 8 Kangaroos 6
Play breaks down on the right, when Kenny Bromwich throughs a shocking dummy-half pass, but Manu gathers the ball with his finger tips.

Manu then puts a kick towards the post, DWZ gathers and scores, but the bunker rules a little knock-on by Manu. No try.

38th minute: Kiwis 8 Kangaroos 6
Tom Trbojevich is called for a knock-on, so more attacking opportunities for the Kiwis.

37th minute: Kiwis 8 Kangaroos 6
Ah Mau is on for JWH. Johnson kicks on the fourth tackle.

35th minute: Kiwis 8 Kangaroos 6
TRY to Manu.
Ball comes right, Johnson floats a pass behind Manu, who gathers it and gets over the line in a couple of tackles.

He eventually gets it to the ground, confirmed by the bunker. Johnson's conversion drifts across the posts, but the Kiwis lead.

34th minute: Kiwis 4 Kangaroos 6
DWZ gathers a long kick and charges into the Aussie defence, which is penalised.

33rd minute: Kiwis 4 Kangaroos 6
Kiwis go left, Johnson kicks through, but it's again tidied up. They have a wealth of possession, but only four points to show.

32nd minute: Kiwis 4 Kangaroos 6
Kiwis are threatening - Rapana almost seizes a gap out right - and Nikorima kicks through to the left corner. Tedesco tidies up again, Aussie dropout.

30th minute: Kiwis 4 Kangaroos 6
Keary has failed his HIA, so he won't be back. Aussies turn over the ball and Kiwis are back on attack.

28th minute: Kiwis 4 Kangaroos 6
TRY to Ken Maumalo.
Taupau is on for Bromwich and touches twice, offloading both times, to make space out left.

DWZ flicks a deft pass between his legs and Maumalo doesn't have to dive for this one. Johnson misses the conversion.

26th minute: Kiwis 0 Kangaroos 6
Kenny Bromwich has replaced Brandon Smith, who made a good start to his debut test. Jake Trbojevich loses the ball in a tackle, so Kiwis get possession on attack.

25th minute: Kiwis 0 Kangaroos 6
Big hit-ups from Liu and JWH. Some brilliant slight of hand out right from Johnson and Manu sees Johnson held up shot on the fifth tackle - so close.

22nd minute: Kiwis 0 Kangaroos 6
On the repeat set, the ball goes left, but Marsters' pass to Maumalo is fractionally forward.

21st minute: Kiwis 0 Kangaroos 6
Johnson kicks, but it rebounds off a defender and the Kiwis have a new set 10 metres out from the line. Manu goes close again.

20th minute: Kiwis 0 Kangaroos 6
Damien Cook tries to get out of dummy half quickly, but too quickly - he doesn't gather the ball cleanly and knocks on. Kiwis scrum in the Aussie half.

19th minute: Kiwis 0 Kangaroos 6
Cherry-Evans puts up a difficult kick over the NZ defence on the last tackle, but Rapana climbs high to claim it. Johnson kicks and initially evades the Aussie defenders.

17th minute: Kiwis 0 Kangaroos 6
Kiwis spread the ball left and Maumalo dives for the corner. He's grounded it on the touch-in-goal line, so no try.

17th minute: Kiwis 0 Kangaroos 6
Proctor runs through and over Keary, who is knocked out and lying prone. Replays show the Aussie half copped a knee to the head and he's leaving the field, with Ben Hunt entering the fray.

16th minute: Kiwis 0 Kangaroos 6
Liu runs onto a short pass and the Kangaroos are whistled offside in the tackle. Kiwis turn down the kick at goal and Manu gets close to scoring.

Smith tries to unload, but the loopy pass goes loose and the Aussies appear to steal possession. Ref rules a knock-on and NZ have the scrum.

13th minute: Kiwis 0 Kangaroos 6
Bromwich brings the ball back from the kick-off - he's looking menacing early for the Kiwis.

This time Nikorima kicks to the line and Tedesco forces for another dropout. The Kiwis are getting their act together, but this pressure must produce points.

11th minute: Kiwis 0 Kangaroos 6
Kiwis look likely and Johnson kicks to the goal-line with Proctor chasing. Tedesco has to tidy up and it's a dropout for the Aussies.

10th minute: Kiwis 0 Kangaroos 6
More magic from Mitchell and Holmes, but Fisher-Harris puts just enough pressure on to force the final pass forward.

Ninth minute: Kiwis 0 Kangaroos 6
Kiwis have their first real attacking opportunity, but Johnson's little grubber kick is tidied up by Tedesco.

Holmes is driven back in a gang tackle.

Seventh minute: Kiwis 0 Kangaroos 6
Aussies come left again and Mitchell makes another long run. He tries to pop a ball inside, but it goes loose - knocked on.

The Kangaroos look dangerous whenver they go left already.

Fifth minute: Kiwis 0 Kangaroos 6
Marsters kicks off again and Klemmer is met by Proctor. Cherry-Evens kicks from inside his own half and Rapana fields.

Third minute: Kiwis 0 Kangaroos 6
TRY to Valentine Holmes. The Aussies string some passes together down the left and Mitchell makes good ground, drawing the final defender, before sending Holmes over untouched.

Holmes lines up the conversion and slots it from the left of the uprights.

First minute: Kiwis 0 Kangaroos 0
Kiwis kick off and David Klemmer takes the first hit-up. So far no errors from either team, as the Kiwis complete their first set too.


Dallin Watene-Zelezniak leads the Kiwis out on the field for the first time in his eighth test. Remember, he twice missed out on his international debut through injury and suspension back in 2014/15, but at 23, he is obviously a leader for the future.

The Kiwis have an exciting back five in DWZ, Ken Maumalo, Ersan Marsters, Joseph Manu and Jordan Rapana, and some real bruisers in the pack, especially off the bench with the Bromwich brothers, Jared Waerea-Hargreaves, Lesson Ah Mau, Marty Taupau and Adam Blair.

After the anthems, we have the Kiwis haka, led by Blair. For me, that's even more impressive than the All Blacks haka.

Yeah, whatever ^^^^^


If you're just tuning in, I can tell you that Australia has captured the first two legs of tonight's Mt Smart tripleheader. The Junior Kangaroos produced an emphatic 40-24 result over the Junior Kiwis, but the Jillaroos needed a try in the closing minutes to pip the Kiwi Ferns.

Great performance from the NZ women - so close to upsetting the world champions.

Highlight of the junior game was the freakish scorpion kick from Chanel Harris-Tevita that led to a try for Isaiah Papali'i - check it out, if you haven't seen it yet.


Kia ora, good evening and welcome to Newshub's live updates of the Kiwis vs Kangaroos rugby league test from Auckland's Mt Smart Stadium.

This is a long-awaited clash between these two arch-rivals in New Zealand, where they last met four years ago in the Four Nations final in Wellington. Of course, the Kiwis won on that occasion.

Since then, the home team have struggled since the departure of Stephen Kearney as coach and the exodus of Tongan players to their national team.

They were well of the pace at last year's Rugby League World Cup, eliminated in the quarter-finals by Fiji, after losing to Tonga in pool play.

In their first test under new coach Michael Maguire, an inexperienced side were eventually dispatched by England in the ill-fated Denver test.

The Aussies beat England to retain the World Cup last year, but this is a newlook line-up, without many of the legends that have carried them to glory for so long.

Here are the line-up for tonight's test:

Kiwis: 1-Dallin Watene-Zelezniak, 2-Ken Maumalo, 3-Esam Martsers, 4-Joseph Manu, 5-Jordan Rapana, 6-Shaun Johnson, 7-Kodi Nikorima, 8-Jesse Bromwich, 9-Brandon Smith, 10-Jared Waera-Hargreaves, 11-Kevin Procter, 12-Isaac Liu, 13-James Fisher-Harris

14-Kenny Bromwich, 15-Leeson Ah Mau, 16-Martin Taupau, 17-Adam Blair, 18-Peta Hiku, 19-Jahrome Hughes  (two to be omitted)

Kangaroos: 1-James Tedesco, 2-Dane Gagai, 3-Tom Trbojevic, 4-Latrell Mitchell, 5-Valentine Holmes, 6-Luke Keary, 7-Daly Cherry-Evans, 8-David Klemmer, 9-Damien Cook, 10-Jordan McLean, 11-Boyd Cordner, 12-Felise Kaufusi, 13-Josh McGuire

14-Ben Hunt, 15-Jake Trbojevic, 16-Tyson Frizell, 17-Aaron Woods, 18-Tyrone Peachey, 19-Reagen Campbell-Gillard (two to be omitted)