Motorsport: Kiwi racing prodigy Connor Davison ready to take next step

While most kids are putting their feet up in the school holidays, Connor Davison is putting his down. 

The 13-year-old's set to become one of the youngest Kiwis to go circuit racing in New Zealand since IndyCar great Scott Dixon. 

Davison still needs his dad to drop him off at Hampton Downs, as he's not legally allowed to drive on the road.

But the track is a different story.

"I've gotten up to 220kmh in one of these Toyotas, so it's pretty fast," he told Newshub.

Davison's always been moved by motorsport, harking back to his days at kindergarten.

"He'd watch a cartoon for a little while and just get bored by it," dad Graeme explained.
"You'd put any motorsport on, and he'd just sit down and watch the entire race, " 

The Cambridge youngster started karting at six, quickly racking up pole positions, podiums and titles around the country.

He’s now stepping up to the Toyota 86 Championship - a six-round series that pits the best young drivers in the country against each other.

"I remember jumping into the Toyota for the first time, and my eyes just lit up and I couldn't stop smiling for the whole day. My mum and dad kept on laughing at me."

Davison idolises Kiwi SuperCars star Scott McLaughlin and like his hero, he's already competed across the Tasman. His schoolwork is never far away though.

"When going over to Australia, they give me some homework that I do on the plane and once I get there, I focus on racing."

He's hoping to win Rookie of the Year in his first season and from there, his future could follow any path.

“There's a massive range of options all around to world and I'm looking forward to hopefully getting an opportunity just to drive anything."

Luckily for his dad, Connor doesn't give him too many tips about his own driving.

"Yeah, the odd time, but he's pretty good," laughs Graeme. "He leaves me to it."

It'll be three more years until Connor can get his learner's licence and his dad has fingers crossed that his son will have more success than him.

“That'll be awesome, if he could, but if he's anything like his father, he'll take a few goes."

Connor knows it's going to be a long three years and maintains he'll still be nervous, despite his racing experience.