Video live updates: New Zealand Breakers vs Sydney Kings - ANBL

Breakers - 101    Kings - 78

End of regulation - A dominant performance by the Kings on the road. Click here for the full game wrap.

Fourth quarter

2 mins - The teams trade baskets as the clock winds down. Too little, too late for the Breakers now.

3 mins - Long with the jam for the Breakers! There's a murmur of excitement from the crowd. It's been a tough Sunday for the locals.

4 mins - You wouldn't know the Kings were the team playing a back to back here. Far more energy than the hosts.

5 mins - Lisch sinks the ninth three for the Kings. Bogut rejects Long at the rim, his fourth block of the game. Time out NZ, they're staring at a huge deficit now.

6 mins - Bowen from the corner now, drains the three. He's sizzling.

7 mins - Long with the and-one, much needed for NZ. Converts the free throw.

7 mins - Bowen raises and throws down a huge dunk all over Richard. Glares at him afterwards. That was brutal.

8 mins - Time out Breakers. Bowen back to the line and he makes both.

10 mins - Wesley blocked at the rim as the score starts to blow-out.

11 mins - Richard lay-up kills the run. 

12 mins - Five straight points for the Kings to start the quarter.

Third quarter

1 min - Ili can't hit the three as the end of the quarter sounds. 

2 mins - Randle with the acrobatic lay up. Richard comes straight back with a three. Stop at the other end and Ili breaks quickly, commits the offensive foul.

4 mins - Abercrombie gets to his favourite spot at the elbow, raises and sinks the jumper.

4 mins - Randle to the line, makes both free throws.

5 mins - Bogut goes around the back and to the cup! 15 pints and 5 boards for the former NBA champion.

6 mins - Abercrombie and Bogut exchange free throws.

7 mins - Wear on the pick n pop with Bogut, drains a three. Long banks one from the elbow but Wear hits straight back.

8 mins - Ili making things happen for the hosts. Finds Wesley underneath the hoop for an easy bucket.

9 mins - Wesley misses from close range. Nice defensive stand from the Breakers as they force the shot clock violation.

10 mins - Long splits the free throws. Bogut with a gorgeous look for Randle who lays it in.

12 mins - "Can you feel it?" is back at Spark Arena! The crowd stands and claps for an eternity while the Kings shoot free throws.


Second quarter

1min - Wesley makes a baseline jumper. Randle pick and roll with Bogut and he finds the big man with the alley oop. Ili hits the jumper to cut it to six as the clock winds down...Randle to the hoop at the buzzer and that will do us for the first half.

1 min - Abercrombie makes a move down the lane and draws a foul. Makes one of two free throws. Newley soars and looks to throw one down but Long is there to erase him! That was nasty.

2 min - Long draws the foul, makes one of two. Lisch catches Webster reaching and he'll shoot three free throws. Veteran play right there.

2 mins - Webster up fake, steps back and sinks the mid-range jumper. Breakers making a run as we close to the half.

3 mins - Webster gets the steal from the inbounds and goes straight to the cup, draws the foul. Misses the baseline jumper but Long is there for the tip-in.

4 mins - Ili with a trademark crossover and he goes to the rim, beautiful. Kings want the time out.

5 mins - Wesley spins baseline and draws the foul. Makes both free throws. He has 11 points. 

6 mins - Lisch bangs - yes - another three and NZ call time-out. Kings red-hot from the field, shooting almost 70%.

7 mins - Weeks tries to break that trend with his second straight three, he's been productive off the bench.

8 mins - Wesley clangs a three, Breakers only 3/13 from the arc. Adnam goes to the rim for more Kings points.

10 mins - Weeks hits a three for the Breakers to cut the lead to 10.

12 mins - Bogut in the key, he has 7 points and 6 rebounds already.

First quarter

1 mins - Adnam sinks the Kings' fourth three of the quarter at the buzzer sounds.

1 mins - Amani Moore with the hesitation move to the cup.

2mins - Delaney with an athletic move to the rim to break the Kings run. Bogut instantly replies.

3 mins - Lisch adds one more trey to the Kings long-range barrage to puts his side up six.

3mins - Bogut puts the ball on the floor and goes right by Long, scores plus the foul.

4 mins - Bogut finds Lisch on the back-door cut and the American finishes underneath. Wesley responds with another low post score.

6 mins - Wear hits the corner three after the Ili free throws, then comes back down court and drills another from the opposite side of the court.

9 mins - Patient post move from Wesley, sinks it from close range as the buzzer sounds.

10 mins - Webster makes it two straight from beyond the mark. heating up early. Randle finally gets the Kings on the board.

10 mins - Webster sinks the three after the Wesley block.

11 mins - Tai Wesley doing Tai Wesley thing, fakes Bogut out of his sneakers and gets the hoop plus the harm. Converts the three-point play.

12 mins - Great opening possession defensively as the Breakers force the shot clock violation.

2:20pm - Just about time for tip off here. Hold tight, Breakers faithful.