Live Updates: Māori All Blacks vs Brazil

Brazil - 3    Māori All Blacks - 35 (be sure to refresh your browser)

FULLTIME - Sturdy effort from the locals but ultimately outclassed. Check out the full wrap here.

76 mins - TRY NZ - Matt Proctor busts the line at the 22m, links with James Lowe who finds Josh Ioane on the touchline who finishes with ease in the corner. Black slots it effortlessly from out wide, he's looked great after such a lengthy injury layoff.

73 mins - Reeves bangs the clearance all the way to the 10m line. The lad from Christchurch has carried himself well.

72 mins - NZ back on the attack but there's a fumble at the ruck, Brazil will feed a scrum in the shadow of their own posts.

69 mins - Brazil with a rare opportunity now, but the lineout's messy. Karpik secures possession and it's Ioane who makes the half break. Penalty NZ, offside.

65 mins - TRY NZ - Direct as you like from the MABs and it's Jackson Hemopo who powers the final two metres over the line, right underneath the black dot. Black converts an easy one.

64 mins - Effective pick and go play here by NZ, just 5m out...

62 mins - Another huge shove from Brazil at the scrum but NZ manage to clear, Duque's clearance is out on the full. NZ lineout 35m out.

57 mins - TRY NZ -  There it is, another clinical driving maul from the close-range lineout and it's Ash Dixon who crashes over for his second. Black converts from a tricky angle. Three replays of the conversion, we must be in football country.

55 mins -  NZ 5m out now, one off the ruck styles. Penalty, 5m line-out. Here comes another drive.

54 mins - This Brazilian front-row is loving every moment of these scrums, and they're letting their NZ counterparts know about it.

52 mins - Play breaks down and NZ's Bryn Hall hacks the ball ahead, it's a race to the ball in the in-goal. Ref wants to check this one, he's called it a try to Hall....and after numerous reviews we're going back froma scrum, they've called it an NZ knock-on.

50 mins - Odd call to take the shot, but Reeves lines it up and bangs it over off the inside of the upright. Brazil are on the board.

48 mins - And the Brazil scrum pulverize the MABs, marching them 15m downfield before being awarded a penalty. The crowd roar and the players celebrate like they've just scored a try. Brilliant stuff.

47 mins - Brazil feed their scrum, which has been dominant today. Showing the same kind of chops in the tight as their South American neighbours in Argentina.

45 mins - Harmon busts the line, storming run down to the Brazil 22m. NZ ramping up the pace now...but the play breaks down.

44 mins - Brazil scramble their way out of danger, Reeves with a fantastic clearance to find touch at the NZ 10m line. 

43 mins - Promising movement shutdown and NZ counter - Lowe breaks 40m downfield, find Stevenson inside but the cover defence does well to bring him down. 

41 mins - High shot from NZ, Brazil to throw the lineout 22m out.

40 mins - NZ spill the ball and Brazil are on the front foot. 

Second half underway...

HALFTIME - Weather making things difficult, it's been a rough watch. Brazil will certainly be happy, they've turned it into the scrap they were after.

39 mins - The NZers defend well, drive held up and the turnover forced. That will do us for the half.

37 mins - Brazil to launching from a lineout 10m from the NZ line...

34 mins - The locals fling it about with gusto in some tricky conditions. We end with a penalty. 

32 mins - Black to the boot, almost a brilliant kick but it's just to the wrong side of the corner flag. Brazil scrum at the NZ 10m.

30 mins - Rain absolutely bucketing down now, it's about to get even tighter.

TRY NZ - Another powerful rolling maul from the lineout, Ash Dixon breaks away and does well to battle his way to the chalk and reach out to score. Black converts.

27 mins - Brazil get their man back from the bin as NZ feed the lineout 5m out...

26 mins - Walden on the attack for NZ, takes play inside the Brazil 22m.

24 mins - Prop Ben May puts one on the boot! Head down with the chase and it sits up for the 22m restart.

22 mins - Scrum NZ right in the centre of the park...Ruru on the wrap and finds Stevenson with a big wide ball. Back the other direction they come, Lowe looks for work but he's cramped for space and put into touch. Brazilian defence is certainly up to par sio far.

20 mins - Penalty Brazil and they line up a shot at goal. 50m on the angle here....Duque sends it wide.

18 mins - To the driving maul again but NZ concede an immediate penalty for the truck and trailer. Brazil clear and work their way past the 50m....

16 mins - And the Brazil hooker Wilton Rebolo cops a yellow card for his late hit. NZ to throw the lineout 10m from the tryline...

15 mins - Harmon does well to pinch the ball and NZ send it deep. Brazil return and there's a bit of niggle going on here, late shot on Black. There's been plenty of niggle so far.

14 mins - Sturdy scrum and clearance and Brazil will feed the line-out on the NZ 22m.

13 mins -  Another quick knock-on and we're back to the setpiece. Game struggling to get going so far.

11 mins - More Brazil ball and it's Duque who splits the NZ defence, sweeping to the outside but he's offloaded straight to Stevenson, who heads back the other direction. He puts it on the boot and forces a scrambled clearance for an NZ throw.

8 mins - Monster MABs shunt in the scum after a fumble but it's back to the Brazil line-out we go, and they have their first chance with ball in hand. They go wide, show some slick passing but the winger is bundled into touch.

7 mins - Kicks traded and we end up with a Brazil line-out throw in their first effort inside the MABs half.

5 mins - NZ go wide early but there's a forward pass involved. Brazil definitely not shy, getting physical and throwing some smack talk in the NZ direction. 

TRY NZ - The MABs go straight ot the driving maul from the line-out and roll their way to the posts, Isaia Walker-Leawere is the man emerges from the heap with the ball. Convesrion an easy one.

2 mins - Penalty NZ. Black finds touch about 15m out and it's a great early chance to attack. 

1 min - Rain steadily falling now as Otere Black gets proceedings started. A clearance and a couple of steady phases and Black goes deep. Brazil clear but only as far to the 10m.

We're underway...

10:17am - Rapturous reception for another stirring MABs haka. The Brazilian team are interlinked and leaning forward like they're about to do a group sprint. They're massively fired up.

10:14am - A solid-sized crowd bangs out the Brazilian anthem, haka not far off now. Oh, and no Kiwi anthem gaffes to report of.

10:10am - The teams are both lined-up ready for a samba-style showdown of skill and flair, or something.

Kia ora and welcome to live updates of the Māori All Blacks' clash against Brazil from Cicero Pompeu de Toledo Stadium, Sao Paulo.


Brazil: 1.Lucas Abud, 2.Wilton Rebolo, 3.Jardel Vettorato, 4.Luiz Vieira, 5.Cleber Dias, 6.Arthur Bergo, 7.Devon Muller, 8.Andre Arruda, 9.Lucas Duque, 10 Joshua Reeves, 11.Robert Tenorio, 12.Moises Duque, 13.Felipe Sancery, 14.Lucas Tranquez, 15.Daniel Sancery.

Substitutes: 16.Caique Segura, 17.Endy William, 18.Mathew Rocha, 19.Matteo Dell'Acqua, 20.Michael Oliveira, 21.Douglas Rauth, 22. Jacob de Wet van Niekerk, 23.Stefano Giantorno.

Maori All Blacks: 1.Ben May, 2.Ash Dixon/Robbie Abel, 3.Marcel Renata, 4.Isaia Walker-Leawere, 5.Pari Pari Parkinson, 6.Reed Prinsep, 7.Billy Harmon, 8.Akira Ioane, 9.Jonathan Ruru, 10.Otere Black, 11.Shaun Stevenson, 12.Teihorangi Walden, 13.Rob Thompson, 14.Jonah Lowe, 15.Matty Lansdown.

Substitutes: 16.Robbie Abel/Ross Wright, 17.Chris Eves, 18.Tyrel Lomax, 19.Jackson Hemopo, 20.Mitch Karpik, 21.Bryn Hall, 22.Josh Ioane, 23.Matt Proctor.