Boxing: Heavyweight Junior Fa calls out Duco Events for failing to drug test fighters

Kiwi heavyweight Junior Fa has called out promoters Duco Events for failing to drug test fighters ahead of next week's boxing bout in Christchurch.

Fa says a lack of testing raises questions around safety inside the ring and credibility outside of it.

The City Kickboxing heavyweight prospect passed an MRI scan ahead of his fight in Christchurch next week - part of promoter Duco's new safety measure

But he questions if this goes far enough.

"Right now I haven't been drug tested, I'm keen to get one," Fa told Newshub.

The Kiwi hasn't been tested in New Zealand since fighting as an amateur in 2010

And it will be no different when he appears on the undercard to the Joseph Parker vs Alexander Flores fight - staged by Duco Events.

However, Duco boss David Higgins is confident all of the fighters on the card will be clean.

"Look I'm not Nostradamus and without sounding naive, I'd like to think so," he told Newshub.

But as next week's bout isn't a regional or international title fight, the promoters aren't obliged to test.

"I'm paying them [Fa and his team] a fixed amount to organise all aspects of their fight, including the opponent, sanction, drug testing, so if they want to have drug testing, they can opt for it, ask for it, organise and pay for it, so far that hasn't happened," said Higgins.

While Duco isn't taking responsibility Mark Keddell, Fa's manager, doesn't believe it's their place to pay.

"Does Junior want it to come out of his purse, no of course not, I'd like to see some sort of government funding for drug testing in sport, in boxing," Keddell told Newshub.

It's a world away from Fa's experience of fighting in the United States

"Even like a couple of days before there's always a guy there, basically watching me if I go to the toilet, there was always someone there with me just to make sure I'm not doing anything dodgy," Fa told Newshub.

But Higgins said New Zealand just doesn't have the same type of scrutiny.

"It's a bit more like the Wild West, compared to other jurisdictions," he said.

Fa is eager for more regular drug testing when it comes to big fights been hosted this side of the world. 

"It just basically takes out all the guesswork and drug cheats out of the equation," Fa said.

Higgins agrees with Fa - supporting the call to raise the standards.

"I think that's a conversation at the national level, we're sticking to the New Zealand standard at the moment, but maybe there is room for improvement," the Duco boss remarked.

Until then - it's a battle Fa will have to continue to fight for outside the ring.