Football fan describes Liverpool goal to visually impaired cousin

A heart-warming exchange between a visually impaired Liverpool fan and his cousin has captured the imagination of the football world.

Among the bedlam of supporters celebrating Mohamed Salah's opening strike at Anfield on Wednesday (NZ time), he takes a moment to describe the goal to his fellow 'Reds' die-hard, whose face lights up in response.

The moment has inspired an outpouring of positive reaction on social media, where even fans of the opposition and staunch rivals Everton have admitted being moved.

"That's special," says one. "I'm a Blue [Everton fan] and I'm in tears over that."

Another said: "This is one of the best things I've seen in a minute. Bless."

The man at the centre of the fuss - Mike Kearney - himself took to social media to acknowledge the public reaction.

"Nice to read all the comments about the video," he tweeted. "It's my cousin telling me it was Mo who scored.

"I can see a little bit, but not great. Didn't know the camera got us."

Salah's goal proved decisive, clinching a 1-0 win in the Champions League tie against Napoli.