Parker vs Flores: Rivals square off for first time

Kiwi heavyweight Joseph Parker now knows exactly what he's in for this weekend. 

Mexican-American opponent Alexander Flores has joined him in Christchurch, promising to knock the local favourite not just to the canvas, but out of future title contention.

On Wednesday, Parker eye-balled Flores for the first time before their Saturday bout, when he'll look to try to get his career back on track, after two consecutive losses.

"I think it's a great match up," said Parker.

"Height wise, age wise… not sure experience though, we haven't seen a lot of him."

Said Flores: "I'm stopping Parker, as I've said before, I'm stopping Parker - it's not going 12 rounds."

After his losses to Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte, Parker billed the Flores fight as his "fresh start" to stay relevant in the very competitive heavyweight division.

"Coming off back-to-back losses, we must win."

Parker vs Flores

"We need to be impressive. We need to show people we belong in the top level." 

Trainer Kevin Barry says Parker is primed for action.

"One-hundred-and-sixteen rounds of sparring in preparation for this fight," said Barry. "Training three times a day in Vegas."

But a passionate Flores is ready spoil Parker's party.

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"I want to be the first Mexican American to be heavyweight champion," said Flores.

"On the way, I will beat Joseph Parker and that will put me ahead."

Also waiting in the wings is undefeated Kiwi heavyweight Junior Fa. He's on the undercard on Saturday, but that's not somewhere he wants to stay.

"At some time, I want to be the best boxer in the world," said Fa.

A fight with his Kiwi counterpart has been discussed plenty, though not for the immediate future.

The former WBO champion saying he's got to take care of the here and now, starting with a bounceback victory on Saturday.


Join us on Saturday evening for live updates of the Parker vs Flores fight in Christchurch.