Live updates: Dillian Whyte vs Dereck Chisora

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12:45pm - Thanks for tuning in for our live updates. We will have a match recap shortly. 

12:43pm - Eddie Hearn shares his thoughts. 

"It's a matter of when, not if, because I think Dillian Whyte is going to become the WBO mandatory.

"Chisora and Whyte did themselves proud tonight. It goes down as another classic.

"If Deontay Wilder doesn't want to fight Anthony, then I think it should be Dillian Whyte."

12:40pm - Joshua has joined Whyte ringside: "Credit to Dillian, but you know how the list goes.

 "If it's not Deontay Wilder and Whyte gets made, I don't want to hear boos."

Whyte fires back: "I deserve my shot, I've worked my way up." He then walks out of the ring and heads back to the sheds. 

12:37pm - Whyte then points and Joshua and says; "I want thank lanky piece of **** there."

12:36pm - Anthony Joshua with some interesting words in the commentary box. 

"Everyone knows I need to fight Deontay Wilder, I'm ready.

"I'm proud of what Dillian has done. If it's not Wilder, it's Whyte over Miller."

12:30pm - That is a massive as the judges had Chisora ahead on two of three scorecards. 

12:27pm - Dillian Whyte has won with an 11th round knockout. Whyte caught him with a left hook and bang, what a punch.

ROUND ELEVEN: Six minutes remain, and Chisora loses another point for an elbow and that is two points taken off him now. The crowd boos and it is such a shame as he was likely in front here. Then bang, Whyte smashes Chisora with a massive counter punch, and he is out cold before he hits the canvas. There is concern for Chisora who hasn't moved. 

ROUND TEN: Dillian Whyte looks tired here, but the commentators say otherwise. I think Chisora wins this round, and just ahead on the scorecards.   

ROUND NINE: Four rounds to go here in London. Both go toe-to-toe once more in another even round. Whyte lands a big punch in the last 20 seconds, but it might not be enough to win him the round. 

ROUND EIGHT: Chisora is having a quiet round round, and he gets another warning for use of the head. One more warning and he'll likely lose a point. Chisora just lost a point for a 'low-blow' this is massive in the context of the bout. Chisora lands some big punches in the end. I'll give that round to Whyte as Chisora lost a point. 

ROUND SEVEN: The second half of the fight is underway. A great start to the round here are both fighters throw haymakers. Chisora still looking to throw some big punches here and he nearly landed one cleanly, then Whyte puts his foe on the ropes. That is a close one once more, That is another even round. Very tough to call. but i'll give it to Whyte.  

ROUND SIX: Chisora is going great with the body punches, but it is like Whyte is having a break this round, if that is possible in boxing. Would give that to Chisora also. 

ROUND FIVE: Whyte lands some jabs, and Chisora comes back with a lovely hook. In the final minute of the round, Whyte throws some good combination punches, but Chisora fights on. Chisora gets a warning for the use fo the head and the fight resumes. Chisora ends the round with a nice hook shot. Another even round, i'm not sure who that ones goes too. 

ROUND FOUR: Whyte lands a massive uppercut in the first minute of the round, and it hurt Chisora. But with Whyte on the ropes, Chisora lands some more body punches. Whyte gets a talking too for using the elbows. That was a tough round to call, could go either way, but I'll give it to Chisora.

ROUND THREE: Chisora comes out with some power punches to start the third round. He lands a good body shot also, and he's had the better round. Both guys go crazy to end the round and there are some big cheers from the 02 Arena. I pick Chisora in that round. 

ROUND TWO: Chisora is hit by a counter shot from Whyte. This has been a quiet round. Chisora has Whyte in a headlock on the ropes to end the round. Referee Marcus McDonnell is not happy. Another Whyte round. 

ROUND ONE: The bell sounds and here we go. Dillian Whyte vs Dereck Chisora is finally underway. Both fighters go swinging early as Whyte finds himself on the ropes with Chisora throwing some body shots. Chisora lands a couple more good punches in the final minute, but I think Whyte won that round. Was more effective with his punches. 

11:37am - Dillian Whyte comes out to 'Black In Black'. Both fighters are in the ring now, and we might be 5-10 minutes away from it starting. 

11:33am - Dereck Chisora is making his way out to the ring. He walks out to 'Hotel Calofornia' which is interesting.

11:11am - Next up is the main event between Whyte and Chisora. 

11:05am - Well that undercard didn't last long as Joshua Buatsi wins by knockout. It was controversial. 

10:53am - The final undercard is about to get underway. We're probably atleast 40-60 minutes away from the main event, unless this next fight ends early. 

10:36am - Charlie Edwards has was won the fight with a unanimous decision victory. 

10:33am - The Cristofer Rosales vs Charlie Edwards undercard has just finished. There is still one more to go before the main event. 

10:20am - Read why Joseph Parker's camp are desparate for a rematch against Dillian Whyte.

10:08am - Joshua is currently in the lockeroom helping Joshua Buatsi prepare for his bout after Renold Quinlan.

9:55am - Anthony Joshua is at the 02 for the fight. If Whyte wins this fight, he is tipped to fight the belt holder in April.

9:40am - There are two more fights before the main event. FIrst up is Cristofer Rosales vs Charlie Edwards.

9:32am - Takam has called out Chisora saying: "I want you next."

9:26am - Carlos Takam has won the fight. He stops Gashi in the seventh round. 

9:04am - The main event between Whyte and Chisora is due to start after 11am NZ time, but could be as late as 12pm. 

9:02am - Right now, Carlos Takam is in the ring with Senad Gashi.

9:00am - There have been two fights on the undercard so far. Ryan Walsh beat Reece Bellotti by split decision, while David Price beat Tom Little with a TKO in the fourth round. 


Hello and welcome to live updates of the massive showdown between Dillian Whyte and Dereck Chisora at the 02 Arena in London.

Whyte (24-1) puts his WBC Silver and WBO International heavyweight titles on the line against Chisora (29-8).

Two years ago Whyte was awarded a split decision after a thrilling back-and-forth brawl with Chisora.

Whyte defeated Kiwi Joseph Parker in his last fight, while Chisora overcame Carlos Takam. 

Speaking to Sky Sports UK, Parker said he is backing Whyte to win this clash. 

"The first fight was a total war. They both thought they won the first fight, so they've got to be coming in with more drive, more motivation to put on a better performance and try and knock someone out.

"Hopefully [Whyte] can take care of business and fights the fight that he wants, and then when he's ready, let's get it on."

Pre-fight banter: Joseph Parker's immediate future rests on outcome

The result of Dillian Whyte's heavyweight blockbuster rematch against Dereck Chisora could influence the immediate direction of Joseph Parker's boxing career.

A win for Whyte on Sunday should land 'The Body Snatcher' a heavyweight title fight against Anthony Joshua in March or April 2019.

Duco Events boss David Higgins has been campigning on Parker's behalf for a rematch with the 30-year-old, after his charge came up short in a controversial decision loss in September.

Whyte defeated Parker by unanimous decision in a fight-of-the-year contender, but a second-round accidental headbutt on Parker was ruled a knockdown.

Had the referee ruled differently, the fight would likely have been scored a split draw and Parker could still be in the mix for a heavyweight title.

On Thursday, Higgins told Newshub that a Whyte vs Joshua match-up wasn't as locked in as some thought.

Despite the WBC-ordered rematch between its champion Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury, Higgins believed a Joshua v Fury fight was a possibility, given the enormous paycheck that would be warranted.

Higgins believed it could lead to the biggest pay-per-view number of either fighters' career and he wouldn't be surprised if Eddie Hearn pulled the rug out of a Wilder vs Fury rematch.

Live updates: Dillian Whyte vs Dereck Chisora

If that happens, Whyte - or potentially Chisora - would be left without an opponent and that's where Higgins believed Parker figures into the conversation.

"If Joshua fought Wilder or Fury, and Whyte beat Chisora, then Whyte would be left without an opponent, leaving Joseph the most viable option," Higgins suggested.

"All options are on the table - we would be willing to fight the winner of [Whyte vs Chisora].

"We wouldn't shy away from any of those British opponents, but that being said, the deal must be right.

"If the deal isn't right, then we could look to America or we could look at staging something back here in New Zealand."

Should Parker return to New Zealand for his next fight, the other name on the marque won't be fellow Kiwi slugger Junior Fa.

Parker's trainer, Kevin Barry, scoffed at a future match-up between the two, calling Fa's record a "joke". Higgins agrees, but appreciates Team Fa are just trying to boost their own profile off Parker's name.

"Junior is a long way off," Higgins said. "If he keeps winning and can put together a better record, then he becomes an option - but he is a long way off.

"A lot of those guys he has beaten on his record are a long way off the standard on Joseph Parker's record. He has beaten no-one of note to date.

"The money out of a [Junior Fa] fight is pocket change compared to what we could make in the United States or the UK.

"Junior just needs to build a credible record, before that would become a credible fight.

"Parker has fought Takam, Anthony Joshua, Whyte and the like. Junior Fa has had carefully selected opposition and so far, none of them I would qualify as decent opponents.

"That's the reason the Fa camp are calling out Joseph Parker - they don't really want that fight now.

"They are using Joseph Parker's media profile to elevate their own and good on them - that's their job."

As for a winner for Sunday's clash, Higgins is leaning towards Whyte, but given the back-and-forth nature of their first encounter in 2016, Chisora is a chance at causing an upset.

"Whyte is the favourite, but Chisora is very tough," Higgins noted.

"People wrote him off against [Carlos] Takam, but Chisora destroyed Takam - it could go either way."

Dillian Whyte and Derek Chisora meet again after more than two years since their first fight.