Live Updates: Joseph Parker vs Alexander 'The Great' Flores


Joseph Parker and Alexander Flores at the weigh-in
Joseph Parker and Alexander Flores at the weigh-in Photo credit: Image: Photosport

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That's all from me, fight wrap coming soon. 

It was a five or six punch combo which ended it. A big left hand finished the fight resulting in Flores' hitting the deck. 

It's over!! He went for the body early and it paid off, with a big knock-out in the third round. Parker wins by KO. Flores is not happy!! 

Round 3: Parker working the body and landing a shot to the head. Parker missing with jabs but is really working the body of Flores. 

Flores thought Parker hit him below the belt and hesitated, and knocks Flores to the ground. six count. Flores complaining.

Its over!!!! A big right hand from Parker earns him a third round knock-out. 

Round 2: Big hooks from Parker as he lands some big body shots and some power punches to the head, Flores hits him straight back. 

It looks like Parker will need to work the body to break the American down. 

Parker swinging and Flores is taking it. Nothing big landed yet. 

Newshub Score: 10-9 Parker, 20-18 

Round 1: Ding Ding!! We are on

A cautious start from both fighters. Flores and parker both land a quick jab. 

Flores trying to make the most of his reach advantage. Parker getting the better of the starts. 

Good exchange from both guys to end the round, Parker's round just. Newshub Score: 10-9 Parker 

Now Parker, coming out to Can't be touched!! 

Here come the fighters, first to come out is Alexander Flores.

USA national anthem is being sung at the moment, then we will have the NZ and Samoa anthems. 

Flores has promised a KO, lets see what he can produce. 

Up next is the main event: Joseph Parker, NZ 24-2 (18KO) vs Alexander Flores, USA 17-1-1 (15KO)

"I'll leave that up to my team, I am keen to fight him anytime he wants." is what Fa had to say about a fight with Parker. 

It's over, an absolute one-sided affair!! That's a statement to Joseph Parker, A first round KO for Junior Fa. 

Junior Fa comes straight for blood, and drops Rossi to a seven count. 

Here we go, Junior Fa will be looking to go 16-0 here. Round one underway right now!! 

Junior Fa is now ranked above Parker in the WBO rankings. 

Next up: Junior Fa, NZ  15-0 (8KO) vs Rogelio Omar Rossi, ARG 20-6-1 (13KO) for the WBO Interim Oriental Heavyweight title

We are close now, one more fight then we will be onto the Parker vs Flores fight. 

It's over, seconds after the drop the ref calls the fight and gives Bowyn Morgan the TKO win. 

Morgan drops Singh in the third round but he gets up, but for how long for? 

Next up: Bowyn Morgan, NZ 18-1 (8KO) vs  Sebastian "Sniper" Singh, Fiji 11-2-1 (7KO)

It almost came out of nowhere, a big series of punches, and the ref calls a stop in the second round. 

It's all over!!! David Light with the knock-out 

Next up: David Light, NZ 10-0 (7KO) vs Lance Bryant, NZ 12-4 (5KO)

The former NRL man hit two uppercuts and a right hook in a deadly combo to drop the Butterbean to take the first round win. 

It's over!!!!! Manu Vatuvei with a first round stoppage. 

Here we go!! 

Next up is David ‘Brown Butterbean’ Letele, NZ vs Manu Vatuvei, NZ (pro debut)

60-53, 60-54, 59-54 Unanimous decision win goes to Andrei Mikhoilovich on his 21st birthday. Very impressive. 

Mikhoilovich drops Taihia late in the final round but Taihia gets up, should be a routine win here for Mikhoilovich. We now go to the judges.

Heading into the final round and you'd think Taihia would need a KO to win this. 

Mikhoilovich continues to hook Taihia in the body and he landed a nasty punch to the temple too.

Mikhoilovich slightly ahead after the first two rounds, still anyones fight. Start of the third. 

And we are underway in the third fight of the night. 

The next fight will be Andrei Mikhoilovich, NZ 6-0 (4KO) vs  Adrian Taihia, NZ 15-4-2 (7KO).

58-56, 57-57, 58-56 by majority decision the winner is Michaela Jenkins. 

Wow!! Six high quality rounds from the two women, we go to the judges for a decision. 

It's relentless from these two women. Both taking turns at landing big hard shots 

This is swing after swing as both fighters are going for broke in the middle of the ring. 

6x2 minute rounds for the NZ Women's Welterweight Championship. Lets go!

Next up, Megyn McLennan, NZ vs Michaela Jenkins (NZ Muay Thai Champion)

Watts wins! Unanimous decision all judges had it 36-40. 

Watts looks as if he should win it, dominating the fight throughout. 

Four rounds in the books and we will go to the judges to see the winner of the first fight. 

First fight of the night is about to get underway. Sam Watts vs Alistair Boyd

Joseph Parker (24-2)  finds himself fighting at home for the first time in 18 months. This time he's taking on Mexican American heavyweight Alexander Flores (17-1). It's a must win fight for the Kiwi if he wants to be recognised among the best, which is where he was at the start of the year. 

Parker is coming off the back of two losses, to Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte and will be looking to get back to winning ways over Flores.

Flores is flying high after two first round knockouts from his last two fights. 

Parker comes into this fight the heavy favourite paying $1.03 to win with Flores at $10.


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