Live Updates: UFC Fight Night Adelaide - Mark Hunt and Kai Kara-France

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Thanks for joining me today - it's been fun. Great result for Kai Kara-France but that was about as good as it got for Australasian fighters with only Jimmy Crute coming out on the winning side. That's the end of Mark Hunt's UFC stint - big money fights await that man in Asia I would predict.

UFC Fight Night Adelaide: Tai Tuivasa vs Junior dos Santos 

Dos Santos defeats Tuivasa by TKO [Strikes] - Round 2.

Here we go folks - the Main Event. JDS looking to get back in the title hunt  with a win over one of the most exciting prospects in the heavyweight division in Tai Tuivasa.

FYI Wilder vs Furu ended in a draw. #rigged.

Round 1: Referee Herb Dean gets s underway for the Main Event. Tuivasa charges JDS but the Brazilian gets out of the way. JDS working the jab but nice leg kick body punch combo from Tuivasa. Big overhand right from JDS misses - Tuivasa really pushing the pace but JDS looks calm on his back foot. Short right from JDS lands and then he lands a nice left but Tuivasa is there with an elbow. Spinning back kick from JDS doesn't land. Huge uppecut from JDS but Tai shakes it off -big leg kick from Tai has JDS in trouble - huge welt on his calf - the round ends with a limping JDS walking back to his stool. Close round. Newshub score: Tuivasa 10-9 but it could go either way.

Round 2: Tuivasa lands a huge overhand on JDS - he is whinging big punches. JDS on the back foot and struggling on that lead leg. JDS replies with a nice leg kick himself but Tuivasa really pressing the fight. JDS lands a big right and then left hook and Tuivasa is down, JDS jumps on top and into mount - big trouble gere for Tai - massive punches from JDS on trop and Herb Dean stops the fight. Great fight - Tuivasa looked great but got over excited on the feet and JDS landed pin point strikes to to turb the fight. 

6:36pm - Final fight of the afternoon coming up. Heavyweight shodown between Tai Tuivasa and Junior dos Santos.

UFC Fight Night Adelaide: Tyson Pedro vs Shogun Rua

Shogun defeats Pedro by TKO [Strikes and injury] - Round 3.

Big light heavyweight fight coming up here. The great Shogun Rua is looking to rebound from a KO loss last time out against Anthony Smith. The former light heavyweight champion had been on a three-fight win streak so it scrapped his title run. Shogun is 9-9 in the UFC and 3-3 in his last six. Australian Pedro is 7-2 inside the UFC cage but lost last time out against Ovince Saint Preux. Pedro has heavy hands and a very good submission game but they may not be needed today - This should stay on the feet.

Round 1: Fighters touch gloves and we are underway. Shogun straight into his trademark stalking stance. Pedro on his heels but looking calm. Pedro clips Shogun with a left hook - has the Brazilian backing up - Shohun lands a right of his own - both guys rocked there. Back to teh centre after that breif explosion. Hard leg kick from Shogun and a big overhand right then a straight right but Pedro replies with a huge right of himself and Shogun is in trouble. Big uppercut from Pedro and Shogun is down but straight back up. Shogun replies with a nice left that has Pedro on his heels. They clinch and Shogun attempts a takedown but it's not there. Pedro doing a good job defending - Shogun gets the takedown right at the end. Awesome round. Newshub score: Pedro 10-9.

Round 2: Back to the centre they go. Shogun lands a big right to start the frame - Pedro backing up and he clinches the Brazilian. Shogun has a bodylock on Pedro and gets the fight to the canvas and in side-control. Rua looking to rest a bit on top - hanging out in side-control. Rua lands some nice elbows but again seems happy with this spot. Pedro asking for a stand up from the referee but not at this point. Shogun gets Pedro's back but the fighters are up - Shogun pressing Pedro against the fence and secures another takedown - back to side-control for Shogun - dominant round comes to an end for Shogun. Newshub score: Shogun 10-8.

Round 3: Final round and the fighters touch gloves. Pedro needs a big round here to pull this back. Shogun lands a huge overhand and Pedro is down - big punches and the fight is over. Pedro may have suffered a broken ankle in all of that. Big win for Shogun Rua.

UFC Fight Night Adelaide: Mark Hunt vs Justin Willis 

Willis defeats Hunt by unanimous decision [29-28 on all three scorecards].

The 'Super Samoan's' final UFC fight after a near nine-year stint. Willis is a highly touted heavyweight prospect who is 7-1 with seven straight wins. Hunt fights in the UFC for the 18th time today with eight wins, one draw and one no contest.

Round 1: We are underway - expect a wrestling heavy gameplan from Willis. The American throws a sloppy head kick to start which is counted with a vicious leg kick from Hunt. Hunt is bleeding from his shin after landing a couple of kicks - he then lands another big body kick. The big Kiwi lands another huge body kick but Willis doesn't seem to fussed. Hunt stalking a little - Willis a bit shy with his hands. Body kick from Hunt again is there with 40 seconds on the clock. Hunt looking for that big right but Willis avoids danger. Round ends. Newshub score: Hunt 10-9.

Round 2: Willis may need to get a little more active in this second frame. Willis starts with a jab and body kick that both land. Willis looking for the big left but Hunt avoids nicely. Hunt walking him down but Willis staying out of range. Not much output from Hunt - he can't get close at this stage. Willis not doing much either but winning the round. Nice lead left hook from Willis lands - Hunt not phased but he can't get any offence off. Hunt lands a body punch then a body kick. Willis just doing enough to win the round for me - not enough offence here from the 'Super Samoan' as the round ends. Newshub score: Willis 10-9.

Round 3: Final round of Mark Hunt's UFC stint coming up. Not much action so far. Willis throws a nice left that lands on Hunt's shoulder - Hunt replies with a right to the body. Head kick lands for Willis but Hunt is fine - Hunt struggling with his right foot which is probably broken after that first round foot to shine kick. Hunt throws a big right but it's way off the mark - Willis point fighting very nicely. Hunt stalking but not throwing. Nice uppercut from Willis has Hunt wincing - the big fella looks tired. Hunt throws a big left but Willis isn't there. Hunt is frustrated. Willis landing well with left jabs - Hunt looks dejected - he throws a kick but Willis defends well - Hunt stalks but throws nothing as the fight comes to an end. Dissapointing. Newshub score: Willis 10-9 and the fight. 

UFC Fight Night Adelaide: Jake Matthews vs Tony Martin 

Martin defeats Matthews by Technical Submission [Darce] - Round 3.

Matthews is riding a three-fight win streak as a welterweight after a 4-3 UFC run as a lightweight. Martin is a genuine prospect at 170 bringing a 6-4 UFC record to the cage, including wins over Ryan LeFlare and Johnny Case. martin is 5-1 in his last six fights.

Round 1: Matthews looks to be the slightly bigger fighter - both guys former 155'rs. Matthews looking for an overhand but it's not there - Martin pressing but he needs to be aware of the Australian lads power. Huge leg kick from Martin has Matthews in pain but he throws a left hook to the body in reply. Martin pushing the pace but looking to counter at the same time. Matthews a little hesitent but he lands a nice lead left, overhand right and leg kick - Matthews rocked by a right from Martin but boom! Martin dropped by a huge shot from Matthews - he jumps on Martin's neck and is looking for the choke but Martin recovers and is now on top. Matthews reverses the position and ends the round on top. Great first round. Newshub score: Matthews 10-9.

Round 2: Both guys cautious to begin the second frame after that crazy finish to the first. Matthews lands a nice overhand right and then another followed by a flying knee but Martinn hangs in there.Nice body kick from Martin follwed by a one-two combo and head kick. Matthews looks to reply but Martin isn't there. Two leg kicks from Martin has Matthews limping a bit - huge welt on his calf. Martin winning the round with 90 seconds to go. Round ends with Matthews pressing but not much is there for him. Newshub score: Martin 10-9.

Round 3: Most likely 1-1 as we head into the final five-minutes. Martin takes the centre again pushing Matthews back. Matthews searches for a takedown but it's not there - Darce Choke locked in by Martin and Matthews looks out - yep - referee check and Matthews is limp. Huge win for Tony Martin.

5pm: Okay so we have four fights left on the main card. Jake Matthews next up against Tony Martin. Mark Hunt then enters the Octagon for the final time against Justin Willis. the co-main sees Mauricio Shogun Rua fight Australian Tyson Pedro before former heavyweght champion Junior dos Santos takes on Tai Tuivasa.

UFC Fight Night Adelaide: Suman Mokhtarian vs Sodiq Yusuff

Sodiq Yusuff defetaed Suman Mokhtarian by TKO [Strikes] - Round 1

Mokhtarian is the brother of Kai Kara-France's original opponent Ashkan. Together the brothers run Australian Top Team in Adelaide - Suman had a stint in the TUF house earlier this year in the DC vs Miocic season. Suman is 9-0 in MMA while Yusuff is 7-1 in MMA and earned his way to the UFC through the Contender Series.

Round 1: This featherweight fight is underway. Suman looks for the clinch early and gets Yusuff against the fence but Yussif pummels and gets the better of the position. Yusuff thorwing some serious heat in his hands and he nails Suman with a  huge right and Suman is in trouble ahainst the fence, Yusuff winging some massive combos, Suman is covering up but the referee steps in and the fight is over. Early stoppage? Probably but Yusuff's power looked like a difference maker.

4.38pm - That was an excellent performance from young Australian Jimmy Crute - he found himself in some bad spots but remained calm and earned a deserved submission win.

UFC Fight Night Adelaide: Paul Craig vs Jim Crute 

Crute defeats Craig by submission [Kimura] - Round 3

Don't know too much about Crute - he earned his contract through Dana White's Contenders Series. Scotsman Craig has heavy hands and some a decent ground game although he has been knocked out twice. Craig is 2-2 in the UFC with a career record of 10-2, Crute is undefeated in MMA with a record of 8-0 including five first round stoppages.

Round 1: The two light heavyweights are ready to go and we are underway. Crute looking to establish a leg kick early but Craig replies. Craig shoots and gets the fight to the ground fairly easy. Crute looking for a choke but it's not there and Craig gets to half guard. Nice work from Crute and he reverses the position earning top control. Crute stands up and says 'lets bang bro', Crute with a big right but Craig avoids - they go to the ground with Crute on top and he has locked in an arm-triangle - it's deep but Crute gives it up - not wanting to blow his arms up early. Crute on top in half guard. They are back up and Crute is nailed by a spinning back kick to the head - he gets Craig to the ground and is looking for a kimura - it's not there as the round ends. Newshub score: Crute 10-9.

Round 2: Body kick from Craig to begin the second round action. Craig shoots early and secures another takedown. Craig controlling Crute nicely from the top but not doing much damage - referee is getting a little edgy and asks Craog for more work from the top. That creates an opening for Crute and we are back to the feet. Craig shoots but Crute sprawls and he has Craig's back. Crute looks to stand but Craig is right there searching for the takedown and earns it. Crute stalling for a takedown but Craig working hard on top. Crute throws up an armbar and earns position - back to the feet and Craig shoots again but reversed by Crute and he ends the round huntin a submission but it's not there. Newshub score: Craig 10-9 but it could go either way.

Round 3: Craig looking for a takedown to start the round but Crute's sprawls and gets top position. Crute doing well on top and is looking for that arm-triangle again - it's deep, very deep and Craig is in trouble. Crute can't quite get the position he wants but he's still holding on - he switches to mount with 90 seconds on the clock. Crute landing a few shots from the top - an explosion of energy should get a finish here but both guys are gassed. Crute goes back to the kimura and Craog taps with 10 seconds on the clock! Nice!

4:08pm: Main Card about to get underway with six great fights including the final UFC fight for 'The Super Samoan' Mark Hunt.

Kai Kara-France after scoring his debut UFC win.
Kai Kara-France after scoring his debut UFC win. Photo credit: Getty

UFC Fight Night Prelim: Yushin Okami vs Alexey Kunchenko

Kunchenko defeats Okami by unaninous decision [30-27,30-26,30-26]

Okami has been around for quite some time, making his UFC debut in 2006. Okami earned a middleweight title fight against Anderson Silva in 2011 but was finished early. Okami is looking to re-invent himself as a welterweight. Kunchenko is undefeated as a professional at 10-0 winning his UFC debut against former title contender Thiago Alves. This is a classic grappler v striker contest with Okami playing the role as wrestler.

Round 1: Underway in the feature prelim. Okami looks huge at 170 - insane he can cut that weight. Early shot from Okami but nice sprawl from the Russian and we are back to the centre. Nice low kick from Kunchenko folowed by an overhand right backing Okami back a bit - Kunchenko looks powerful. Okami searching with his jab and he kands a nice right off of it. Okami shoots again and pushed the fight to the fence with a minute on the clock. Referee seperates the fighters due to lack of action in the clinch. Fighters exchange at range to end the round with Kunchenko landing a nice body kick. Newshub score: Kunchenko 10-9.

Round 2: Okami almost gets a takedown to start the round but great sprawl from Kunchenko and he gets the fight back to the feet. Okami looking a little shy on the feet as he is nailed by a right and left combo.Okami gets the fight against the cage with his excellent clinch game buy Kunchenko breaks free and we are back to the centre.Okami shoots again but the takedown is not there - he forces Kinchenko back to the fence but the Russians takedown defence is insane. Nice uppercut from Kunchenko hurts Okami who is looking gassed - Kunchenko in complete control as he lands another nice shovel jab. The round ends with Kunchenko dropping Okami with a left but he can't follow up. Newshub score: Kunchenko 10-8.

Round 3: The final frame is here with Okami needing a finish. Nice head kick from the Russian to start the round.Kunchenko rocks Okami with a big overhand leading to a shot from Okami - nice sprawl from Kunchenko but Okami has a body lock but he can't get the fight to the ground. Another nice head kick from the Russian followed by a body kick - so smooth - Okami shoots but the sprawl is there again from Kunchenko who is back to the feet. Okami on his back and Kunchenko landing some huge leg kicks on a downed Okami. Back to the feet with 90 seconds on the clock. Okami has no answer to Kunchenko - massive gap in class here - Kunchenko lands a another nice high kick, followed by a spinning back-fist as the fight comes to an end. Newshub score: Kunchenko 10-8 and the fight.

UFC Fight Night Prelim: Wilson Reis vs Ben Nguyen 

Reis defeats Nguyen by unanimous decision [30-27 on all three scorecards]

This has fight of the night written all over it. Australian Nguyen is 4-2 in the UFC with a career best win over Tim Elliott last June. Reis challenged for the flyweight title in April 2017 off the back of a three-fight win streak but hasn't won since, losing to Demetrious Johnson, Henry Cejudo and John Moraga.

Round 1: Referee for this one is the great Herb Dean. Nguyen takes the centre of the cage to begin. Reis shadow boxing. Nguyen lands a nice right leg body kick. Reis on the hunt for a takedown and eventually lands it but the Australian opos back up but is straight back down again as Reis looks to take the back. Nguyen defends well and the fighters are back up with the Brazilian pressing Nguyen against the cage. Nguyen doing a good job as the fighters seperate - landing some nice kicks but Reis drags him to the ground again with 30 seconds remaining. Newshub score: Reis 10-9.

Round 2: Reis pushes for and gets a takedown to begin the round. Nguyen back to his feet but he is stuggling to shake off the Brazilian's pressure. Nguyen is landing but Reis is right in his face and looks for another takedown. This is what pressure fighting is all about. Nguyen recovers well and they are back standing with Reis right back to the pressure game. The Australian just can't stop this forward pressure from Reis as he scores yet another takedown. Much of the same to end the frame. Newshub score: Reis 10-9.

Round 3: Nice counter punch by Nguyen - his best strike of the fight backs Reis up for just a moment. Reis looking to strike a bit more this round given his probable lead on the scorecards. Nguyen not doing enough at this point. Nguyen lands a nice knee to the skull of Reis but the Brazilian walks through it and gets a takedown - that's his eight of the fight. Nguyen back uo though and breaks free. Nguyen dodges a takedown attempt and lands a nice counter left - Reis getting tired. Nguyen is landing here but the Brazilian is hanging in there as the fight comes to an end. Newshub score: Nguyen 10-9 but Reis wins the fight.


UFC Fight Night Prelims: Keita Nakamura vs Salim Touahri 

Nakamura defeats Touahri via split decision [30-27,29-28,28-29]

Nakamura is a vet with 44 career fights. He has a UFC record of 3-6, losing his last fight against Tony Martin. Touahri is 10-2 on his career but lost his UFC debut - he has seven stoppages in his 10 wins.

Round 1: Jim Perdios is the referee for this one. Nakamura pushing forward to begin. Touahri looking to counter but so is Nakamura so not much happening. A couple nice leg kicks for Touahri. Both guys look intent on this counter gameplan which isn't making for much of a fight. Touahri lands a nice knee in the clinch and a nice counter left. Round comes to an end. Newshub score: Touahri 10-9.

Round 2: Touahri is looking aggressive to start the second frame. Nakamura shoots but good sprawl from Touahri keeps the fight on the feet. Nakamura lands a huge right counter hook and floor Touahri - he is straight back up though and forces the fight to the fence. Nakamura pushing forward - he is a lot more active in this round. Two minutes on the clock as Nakamura lands another nice left counter. Touahri lands a nice counter right - his best punch of the fight. Nakamura still pressing though and winning the round so far. Much of the same to close the frame. Newshub score: Nakamura 10-9.

Round 3: All to play for in the final five minutes. Nakamura again pressing the action to begin as he lands a nice left body kick and overhand right. Nakamura shoots but Touahri foghts him off. Nice left low kick from Nakamura has Touahri wincing in agony - and he follows that with a counter right hook. Great sprawl from Touahri prevents Nakamura from getting the fight to the canvas. Nakamura has his opponent on his heels. Touahri lands a nice knee in the clinch - the fighters seperate and Nakamura is back on the front foot. Not a lot happening now as Nakamura looks to see out a probable win. Touahri pushing but he can't land enything. Newshub score: Nakamura 10-9 and the fight.

2:32pm - A truly dominant win for Kai Kara-France in his UFC debut. His scramble game on the ground was simply outstanding and to escape that armbar when he looked done shows he has guts. The best is yet to come for 'Don't Blink'.

UFC Fight Night Prelim: Kai Kara-France vs Elias Garcia

Kara-France defeats Garcia by unanimous decision [30-25,30-25,30-26]

Elias Garcia is 6-1 in MMA with his sole UFC appearence being a loss. Kai's 17-7 and comes with heavy heavy hands. he is a best at this weight class and if the fight stays standing it could be a long night for Garcia.

Round 1: Four inch each advantage for Garcia - long arms on the Mexican. We are underway with Kai defending a takedown. Scramble ends with Kai on top after Garcia went for a leg lock. Garcia looks to be a wizard on the mat. Kai doing a good job on top - lands a couple nice elbows - Garcia looks for an armbar but Kai escapes and we are back on the feet. Kai pushing forward and landing but Garcia drops him with a big left. Kai is back to his feet and he drops Garcia with an uppercut - he falls into Garcia's gurad with 90 seconds on the clock. Kai landing heavy shots from the top and he takes Garcia's back with 40 seconds on the clock. Garcia does a great job to escape but Kai is unleashing from the top to end the round and steal it. Newshub score: Kara-France 10-9.

Round 2: Garcia throwing to start the round - misses a couple of headkicks - Kai rocks Garcia with a heavy left and Garcia is on his heels. Throws Garcia to the ground and gets on top but Garcia has looked in a triangle - Kai trying to defend - arm bar for Garcia - it's deep but Kai escapes! Wow! Kai back on top. That was seconds away from the end of the fight. Great sub defence from Kai - he has Garcia against the cage and landing some nice shots but Garcia still looking for submissions - Kai hammering him from the top and Garcia is covering up with 90 seconds on the clock. Garcia in trouble - Kai landing big big shots and he knows has the back again. Kai ends the round in control. Big round for the Kiwi despite the near finish for Garcia. Newshub score: Kara-France 10-8.

Round 3: Last round begins - Kai searching with his jab and he looks fresh. Good sign. Nice leg kick from Kai as Garcia shoots a single and gets Kai to the canvas but Kai switches and gets to the feet. Kai lands a huge left hook but Garcia has a chin on him. Big right from Kai and he floors him with the follow up. Garcia throws up another armbar but he doesn't have it. Kai escapes and we are back to the centre. Another big left from Kai and Garcia is desperate - he shoots an awful single and Kai has his back. Kai looking for a choke here but Garcia is tricky on the ground - Garcia switches but Kai is showing his ground game, he switches back on Garcia and regains top control. Kai landing huge shots from the top as the round closes. Kai Kara France - welcome to the UFC!. Newshub score: Kara-France 10-8 and the fight.

2:02pm - Okay Kiwi Kai Kara-France minutes away from his official UFC debut after a  stint on the Ultimate Fighter two years ago. It hasn't been without a setback -  Kara-France getting a new opponent just a week ago after Ashkan Mokhtarian withdrew with injury. 

UFC Fight Night Prelim: Mizuto Hirota vs Christos Giagos

Giagos defeats Hirota by unanimous decision [29-28,30-28,30-27]

Another lightweight clash coming up. Hirota is a veteran with 29 career fights - his UFC record is 4-4-1 with two stoppage wins. He lost to Ross Pearson in a great fight last time out. Giagos is 15-7 on his career with a  UFC record of 1-3, losing to submission wizard Charle Oliveira in his last fight.

Round 1: The referee for this one is Steve Perceval he gets a few boos from the crowd lol. Slow start with both guys searching for range through the first minute #ShadowBoxing. Giagos lands a huge right on the chin of Hirota who was pushing forward - flying knee lands for Giagos against the fence but Hirota has recovered. Takedown landed for Giagos against the fence and he has top position with three-minutes on the clock. Hirota has a guillotine sunk in but Giagis gets his head out - that looked pretty deep. Giagos in control on top. Hirota rocks Giagos with a huge up-kick - wow! Giagos recovers quickly and they finish exchanging a few punches in the middle of the cage. Newshub score: Giagos 10-9.

Round 2: That late blow from Hirota may have saved him from a 10-8. Hirota pressuring to start the round but Giagos lands a sweet double-leg to get the fight back to the canvas. Giagos working hard on top but can't pass the guard of Hirota as we reach the halfway mark of the round. Hirota back up but pulled straight back down by Giagos who is dominating this fight. Round ends with Giagos looking for a front choke but Hirota escapes to his feet and they eschange some heavy shots. Newshub score: Giagos 10-8

Round 3: Kai Kara-France is up next guys. We begin the final round with Hirota needing a stoppage to get this one. He looks to pressure Giagos - who looks a little spent but Hirota isn't landing anything as Giagos changes levels and forces him to the ground - but a lovely switch from Hirota gets him top position and side-control. Giagos with a reverse himself and he is back in the guard of Hirota. Big knee from the clinch for Hirota and Giagos looks hurt - he is out of gas as Hirota looks to unleash. Giagos uis desperate to get this fight to the ground and he forces Horota back to the vfebce with 30 second left. Hirota gets Giagos' back and know the full mount but he can't put Giagos away and the siren sounds. Newshub score: Horota 10-9 but the fight 29-27 for Giagos.

UFC Fight Night Prelim: Alex Gorgees vs Damir Ismagulov 

Ismagulov defeats Gorgees by unanimious decison [30-25, 30-25, 30-26]

Don't know too much about either of these lightweight fighters both of whom are making their UFC debut. Ismagulov is 16-2 with 10 stoppages while Gorgees is 7-0, fighting out of Sydney Australia. Ismagulov hasn't lost in three-years and has trained in the past with the great Fedor Emelianenko. 

Round 1: Referee Neil Swails gets us underway in Adelaide for this three-round lightweight fight. Damir establishing a nice leg kick out of the gate and is landing some heavy right hands. Gorgees looks a little rocked but recovers - Damir nails a well-timed double-leg to get the fight to the canvas at the halfway mark of the round. Gorgees gets to his feet fairly quickly but Damir shoots immediatley again and puts the Australian against the cage - stalemate against the fence at with 60 seconds on the clock. The round finishes in the middle of the cage. Damir looks a class above to be honest - the Australian looks a little sloppy. Newshub score: 10-9 Ismagulov.

Round 2: Quick right hand from Damir to begin the round - nice scramble from Gorgees as Damir shoots to no avail. Damir winning the rabge battle as his pressure is proving too much for Gorgees. Another takedown for Damir with three-minutes left in the round. Damir applying pressure from top position but not really doing too much damage at the stage in Gorgees half guard. Gorgees kicks Damir off as he the Russian searches for side-control but Damir back on top - landing a couple heavy rights. Round ends with Damir on top and in complete control of the fight. Newshub score: 10-9 Ismagulov.

Round 3: Final frame opens with some jumping attackes from the Russian - he is having fun mocking the Australian somewhat. the takedown is there again for Damir and but as he pressures Gorgees back to the cage. Fighters pressed against the fence but Gorgees breaks free - as I write that Damir gets the fight back to the canvas.Gorgees has no answer for the Russian's top game - total control from half guard, Damir is landing enough to keep the fight on the ground. Gorgees back up with 30 seconds on the clock but he can't create any offence and that is an easy days work for Damir. Newshub score: 10-8 Ismagulov.


1:02pm - Not too far away from a start in Adelaide. The opener is scheduled for 1:10pm.

12:53pm - There was a bit of an incident backstage after the weigh-ins yesterday between Mark Hunt and his American opponent Justin Willis - the pair were involved in a shoving match instigated by Willis. Hunt has zero history of any pre-fight issues like that so not sure what Willis was trying to prove #scared?

12:40pm - A few really good fights on the card today. Tuivasa vs Dos Santos should be a standup war - Tuivasa is on the brink of superstardom - a win against JDS will propel 'Bam Bam' to that next level. Shogun is one of my favourite fighters but Tyson Pedro is no joke. Both guys coming off a loss so plenty on the line.

12:35pm - Hey folks, hope everyone is having a great Sunday. Kai Kara-France is set to go just after 2pm with Mark Hunt scheduled around 5:30pm.  Prelim coverage will commence from 1pm.


Welcome to live coverage of UFC Fight night Adelaide featuring the final 'Octagon' appearance of Mark Hunt and the debut of Kiwi flyweight Kai Kara-France.

Live Updates: UFC Fight Night Adelaide - Mark Hunt and Kai Kara-France

The card is headlined by former UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos and Tai Tuivasa with a feature light heavyweight clash between Australian Tyson Pedro and the legendary Mauricio Shogun Rua.

Hunt fight American wrestler Justin Willis in his final UFC outing while Kara-France fights Elias Garcia, a late notice replacement after the Aucklander's original opponent Ashkan Mokhtarian pulled out last week.