Motorsport: Formula E set for Kiwi invasion?

Formula E is quickly becoming the destination of choice for some of the country's top drivers.

Mitch Evans flies the flag for Jaguar and he could soon be joined by his brother.

Simon Evans had a standout weekend in the opening race of Formula E's support series - Jaguar's I-Pace E-Trophy. Starting from pole position, he led from start to finish, surprising himself and his competitors.

"Probably a lot of them thought I was there because I'm Mitch's brother, so to see when I was fastest in practice, they sort of realised I can actually steer a car OK." Simon Evans told Newshub.

Younger brother Mitch was there to share in his glory, placing fourth in Formula E's debut race of the season.

Racing together on the same weekend brought back memories of when they used to do it as kids.

"To have us both on a global motorsport stage is very special" Mitch Evans told Newshub.

"It was pretty cool to jump straight out of the race car and support my brother, and do his thing" Simon added.

But that family support could soon change to a sibling rivalry.

If Simon wins the E-Trophy Series. he'll earn a test drive with Jaguar at season's end, which could lead to a full-time Formula E drive.

"Maybe if we're competing against each other, it might be a little different, but who knows, maybe that could happen in the future." Mitch said.

The Evans brothers aren't the only Kiwis who could end up on the grid in the near future. Former Formula One driver Brendon Hartley's been linked to drive with the Porsche team next year.

Mitch Evans confirmed to Newshub that he had spoken to Hartley in recent weeks, but remained tight-lipped on what they discussed.

"Before he got to Formula One, he did a test day with another team, so he knows where the championship's going."

So while Formula E features just one Kiwi driver at the moment, the door's not closed for others to follow.