NBA: Steven Adams promotes smashing steaks in beef commercial

Kiwi basketballer Steven Adams' love of beef has earned him an endorsement with the Oklahoma Beef Council, becoming an ambassador for the non-profit organisation.

On Sunday (NZ time), the Oklahoma Beef Council released a commercial for its latest campaign, where Adams, who plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA, talks about beef and his life growing up on the farm.

The campaign uses the slogan: "Be like Steven Adams #SmashSteaks".

The commercial shows the 25-year-old seven-footer (2.13m) sitting on the back of a ute, talking about beef.

"Mate, I eat beef all the time," Adams says. "I smash steaks, y'know?

"All the bloody time, mate. I just smash them because they taste really good."

In a question-and-answer on the Oklahoma Beef Council website, Adams reveals which steak he loves to smash in particular.

"It's the tomahawk [rib eye] steak," he said. "It can feed a family of four or maybe eight, but I smash the whole thing.

"It is [an] important [part of my diet], because I love beef and I know it's probably good for me, but I eat it because it tastes good.

"I am no Gordon Ramsay, but I know my way around a BBQ."

Adams also spent a day with Oklahoma farmers to learn more about where the steaks in the area come from.

"The opportunity I had to spend the day with Oklahoma's farmers and ranchers was incredible. It was very hot that day, but everyone was a good sport.

"I get paid to defend the goal, and make a bucket or two, but they're working through inclement weather, weekends and holidays to ensure I have a good steak." 

Last month, Adams featured in a Budweiser campaign, promoting responsible alcohol consumption during the Christmas period.


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