British teenager Charlie Condell on cycling journey of lifetime

Waking up at four o'clock every morning and biking one hundred and sixty kilometres a day isn't everyone's idea of fun.

But one English cyclist is doing just that as part of a record attempt, that's taken him from Bristol to New Zealand.

18-year old Charlie Condell is on a mission, after a spur of the moment decision.

"I was going to school one morning on my bike as usual, I always cycle in, and yeah figured I could keep going," he told Newshub.

And that's exactly what he's done.

"I'm trying to do 18,000 miles, about thirty thousand kilometres, by cycling."

It's part of the Clifton teenager's attempt to become the youngest person to bike around the world, as he looks to edge out a 19-year-old who achieved the same feat.

His friends and family weren’t convinced after he told them about his plans.

"Oh they said I'm a madman," he laughed.

He's poured his life savings into the journey, which has seen him tackle the French Alps, and the streets of India.  

"Everyone at school thought I was going to die, but I've survived this far."

Condell had to skip going to Pakistan after a series of suicide bombs, and he also dodged a big earthquake overseas.

Plus his trusty transport, nicknamed Colin, was stolen in Australia. 

"My bike getting nicked wasn't ideal, and Serbia chucked up some challenges. There's always the rain and the weather, but you get through that, that's never the hard bit, the hard bit is pushing on."

The journey’s helped him grow up as a person.

"I'd never really been away from home that much before this so it chucks you in the deep end. You learn the basic things, how to survive, it teaches you to make your own decisions."

Along the way, he's also been fortunate enough to witness some of the best of humanity.

"I was hoping people would be kind, but you realise that everyone wants to help you. It's something of a unique thing I think I'm doing, and so everyone wants to get in and show you kindness."

Condell's got around 10,000 kilometres to go, with his next stopover in San Francisco.

He's hoping to arrive back in England in March for his birthday, but it's unlikely he'll receive a present as eye-opening as the one he's been living out.