Cristiano Ronaldo slammed for 'classless' tweet as fellow footballer's plane remains missing

  • 23/01/2019

Cristiano Ronaldo has faced a barrage of criticism after posting an ill-timed tweet in the wake of news that fellow footballer Emiliano Sala is missing, presumed dead.

Ronaldo posted a picture of himself sitting in a plane, with a series of emojis including a smiling face.

The photo was deemed poor timing by many, as the plane new Cardiff City signing Sala was travelling in disappeared over the English Channel, reports 7 News.

The search for the plane was called off on Tuesday, and police say the likelihood of his survival is "slim", if the plane landed on water.

"Sadly, we are fearing the worst... the sea temperature is so cold at the moment," chief officer of Channel Islands Air Search told AFP.

Mr Ronaldo has faced scathing criticism from Twitter users. English football legend Gary Lineker weighed in on the controversy, saying: "Not the day for this tweet. It really isn't."

Other users flooded Ronaldo's post with criticisms, "classless" an "imbecile" and a "douchebag."

"Is he really THIS self-absorbed?" wrote one woman "Not great timing. Open a news app from time to time maybe."


"Why am I not even surprised by this picture? Lack of class. Sums you up," wrote another.

The selfie post directly follows Ronaldo being court-ordered to pay 3.7 million euros for tax fraud. Judging by the wide smile, the multi-million-dollar pay-out hasn't phased him too much.