Cycling: Incoming New Zealand sprint coach Rene Wolff wiping slate clean

Cycling New Zealand's latest sprint coach Rene Wolff is confident a toxic culture no longer exists at the organisation.

The departure of Anthony Peden following allegations of bullying capped off a tumultuous twelve months in the velodrome.

But Wolff is already looking to the future.

"All we did was an analysis of the situation and moved on from there so I don't see any issues from the past," he told Newshub.

The German took over in September, after a highly-successful stint with the Netherlands, helping them top the medal table at last year's World Champs.

However, he's inherited a New Zealand programme in need of a culture change, after the departure of Peden.

"We had chats, I know Anthony and we raced together and we respect each other as coaches. It’s good for him to move on to the next step with China."

It's meant Wolff has had to quickly get himself up to speed with Cycling New Zealand.

"I stepped in 18-20 months before the Olympics which is a short amount of time but we have a team capable of winning the Olympics."

He thinks medalling in Tokyo starts with putting his own stamp on the Kiwi programme.

"If everyone's pursuing their goal and doing it in an open and good environment then the team will move forward. That’s what we want to create as athletes and staff, to be open and honest and work together to go forward from here."

His style has been well received by the star men’s sprint trio, of Sam Webster, Eddie Dawkins, and Ethan Mitchell.

"Sam, Eddie and I have known each other for ten plus years now, to be challenged on communication seems at the first part a little bit silly but it's really bought a whole new level of culture and just excitement to what we do," Mitchell said.

And the German's had no problems with his own communication either.

"Being a German I wasn't sure about his sense of humour, but he seems to be pretty funny," Dawkins laughed.

Rene Wolff is ready to lead New Zealand track cycling back to the top, starting with the World Cup event in Cambridge next Friday.