Live Updates: Black Clash - Team Rugby vs Team Cricket

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Team Cricket 168/8 : (Grant Elliot 43, Chris Harris 24no) 

Team Rugby 171/5: J Barrett  / Spice

That's all from me, stay tuned for a match wrap. 

Over 20: Franklin to bowl

Four runs through the leg side and that is it! Barrett wins it with a four. 

Over 19: Mills to bowl

Ten to win.

A dot ball off the first. 

A fantastic shot off the second ball, a late cut past backward point for a boundary four. 

Five to win.

Great running, two off it, three to win. 

One off the last, two to win off the last over. 

Over 18: Smith to bowl: 

Just a single off the first. 

A straight drive off the second but once again, only one. 

A much needed boundary and it comes off a Perry misfield, much needed.

A double off the next ball.

Massive six!! Just what the doctor ordered for team rugby. Massive six. 

Another six! Thats two big sixes. The over they needed.  

Over 17: Mills to bowl

37 off 24 needed 

Still just singles from these two, Needing boundaries soon if they want to win. 

BIG MOMENT, McCullum is gone, he tries to heave Mills square over the boundary but Grant Elliot takes a good catch on the boundary. b Mills c Elliot McCullum 48

Jordie Barrett is the key man now. 

Run rate creaping up, boundary is vital now. 

Over 16: Elliot to bowl

43 runs needed off just 30 balls, it's coming down to the wire. 

Still just singles for the two in the middle. 

Great running from Barrett as he sneaks a single, six off the over. 

Over 15: Aaron Smith to bowl:

McCullum with a single on the off side.

Barrett and McCullum are taking it slow at the moment. Going with singles for the time being. 

Over 14: Elliot to bowl 

A leg bye to start the over.

Barrett with a pull shot high off the bat, but it falls short of the fielder. Single. 

Over 13: Harris to continue

A few leaves from Barrett, finds the gap on the leg side as he scampers through for a single.

A cut from McCullum for a single. 

Over 12:  Elliot to bowl,

Boshier goes big, but not big enough, he is caught on the boundary. 

McCullum comes down the wicket and flicks one into the leg side for two, 

Over 11: Harris to bowl:

Boshier goes big, but doesnt time it, it falls safe. 

McCullum swings and it goes high, just over Franklin's head and goes for four. 

Biggest of the day for Boshier, that is down the ground and huge. 

He goes again, this time its past the fielder at mid-off and runs away for four, great drive. 

This kid can bat. Another huge six to end the over from Boshier, straight over the bowler. 

Over 10: 

A  few singles here and there in this over, if B-MAc can stay in then it should stay close. 

Over 9: Harris to bowl:

A single towards fine leg from Boshier.

McCullum slaps a cut towards the boundary for a single.


Over 8: N McCullum to continue.

SIX! Boshier with a big hit down the gound, fantastic timing. 


Over 7: Chris Harris to bowl: 

Too short, too straight from Harris and McCullum hits him square for four. 

Four more for B-Mac, big time pressure here for the cricketers.

A couple of singles to end a very good over for team Rugby. 

Over 6: N McCullum to bowl

It's brother vs brother here, and it's four more!! Easy little pull shot for B-Mac. 

A single from McCullum to get Barrett back on strike. 

Fantastic timing from Barrett who drives one through the covers for four.

He follows it up with a lofted straight drive for four. 

GONE! Barrett chops one on, a full wide one and its gone back onto the stumps. Barrett b N McCullum 26 

Over 5: Franklin to bowl

Gone! First ball back from Franklin, and Hussey chops one onto his stumps. Hussey b Franklin. 

B-Mac is the new man to the crease. 

Franklin changes t oleft arm spin... maybe it's a weakness. 

Four more, a pull shot from McCullum hits the umpire but still goes for four. 

A single into the leg side from McCullum. 

Four runs from Barrett, he picks up a short ball and hits it for four through the leg side. 

Over 4: Nathan McCullum to bowl.

Four runs of the first ball, a wedge shot from Hussey, and it runs away for four.

Another boundary from Hussey, this time it's six!! Over Cow corner. 

Great cricket from Hussey, gets a single off the next.

A four from  Barrett to finish the over. 

Over 3: Mills to continue.

Barrett mistimes a pull shot for a single. 

A leave from Hussey, and the slips give him some slack.

Drop and run from Hussey. 

Over 2: Franklin to bowl

A little flick from Read into the leg side for a single.

Very defensive early from Barrett. 

A single into the leg side for Barrett. 

Off the mark with his first ball, is Hussey. 

WICKET! Read looks to pull a shortish ball off Franklin but it flies straight to the hands of Mills. Read 2 b Franklin c Mills 2.

Over 1: Kyle Mills to open the bowling: 

A single off the first, Read gets on the back foot and defends the ball into the ground.

Cut away, one run for Read. 

Edged through the slips for four, flies past Stephen Fleming at first slip. 

Just minutes away from the first ball in the second innings! 

Team Rugby have a chance here, needing 169 runs to win. Can they do it? The second innings will start in around 30 minutes. 

Over 20: J Barrett to bowl the last: 

A wide off the first ball.

A six off the second, Chris Harris heaves one over the leg side boundary for six. 

Four wides, horrible ball. 

Another six, this time it's James Franklin who smacks one over cow. 

A leg bye off the last. 

Wicket! The Barrett brothers combine, Franklin goes. b J Barrett c B Barrett.

Over 19: Dagg to bowl: 

Marshall pulls one into the on side for a couple. 

Marshall into the leg side again, looking to go big but can't time anything. 

Wicket! A drive to the deep and it is a fantastic bit of fielding to run out Marshall. run out J Barrett b Dagg. 

A great ball to end the 19th over. A swing and a miss from James Franklin. 

Over 18: J Barrett to bowl

Down the leg side and Franklin helps it on his way. Four more. 

A couple of singles to finish the over. 

Over 17: McCaw to bowl

Harris hits McCaw over the covers for a four on the off side, much needed. 

Aaron Smith heaves a short ball straight to Brendon McCullum and he drops it, denies McCaw of another wicket. 

WICKET! Smith is out, He goes for a heave over the off side and is caught easily by Beauden Barrett. c B Barret b McCaw. 

Over 16: Williams to bowl 

Run rate needs to lift, team Rugby doing a great job to restrict team Cricket to just songles. 

Over 15: Boshier to bowl: 

Harris with a good single, driven into the off side for a quick run. 

A couple of singles through the middle of the over.

And a single into the off side to finish the over. 

Over 14: Ali Williams to bowl: 

An LBW shout first up from Williams, not out is the call. 

A wide off the second ball. 

Smith with a nice drive through the covers for a single, great technique. 

Over 13: Cocksedge to continue: 

She is bowling well here as just the single off the over so far. 

Wicket! A shocker in the middle between the batters. Perry times a lovely drive to the off side and Harris slips coming back for the second, but it is Liz Perry who is run out.

Aaron Smith's first ball is cut away nicely for four. A cracker of a shot to end the over. 

Over 12: Great batting from Elliot as he plays a lovely shot, a scoop type shot for four off Beauden Barrett. 

Wicket!: Grant Elliot is gone, a lofted cover drive straight down the throat of Kaylum Boshier and Elliot is out. Elliot c Boshier b B Barrett 

Harris gets a single to the offside.

A dot ball to end the over. 

Over 11: Cocksedge to bowl: 

Perry sneaks a single off the first ball to get Elliot back on strike. 

Perry smashes Cocksedge over long on for six! What a shot!


Over 10: Beauden Barrett to bowl:

Elliot is on the first ball of the over in a flash, pulling it to the on side for four. 

Great work from Elliot, he gets a single off the next. 

Barrett is bowling pies here, Elliot all over him. 

Perry with a great flick into the leg side. 

Over 9: Spice to continue:

Elliot with a drive into the off side for a single.

Wicket! Ronchi is stumped, Spice gets one to land on Ronchi's foot and Ofisa Tonu'u is quick and stumps the former Balckcap. Ronchi st Tonu'u b Spice. 

Liz Perry is off the mark with her first ball. 

A lovely drive from Elliot for a couple of runs, Elliot is cruising here, finishing with a single off the last. 

Over 8: McCaw to bowl:

Elliot goes boom!! A big shot over the leg side for a six. 

A great cut from Elliot goes past point for a boundary four. 

A single into the leg side to end the over. 

Over 7: Jason Spice to bowl: 

Spice drops one off the first ball, a simple caught and bowled put down. 

Six more from Luke Ronchi a lovely shot over cow.

A drive through the covers for a single to end the over. 

Over 6: Richie McCaw to bowl:

Wide off the first. 

A full toss outside off is driven to the covers from Nathan Astle.

WICKET!! McCaw gets the breakthrough and it's Astle, he hits a lofted drive and it's taen beautifully by the current All Black captain Kieran Read who too kit diving backwards. Astle 22 b McCaw c Read. 

Ronchi to bat. 

Elliot with a great four, just guided to the leg side and it will run away for four. 

A Ronchi four through the covers for four and a single on the legside to end the over. 

Over 5: Kaylum Boshier to bowl: 

Astle advances down the wicket but can't find the gap, he looks in great nic with the bat.

A pull shot by Astle into the deep and Bauden Barrett can't hang on to it. 

A massive six from Grant Elliot, he advances down the wicket and hits it over long off. 

Over 4: Jordie to continue: 

Astle slaps a short ball for four, into the off side vintage Astle.

Another wide from Barrett. 

Lovely cover drive from Astle and it runs away for four, 

Over 3: Dagg to bowl: 

Astle dabs one in the off side for a single. 

Elliot tries to pull one into the off side but misses it. 

Elliots plays a lovely late cut but David Hussey cuts it off for a single. 

Over 2: Jordie Barrett will bowl: 

Single off the first ball for Astle, a flick on the leg side. 

A cut for a single off the second ball. 

A leg bye for Astle as he runs through for a single. 

Fleming brings up the first boundary of the match, a textbook flick for four. 

Wicket: Fleming pulls a short ball and it goes up in the air, and its a fantastic take!! It's the formwer All Black captain, Richie McCaw. cMcCaw b J Barrett Fleming 6 

Grant Elliot to bat. 

Over 1: Israel Dagg to bowl the first: 

Misfield off the first ball and Flemng is off the mark with a single. 

A wide off the second, followed by a dot ball. Another wide.

A huge LBW appeal is given not out. 

A decent over from Dagg, just four off it. 

The toss is won by Team Rugby and Kieran Read says "we will have a bowl." Dagg to open the bowling. 

Kia Ora, good afternoon and welcome to the live updates of the Black Clash t20 match between Team Rugby and Team Cricket.

Team Rugby
Coach: Sir Graham Henry
1 Kieran Read: (C), 2 Richie McCaw, 3 Israel Dagg, 4 Beauden Barrett, 5 Jordie Barrett, 6 Brendon McCullum, 7 Jason Spice, 8 Ali Williams, 9 Kendra Cocksedge, 10 Kaylum Boshier, 11 Ofisa Tunu'u, 12  David Hussey.
Team Cricket
1 Stephen Fleming (captain and coach) , 2 Aaron Smith, 3 Grant Elliott, 4 Luke Ronchi (wk), 5 Kyle Mills, 6 Chris Harris, 7 Nathan Astle, 8 James Franklin, 9 Hamish Marshall, 10 Liz Perry, 11 Nathan McCullum, Manager: Scott Robertson.