Live Updates: Blackcaps vs India, First ODI

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Indian innings


India 156/2 (Dhawan 75, Kohli 45, Bracewell 1/23, Ferguson 1/41)
NZ 157 (Williamson 64, Taylor 24, Yadav 4/39, Shami 3/19)
India win by eight wickets (under Duckworth Lewis Stern)

35th over: Another bowling change, with Southee replacing Ferguson.

Rayudu lofts Southee through the off-side for four and the scores are tied.

Rayudu places the ball for a single to win by eight wickets. Thank goodness that's over.

Plenty for the Blackcaps to work on before their second meeting with India at Mt Maunganui on Saturday.

Mohammed Shami is named Man of the Match for knocking the top off the NZ batting order.


34th over: India need seven runs off 94 balls. Bracewell continues his spell.

Just two runs off the over.


33rd over: Ferguson continues to steam in with good pace, but India are patiently picking off the rquired runs.

He beats Rayudu and the ball passes through to Latham.

Rayudu plays off his legs and runs, Taylor's throw hits the wickets, but Dhawan is safely home.

Sit down before you read this - the Blackcaps have missed taking a Rayudu's wicket with the first ball he faced!

Remember the one that Ferguson bowled and appeared to barely miss outside edge? It didn't.

No-one really appealed at the time and Rayudu stood his ground, but Hot Spot replays show there was an edge.


32nd over: Bracewell almost has another wicket, as Dhawan plays defensively and nearly chops onto his stumps.


31st over: Ferguson has earned another over.

Rayudu plays to the infield and a direct hit from the fielder might have found Dhawan short... but the ball passes by harmlessly.

Next time, the batsmen are quicker off the mark and they take the single.


30th over: Bracewell is back. He's bowled well today and should have a second wicket to his name.

Three runs off that over.


29th over: The game has slowed to a crawl.

OUT! Kohli has gone this time. Ferguson tempts him onto a swish (not sure that's a recognised cricket shot) and a top edge that's gather by Latham behind the stumps.
Virat Kohli c Latham, b Ferguson 45 (59 balls)

That will hurt his run rate... and average.

Rayudu comes to the crease and nicks the next ball between Latham and Taylor at first slip. He then barely misses an edge with his second ball faced.


28th over: Santner continues, Kohli plays behind square for two.


27th over: Williamson continues to rotate his bowlers - Ferguson returns and concedes three singles

The Indians require 1.36 runs an over from here, which is 30 runs from 132 balls.


26th over: Santner continues to leak singles - six in the over.


25th over: Southee is mixing up his deliveries to no avail.

Wait, I spoke too soon. He hits Kohli on the pads, the umpire gives him out, but the Indian captain reviews.

Snicko shows Kohli got an inside edge on that, so he's saved. Hot spot showed nothing, so a bit of a let-off.


24th over: Santner continues - they seem determined to give him a good workout - but the batsmen are just gliding him around, picking up singles.


23rd over: Southee returns and beats Kohli with his first ball.

Dhawan strokes Southee to midwicket for two runs and his 26th ODI fifty, off 72 balls.


22nd over: More Santner, no drama... three runs.


21st over: More Boult, three more singles, before Kohli takes three off the final ball.

The Indian hundred is up.


20th over: Santner glides through a three-run over. The Indians are just picking the Blackcaps apart.


19th over: Boult returns to the attack. Just two runs from the over.


18th over: Good over from Santner, just one run from it - but it's hardly enough to worry the Indian batsmen.


17th over: Bracewell has changed ends, replacing Ferguson.

Kohli and Dhawan bring up their 50-partnership in just under eight overs, averaging 6.52 an over.


16th over: Santner's spin gets its first airing. Kohli tries to cut outside off-stump, but misses.

Santner bowls two wides in his first four balls, then Kohli hits in the air through midwicket, avoiding the fieldsmen and finding the boundary.

Nine off the over.


15th over: Ferguson comes around the wicket, but Kohli rudely swats his 144km/h fast ball to the boundary.

Kohli then nudges the next delivery to the off-side and another boundary. That ball was 150km/h.


14th over: What can Bracewell produce in his third over? He's unlucky not to have two wickets already. 

Three runs over it, no drama for the batsmen.


13th over: Dhawan makes New Zealand pay for the dropped catch, crunching Ferguson to the boundary.

Ferguson finds Kohli's pads outside leg stump and the ball rolls away for four leg byes.

Ferguson bowls a bouncer at Dhawan that isn't even in side-on camera shot - this is now an eight-ball over.


12th over: Bracewell again.

Dhawan takes a swish at Bracewell's fifth ball and gets a top edge. The wind takes the ball away from Latham and although the keeper gets his gloves on it, he can't hold it.



11th over: Ferguson bowls one ball and the players are leaving the field, because the setting sun is directly in the batsmen's eyes.

That's pretty dangerous, but it's a bizarre issue for a venue that has already had it's share of problems in recent years. Maybe they need a massive sight-screen.

Ross Taylor has played at McLean Park quite a bit for Central Districts, but he claims this is the first time he's struck this problem. The umpires seem a little bemused as well.

7:50pm: We're still about 5-10 minutes away from a restart, as we wait for the sun to set behind the grandstand.

7:58pm: We're back in action, with Ferguson to continue his second over. The pitch is now in shadow, so we shouldn't have any more disruptions.

The game has been shortended an over and the target has come down to 156. Realistically, this should make no difference to the result.

Dhawan has a waft at Ferguson's last ball, but fortunately for him, fails to make contact.


10th over: Kia ora, citizens. We're back on the field for what's left of this ODI series opener between New Zealand and India.

It's been one-way traffic so far and perhaps the best outcome would be a quick ending, with India needing only 117 runs for victory. That's a required run rate of 2.85 per over, sigh! 

Bracewell has the ball and will bowl his first over of the match.

OUT! With his second ball, Bracewell entices Sharma into a drive and catches an outside edge, which carries to slipsman Martin Guptill.
Rohit Sharma c Guptill, b Bracewell 11 (24 balls)

That's just the breakthrough needed - but here comes Kohli with his 59-run average.

Just two runs off that over and the wicker of Sharma.


Ninth over: Ferguson gets his first over of the innings.

Dhawan glances him to the boundary on his last ball - and there's the tea break. This is like death by a thousand paper-cuts, so hopefully they get it over with quickly, when they return.


Eighth over: Dhawan sends Southee's first ball of his fourth over to the boundary.

He guides it square with the same result - runs are starting to flow now.


Seventh over: Sharma tries to swing Boult to the boundary, but he's cramped up and ends up with a single.

Dhawan has no such trouble with the next ball, finding the boundary on the legside.


Six over: Dhawan brings up 5000 ODI runs, with an average of just over 45.

Sharma connects on a straight drive past bowler Southee for four.


Five over: Give Boult and Southee some credit - they are trying everything to snaffle a wicket before the break.

Boult hits Dhawan on the pads, but it's outside leg stump. One leg by in that over.


Fourth over: Southee's third ball is a beautiful yorker that tests Dhawan, but he keeps it out.

Dhawan tries to drive through midwicket, but Santner dives to cut it off.

Dhawan gets a top edge that could have gone anywhere, but it carried to the boundary, despite Santner's sprawling attempt to save it.


Third over: Boult raps Dhawan on the pad and begs for the decision, but there's a suggestion it was swinging legside. 

Replays show it was clipping leg stump, so not enough to review really.

Just one off that over.


Second over: Southee will share the new ball with Boult.

The Kiwis are trying to muster some enthusiasm in the field, but they'll have to be at their best to defend this total. They need early wickets on a pitch that was supposed to favour batsmen.

Sharma chops the ball behind him and runs - Latham shies at the other end and his Sharma in the hip.


First over: The players won't break for tea - there's more than a half hour left before the scheduled break - so they're back out on the field already.

Boult has the ball, with Sharma and Dhawan at the crease. The ball is not swinging for the left-hander.

Two runs off that over.



New Zealand innings

NZ 157 (Southee 9no, Yadav 4/39)

38th over: SIX!

Southee clears the boundary off Yadav - will he unleash now?

OUT! Yadav finds the outside of Boult's bat and it's caught in the slips by Sharma.
Trent Boult c Sharma, b Yadav 1 (10 balls)

That's the end of the NZ innings and frankly, it shouldn't take long for India to knock off, with the class of their batting line-up.

There's a lot of talk about the two-week break after the Sri Lankan series and how that has affected the Blackcaps' form. Hopefully, this is as bad as it gets.


37th over: Boult is nothing if not entertaining at the end of an innings. He looks to advance on Chahal, but changes his mind and retreats to play a defensive shot.

He plays a late defensive shot and somehow manages NOT to chop it onto his stumps.


36th over: OUT!

Yadav beats Ferguson and there's a review for stumping. Replays show he has not part of his foot behind the line, so his stay at the crease is short.
Lockie Ferguson st Dhonai, b Yadav 0 (three balls)

There's another review for a stumping, but this time, Southee just gets his foot back in time. Phew!


35th over: One thing about Southee - he's here for a good time, not a long time.

He looks to the boundary, but is dropped deep by Dhawan off Chahal.


34th over: OUT!

First ball back from the drinks break, Williamson tries to loft Yadav to the boundary and doesn't get all the ball. He's caught in the deep and there go New Zealand's chances of a decent total.
Kane Williamson c Shankar, b Yadav 64 (81 balls)

Williamson is furious with himself, Southee comes to the wicket.

OUT! Yadav spins one away from Bracewell and he chops it back onto his stumps.
Doug Bracewell b Yadav 7 (14 balls)

Ferguson comes in and is rapped on the back pad, but he's given not out and India don't have their review. Lucky break.


33rd over: There is a bonus to this collapse - maybe we will get to watch the Phoenix trying to extend their run after all. We could be in for an early finish :-/

Bracewell slogs Chahal straight back over the bowler's head for four.


32nd over: Yadav returns for India, four from the over.


31st over: Chahal returns.

If you still believe the adage about doubling the 30-over score, New Zealand is headed for about 266, which is not enough on this pitch.

Of course, that theory relies on a team having plenty of wickets in hand and the Blackcaps simply don't have that luxury.

Two runs off Chahal in that over.


30th over: OUT!

Shami gets Santner on the pads with a full delivery, the batsman is dubious, but down the other end, his skipper shakes his head. You're gone, son.
Mitchell Santner lbw Shami 14 (21 balls)

That's another partnership that doesn't kick on.

Bracewell is in now and he's greeted with a bouncer.


29th over: Williamson swats a ball from Yadav to square leg for four.

Yadav beats Santner's outside edge and the Indians are excited. They are appealing for a stumping and a catch behind, but replays suggest neither is the case - not out.

India lose their review.

Five from that over.


28th over: Shami is back into the attack and Williamson immediately cuts him for a single.

Shami tries a bouncer, but Santner flicks it over his right shoulder, down fine-leg for four.


27th over: And there's our first six of the innings - Santner unleashes on Yadav's first ball to carry the ropes. He goes to 10 off eight balls.


26th over: Jadhav really looks like he's doing throw-downs in warm-ups.

Williamson pushes for two and has a half-century - his 36th ODI fifty. It comes off 63 balls.

His next short threatens to carry to the fielder at square, but drops just short.


25th over: Santner is off the mark, but just two runs off that Yadav over.


24th over: Williamson short-arm sweeps a delivery from Jahdav and it sails to the boundary. Still no sixes in this innings.

OUT! Nicholls is gone, scooping a ball from Jadhav to Yadav (that's so confusing) at midwicket.
Henry Nicholls c Yadav, b Jahdav 12 (17 balls)

Santner is in.


23rd over: This has become confusing - we have spinners bowling in tandem. One is Jadhav and the other is Yadav.

Hopefully, I can get my head around this before the end of the tour.

New Zealand's 100 comes up in the 23rd over, so the run rate is now 4.39.


22nd over: Jadhav enters the attack and is immediately cut square by Nicholls for the third boundary in as many balls.

Jadhav's delivery is being compared Malinga the Slinger, but at much lower velocity and more spin. It looks dodgy.


21st over: Chahal deserves some respect here, but Williamson swings him over midwicket for another boundary.

He pulls the next ball hard in the same direction for consecutive boundaries.


20th over: Yadav beats Williamson's straight bat and raps the pad, but no real interest in that shout.

Four off the over and run rate is over four.


19th over: Williamson picks up a couple off Chahal to start the over.

Latham takes Chahal over midwicket for a boundary.

OUT! Latham chips the ball back to Chahal and everyone thinks he's gone, but Latham isn't moving.

Replays show Chahal just got his fingers under the ball, possibly deflecting it from one hand to the other, so Latham must go.
Tom Latham c&b Chahal 11 (10 balls)

That's Chahal's second caught-and-bowled this innings.

Nicholls comes in and immediatley off the mark.


18th over: Yadav into the attack, another spinner.

Williamson immediately tries to cut him, but misses.

Latham laps Yadav around the corner for a couple.


17th over: Chance, dropped.

Williamson tries to swing down fine leg and is dropped in the field - that's a huge missed opportunity for India.

Wonder what that will cost them in the long run.


16th over: Williamson swings Shanker away square for a boundary. He flicks the next a little behind square for two on a misfield.

Good response from New Zealand.


15th over: OUT!

Taylor advances up the pitch to Chahal and chips it back to the bowler. That's a huge blow to the home team's chances.
Ross Taylor c&b Chahal 24 (41 balls)

Latham is the next out - he hit a quick-fire T20 hundred here last weekend, so he knows the pitch.

Latham plays spin well and gets a couple of runs off the second ball he faces.


14th over: Taylor breaks the shackles, cutting Shankar to the boundary. He takes a single and then Williamson drives to the rope - that's more like it.

Nine runs off the over to get the run rate up.


13th over: Chahal's next over costs just three runs and New Zealand still haven't taken flight.


12th over: Shankar's first ball of his next over, sparks a review.

Williamson plays straight down the wicket, Shankar deflects the ball back onto the stumps, but replays show Taylor made his ground. He never looked worried.

A couple of singles off that over.


11th over: Chahal brings some spin to the attack.

Four quiet singles keep the scoreboard ticking over, but it's struggling to find momentum.


10th over: Shankar takes over from Sami. Taylor tries to capitalise on his loosener, but has to recover his ground quickly, as the fielder takes out his stumps.

There's just the single from Shankar's first over and India have conceded only 34 runs in the first 10.


Ninth over: Taylor charges the third ball of Kumar's next over and again finds the boundary.

Five runs off that over.


Eighth over: Sami bounces Taylor, who takes a swat at the ball and fails to make contact. It's called a wide.

Taylor tucks a ball off his hip and runs two. The next ball is dispatched to the rope - maybe Taylor is coming out of his shell on his 'home' ground.

The batsmen survive another of those scary run-out moments that are too common for these two... that's a better over for New Zealand.


Seventh over: Taylor still hasn't scored - he cuts forcefully, but straight to Kohli.

Finally, he turns the ball on the legside for a single to open his account.

Just the one run from that over.


Sixth over: Williamson plays Sami defensively and watches anxiously, as the ball bounces back over the stumps. He went out that way against Sri Lanka.

Williamson drives uppishly and it lands just in front of Kohli, so perhaps a half chance. He ducks under a bouncer next ball.

That's another maiden from Shami.


Fifth over: Wow, great stat. Taylor has the highest-ever ODI average, batting first, with 52.53.

Kumar beats the outside edge of Taylor's bat with the fourth ball of this over and the batsman can't get his innings going.


Fourth over: Williamson is off the mark too, playing a delightful shot off Shami to the boundary.

OUT! Munro tries to drive Shami, but the ball nips back and takes the top of middle stump.
Colin Munro bowled Shami 8 (nine balls)

New Zealand's two best batsmen are in the middle in the fourth over, so early danger signs.


Third over: Munro swings Kumar's fourth ball to the square-leg boundary for four to get off the mark. He may have to play conservatively today, after Guptill's early departure.

He's mistimes the fifth ball, very uppishly, but it's another boundary.

Second over:  Shami to bowl the second over for India.

Shami hits Guptill on the pad with his second ball and appeals enthusiastically, but there was an inside edge off the bat.

Guptill shoulders arms on the third ball and seems to be caught plum, but the appeal is denied and there's no review. Incredible, the only issue might have been height.

OUT! Guptill gets an inside edge on the fifth ball and plays onto his stumps, a disastrous start for the Blackcaps.
Martin Guptill bowled Shami 5 (nine balls)

Williamson is in already and sees out a wicket-maiden.


First over: Guptill and Munro are at the wicket, Kumar will open the bowling.

Guptill is safely behind the first ball and glances the second for four to open the scoring.


Bracewell wasn't really given a chance to show his wares in the Sri Lankan series, but hinted at his bowling and batting ability in the T20 one-off.

Latham hit a T20 ton on this very ground over the weekend for Canterbury, while Santner has also shown he's ready to come back from injury.

TAB has NZ paying $2.18 to win, India at $1.69. Williamson is paying $3.60 as the Blackcaps' top scorer, Martin Guptill at $4 and Ross Taylor at $5.


Here's the toss - Kane Williamson has won and chooses to bat first. Santner is back as the lone spin option and Dougie Bracewell will get an outing to prove himself for World Cup selection.

Tom Latham is also back, after missing the Sri Lanka ODIs, Santner replaces Ish Sodhi and Bracewell replaces Jimmy Neesham.

Here's the Indian line-up...

Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli (c), MS Dhoni (w), Kedar Jadhav, Ambati Rayudu, Vijay Shankar, Kuldeep Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Shami

New Zealand will field these guys...

Martin Guptill, Colin Munro, Kane Williamson (c), Ross Taylor, Henry Nicholls, Tom Latham (w), Mitchell Santner, Doug Bracewell, Tim Southee, Lockie Ferguson, Trent Boult


Kia ora, good afternoon and welcome to Newshub coverage of the first of five one-day internationals between New Zealand and India, taking place at Napier's McLean Park.

After sweeping Sri Lanka in tests, ODI and T20 formats, the Blackcaps now face a real test of where they stand in in world cricket, facing a rampant Indian side fresh off similar success across the ditch against Australia.

India are currently ranked second in ICC one-day rankings (behind England), with New Zealand third, and the visitors boast several of the game's best players at this point in time, led by the Tendulkar heir apparent, Virat Kohli.

But the Blackcaps know their conditions well and are always a tough proposition to beat on home turf.

McLean Park is something of an unknown, since it was dropped as an international venue two years ago, but early indications are that the wicker will be a belter, which could play right into the hands of the Indian runscorers.

Many of the players on both sides are still playing for spots at the World Cup, so balancing the need to win with the desire to test out fringe squad members will undoubtedly be a factor as the series progresses.

Join us closer to 3pm for the toss and the team line-ups for today's fascinating encounter.