Live Updates: Blackcaps vs India, Fourth ODI

India 92 (Chahal 18, Pandya 16, Boult 5/21, de Grandhomme 3/26)

Blackcaps 93/2 (Taylor 37no, Nicholls 30no. Kumar 2/25)

And that's a wrap! An impressive performance from NZ although India were without Kohli, Dhoni and Shami. Despite that Trent Boult was superb early doors for the Blackcaps, ripping out the heart of the top order. Colin de Grandhomme did a great job backing up Henry and Boult.

Nicholls will be happy with the not out opening the batting. but one area of concern is Kane Williamson. He continues to get out to poor shots but he has one more chance to make the Indians pay in Wellington on Sunday. 

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New Zealand Innings


Blackcaps 93/2 (Taylor 37, Nicholls 30. Kumar 2/25)

15th over - Taylor with a thrash through cover but superb fielding from Sharma prevents a certain four. 

That's in Taylor's area and he wacks it over mid-on for six!

And that's it - Talor on the cut and it's down to third man for four. And just like that it's all over!.

14th over - 14 runs required for the Blackcaps. Kuldeep Yadav to bowl.

Nicholls paddles round the corner for one.

13th over - Nicholls down the wicket and is almost caught and bowled. Just sneaks it ober Chahal's fully stretched arms and he picks up a single.

Taylor goes big over midwicket. Massive six into the seated fans on the bank. Great shot.

Repeats the dose - and it's bigger this time. Taylor keen to get this over.

12th over - Pandya continues for the Indians. 

Nicholls on the drice - wow! What a superb shot from the Cantabrian as he plants his front foot and crushed Pandya through the covers for four runs. 

11th over - The impressive Chahal is into the attack and Taylor greats him with a sweep for four. Nice aggressive cricket from Ross Taylor.

Taylor looking to get after the legspinner but he can't. 

10th over - Pandya to bowl his second over as taylor works him to the legside for a single.

Nicholls with the flick again and it's through to the keeper - appeal from the Indians - there was a noise but not out is the call. No review and replays show it flicked the pad. 

Great ball from Pandya. Nicholls on the drive but is beaten all ends up but doesn't get a touch on it.

9th over - Kumar will continue. 

Full from Kumar and Taylor is off the mark - nice shot through the covers but couldn't get the timing he wanted.

Taylor lofts over mid-off - gets back for another two runs.

8th over - Hardik Pandya replaces Khaleed Ahmed.

Nicholls off his pads - Six! What a shot to a slightly leg-sided, fuller ball. Nicholls flicks in the air but flat and it just lands on the rope for a maximum.

7th over - OUT! Williamson done by Kumar - not a great shot to a ball just outside off-stump. Williamson attempts the guide through gully but can only feather the ball through to Karthik behind the stumps. 

Kane Williamson c Karthik b Kumar 11 (18)

Taylor trapped back in the crease - the ball rockets into his pads but it's a bit high and umpire Brown says 'not out'. No review from the Indians.

6th over - Ahmed drops one in short and Nicholls has a ton of time - rocks back and smashes him through midwicket for four. 

Good finish to the ober from Ahmed - Nicholls almost gets an edge on a searching outswinnger.

5th over - Kumar will continue - the ball is swinging. Kumar has Williamson in some doubt as he watches a ball pass outside his off-stump.

Williamson very watchful here - doesn't want to throw his wicket away.

Another superb shot from the skipper. Slightly shorter and wider from Kumar and Williamson is onto the back foot and ounches through wide-point for his second boundary.

4th over - Khaleel Ahmed to bowl his second over.

Classic Kane! Superb shot through point off the back foot rattles into the boundary rope - his signature shot.

3rd over - Willaimson off the mark through the gully -will pick up a couple.

Lovely over from Kumar - had the NZ captain fishing outside his off-stump on a couple off occasions.

2nd over - Nicholls pulls superbly through squuare lef for four - great shot.

Free hit! Nicholls thrashed Ahmedover cover for four - great shot.

1st over - Bang Bang Bang! Marty Guptill goes 6,4,4 off the first three balls of the small run chase. First ball is powered over midwicket for a maximum before he thrashed two fours through point.

OUT! Guptill goes in the first after that lightning start. Ball bounces on him and loops up to Pandya in the gully.

Martin Guptill c Pandya b Kumar 14 (4)

Williamson is the new batsman and plays out the final two balls of the over.



Indian innings


India 92 (Chahal 18, Pandya 16, Boult 5/21, de Grandhomme 3/26)

31st over - Indian need one more run to avoid a record low score against New Zealand, as Neesham begins his first over.

A single equals that unwanted record low. Ahmed swings Neesham through the legs of Williamson and to the boundary.

OUT! Neesham goes right through Ahmed and takes out his stumps. It's over!

New Zealand will now bat until the scheduled innings break at 6:35pm, so it could be over by then. Stay tuned.

30th over - Astle to continue.

OUT! De Grandhomme has barely had time to take his fielding position on the boundary, when Yadav swings Astle to the ropes and is caught by CDG. the end is near.
Kuldeep Yadav c de Grandhomme b Astle 15

Ahmed comes to the wicket and is immediately dropped by Taylor in the slips. Chahal then lashes Astle to the fence for four.

29th over - De Grandhomme begins his final over, just two runs off it and he finishes with 3/26. Good day's work for the big man.

28th over - Todd Astle will get a chance to show his spin skills after all, replacing Henry. His fourth ball spins viciously and Chahal did well not to connect with that.

Two runs off that over.

27th over - De Grandhomme repeats his ball from his last over, narrowly missing Yadav's bat and wicket.

But Chahal takes de Grandhomme's final ball off his legs to the rope, almost on the full.

26th over - Henry bowls another maiden - he's now conceded 30 runs off eight overs.

25th over - De Grandhomme starts his next over with a delivery that narrows beats Yadav's bat and just passes by off-stump.

Yadav swings CDG off his legs for four runs. He edges the last delivery past the slips, but the ball is cut off at the boundary for a single.

24th over - Henry is bowling from the end that Boult found so much success and is enjoying the conditions too, without the same success so far.

Chahal plays an awful shot that catches a top edge and almost clears the boundary behind the slip cordon.

23rd over - De Grandhomme continues. He leaks three off the over.

22nd over - Henry returns, he hasn't taken any wickets today and will feel like he's missed out on the fun.

He's bowling a good line to the tailenders and beats Chahal four times in succession. That's a maiden.

21st over - De Grandhomme into his sixth over and he continues with his nagging line. Another maiden.

20th over - Boult into his last over now. There's a big shout when his second ball hits Pandya's pad, but there seems to be an edge and it was headed down leg-side.

OUT! Pandya fends at a bouncing delviery from Boult and succeeds in bouncing the ball off his gloves for an easy catch to Latham.

That's Boult's fifth wicket and his fifth ODI five-wicket bag. The heat and the swinging conditions have played right into his hands today.
Hardik Pandya c Latham b Boult 16 

19th over - Yadav takes two off de Grandhomme through the on-side.

18th over - Pandya takes Boult to the ropes with the first ball of the next over, then drives straight past the bowler for another boundary.

He swings Boult through the off-side for four more, but wafts outside off-stump on the next delivery. Pandya has ruined Boult's figures somewhat. 

17th over - De Grandhomme is in his fourth over.

OUT! CDG goes right through Kumar and takes out his stumps. How's WASP looking now?
Bhuvneshwar Kumar b de Grandhomme 1

That's a wicket maiden.

16th over - Boult in for his eighth over. This doesn't seem like much of a trial opportunity for the likes of Todd Astle or Jimmy Neesham for spots the World Cup squad.

Boult beats the inside edge of Pandya's bat with his final delivery.

WASP is predicting an Indian score of 160, which seems pretty optimistic.

15th over - Pandya gets off the mark with a boundary off de Grandhomme through the legside.

Two balls later, Pandya chops an inside edge onto his pads. Shaky.

14th over - OUT? Boult takes Jadhav on the front pad, it looks plumb, but he's the last batsman left, so they review.

The review confirms what we all knew - he's out.
Kedhar Jadhav lbw Boult 1

Kumar is in for India. Boult is into his seventh over, so he's looking to knock over the remaining batsman cheaply during this spell.

13th over - De Grandhomme takes Jadhav on the pad and Williamson considers a review, but it's clearly going over the stumps.

12th over - Boult is back for a sixth over, as Williamson smells blood in the water. 

Suddenly, debutant Gill needs a big innings to save his team.

OUT! Gill produces a replay of Sharma's dismissal, chipping a full delivery straight back to Boult for the catch.
Shubman Gill c&b Boult 9

11th over - Colin de Grandhomme takes the ball from Matt Henry.

OUT! Rayudu drives uppishly through the on-side and finds Martin Guptill lurking at midwicket for the catch.
Ambati Rayudu c Guptill b de Grandhomme 0

OUT! Karthik is gone for a duck. CDG moves the ball off the seam and catches the edge, throw to wicketkeeper Latham.
Dinesh Karthik c Latham b de Grandhomme 0

10th over - Welcome to international cricket. Gill plays all around a Boult bouncer and cops one on the helmet.

He seems OK, but just takes a few moments to gather himself. He plays a couple of false strokes afterwards, but settles his nerves with two runs through the on-side.

Boult has been demanding of the batsmen, but he's due for a change after five overs.

Ninth over - Gill just leans on a delivery from Henry for a boundary - his first runs for his country.

He then strokes Henry through the on-side for two more.

Eighth over - Boult just beats the edge of Sharma's bat with an out-swinger, but then strays down leg side. 

OUT! Sharma keeps out a full delivery from Boult, but only succeeds in chipping the ball back to the bowler for the catch.  

Seven over - Teenager Gill looks very classy and assured already. He keeps out a yorker on the last ball of Henry's over.

Just one run off it.

Sixth over - Boult bounces Dhawan, much like Henry before him, and the batter fails to catch up with the ball. That could have gone anywhere, so lucky for him.

OUT! Dhawan plays across the line to Boult and is taken on the front pad, plumb in front.

No need to review that. Great start from Boult, Gill comes in for his debut
Shikhar Dhawan lbw Boult 13

Fifth over - Henry returns for his third over. Even though he conceded a six to Dhawan in his last over, it was a risky shot, so that won't discourage the bowler too much.

Much tidier over from Henry, just the single.

Fourth over - Sharma is celebrating his 200th ODI, so fitting he's captaining his country on this occasion.

Boult finds the inside of the bat  a couple of times during this over, conceding just two runs.

Third over - Dhawan guides Henry to the fence first ball - first boundary of the match.

Henry tries to bounce Dhawan with the third ball and the batsman flicks it high over his shoulder for six.

Eleven runs from that over.

Second over - Trent Boult allows Sharma two runs off his first ball, but just a legside wide for the rest of the over. 

First over - Matt Henry opens the bowling and Sharma gets India on the board with a single. Henry concedes three off his first over, but already looks better than he did against Sri Lanka.


Welcome to the toss and Kane Williamson has won, choosing to bowl first and hoping to take some early wickets.

Biggest surprise in the line-up will be Colin Munro missing from the batting line-up, with Henry Nicholls promoted to open, alongside Martin Guptill.

Tim Southee and Lockie Ferguson are also not required, which presumably means three all-rounders (Santner, de Grandhomme and Neesham) and two spinners (Santner and Astle), with Matt Henry perhaps sharing the new ball with Trent Boult. 

Shubman Gill will make his debut for India, who will be feeling right at home in 'The Tron', which is bearing the brunt of the NZ heatwave. Kahleel with also replace Shami, who has been a real headache to the Blackcaps batsmen.

India: Rohit Sharma (capt), Shikhar Dhawan, Shubman Gill, Ambati Rayudu, Kedar Jadhav, Dinesh Karthik (wk), Hardik Pandya, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Kuldeep Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal, Khaleel Ahmed

New Zealand: Martin Guptill, Henry Nicholls, Kane Williamson (capt), Ross Taylor, Tom Latham (wk), Jimmy Neesham, Mitchell Santner, Colin de Grandhomme, Todd Astle, Matt Henry, Trent Boult

The TAB has India at $1.62 to win, NZ at $2.31.


Kia ora, good afternoon and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the fourth one-day international between New Zealand and India at Hamilton.

The visitors have already swept the three opening games of the five-match series, taking overall honours, and the spotlight is now on the Blackcaps to turn around their poor performances.

Selectors have brought spinner Todd Astle and all-round Jimmy Neesham into the squad, dropping Ish Sodhi and Doug Bracewell.

While these moves may be designed to help turn their fortunes around, they're also intended to test the new players out against quality opposition, with an eye on World Cup selection.

The Indians have also changed their line-up, with skipper and world's best player Virat Kohli returning home to put his feet up. Rohit Sharma takes over the captaincy.

Hard to know where to start when it comes to turning this ship around, with batting and bowling being exposed by the magnificent Indians.

Somehow, the NZ top order need to establish themselves before hitting out, which goes against the nature of players like Colin Munro and Martin Guptill (to a lesser extent).

Their early departures have put too much pressure on the middle order, where only Kane Williamson, Ross Taylor and Doug Bracewell have shown any form.

The bowlers have been plundered and it's a little scary to imagine how Matt Henry, who was average against Sri Lanka, would go against a much stronger Indian line-up. He hasn't been risked so far, but must be close to an outing.

Neesham was outstanding against Sri Lanka, but his acid test is yet to come, as he tries to nail down an all-rounder's spot at the World Cup.

Join us closer to 3pm for the toss and team naming.

Pre-match banter - 'We are getting better'


Despite three crushing losses at the hands of India, the Blackcaps aren't that far away from a complete performance.

That's the view of spinning all-rounder Mitchell Santner, who told media on Wednesday that positive signs were there.

Finding positives in a ODI series that has resulted in three devastating losses, including a seven-wicket hammering at Bay Oval on Monday, may seem like a hard sell to Blackcaps fans.

But Santner thinks the home side are close to turning those results around, if they execute slightly better - with both ball and bat.

"We have been outplayed in all three games," Santner notes. "It's been a little bit disappointing to lose three games in a row, but we are playing a very good side.

"India has shown just how good they are in all conditions. We have not been good enough, but there are signs there that we are getting better.

"We saw a great partnership in the previous game and I thought we were much better with the ball. It just needs to be a continuation of what we have been doing.

"We have got two pretty important games coming up. Hopefully, we can win this one here and move onto Wellington with some momentum."

Santner and fellow spin twin Ish Sodhi have been thoroughly outbowled by Indian pair Kuldeep Yadav and Yuzvendra Chahal, who have taken eight and six wickets respectively across the three games.

Santner and Sodhi have managed to snare just one Indian scalp between them.

The Blackcaps selectors replaced Sodhi with fellow leg-spin bowler Todd Astle for the final two games in a hope to change their fortunes

Santner credited the Indian duo for their success, but hoped a return to form for the New Zealand top order would create the pressure needed to stifle the threat Yadav and Chahal pose.

"They are bowling very well at the moment," Santner says. "The slower pace that they bowl is tending to get a little bit more out of the wicket than guys like myself and Ish, who bowl a little bit quicker.

"But that pressure is also being built off the back of the starts we have had [with the bat]. We have always been two down after 10 [overs], allowing them to settle into their work.

"On the flip side, they [India] have been one or even none down at the end of the power play, which makes it tough to build pressure, when they can just milk us around a bit."

The final two games of the series are in Hamilton on Thursday, followed by a trip to Westpac Stadium in Wellington on Sunday.