Live Updates: Blackcaps vs India, Second ODI

India innings

India 324/4 (Sharma 87, Dhawan 66, Dhoni 48, Boult 2/61, Ferguson 2/81)

New Zealand 234 all out ( Bracewell 57, Latham 34, Munro 31, Yadav 4/45, Chahal 2/52

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A bad performance by the hosts, that is all from me, match wrap will come next. 

40th over: Chahal to bowl.

Ferguson comes down the pitch and blocks it.

WICKET! That's it, India have won by 90 runs. Mistimed the slog, caught. Ferguson 12 c  Shankar b Chahal.

39th over: Kumar to bowl.

WICKET! Bracewell goes for it again but didn't time it, Dhawan takes the catch. Bracewell 57 c Dhawan b Kumar.

A dot ball off the first for Boult.

A lofted drive from Boult which goes for four, great shot.

Six more from Boult. A big heave over long on.  

38th over: Yadav to bowl.

Ferguson works one into the leg side for a single. 

Dot ball from Bracewell. 

Bracewell sweeps hard but he can't find the gap. Just a single. 

Ferguson hits an inside edge that misses everything and goes for four. 

37th over: Kumar back into the attack.

Four more for Bracewell, a great flick to the leg side for four. 

Another good shot from Bracewell, this time there is no timing, just the two for Bracewell.

Dot ball to finish. 

36th over: Yadav wil bowl.

Two cut shots for nothing for Ferguson.

A big heave from Ferguson goes to square leg for a single. 

Single for Bracewell, that's the fifty! Well batted Douggy. 

35th over: Chahal to bowl.

Huge six from Bracewell, see ball hit ball at the moment. 

Another huge swing, this time there is no timing. Just a single.

A single into the leg side for Ferguson. 

34th over: Yadav to bowl.

Bracewell stands and delivers, four more through the mid-wicket region. 

A single to long on from Bracewell. 

Bracewell is trying to hit everything as hard as he can, four more through the covers, great shot. 

He ends the over with a single to the leg side. 

33rd over: Chahal to bowl.

Bracewell comes down thhe wicket and hits a flat six over xtra cover. 

Bracewell gets a single into the same region.

Ferguson with two runs through the leg side.  

32nd over: Yadav to bowl.

Bracewell going for a heave, six more over mid wicket. Great shot from Bracewell. 

Single off the next for Bracewell. 

Ferguson gets a single too. 

11 off the over, can we got to 200? 

31st over: Chahal to bowl.

Two off the over, dark and gloomy for the Blackcaps here.

30th over: Yadav to bowl.

Dot ball off the first. 

Bracewell, single down the ground.

WICKET! Nicholls is out, he advances down the ground and goes for a heave over the leg side, he gets an edge and it flies to third man. Nicholls 28 c Shami b Yadav 

WICKET! Sodhi is gone! First break and Sodhi is bowled, he's missed one and it clips the top of leg. Sodhi 0 b Yadav.

Dot ball off the last ball as Ferguson advances and looks down the ground. 

29th over. Chahal into the attack. 

Single off the second as Nicholls goes down the ground. 

Bracewell uses his feet and finds the gap down the gound, four more. 

Single down the gound for Bracewell. 

28th over: Yadav to bowl.

A chipped drive from Nicholls, it falls safe, single. 

Five dot balls for Bracewell to end the over. 

27th over: Jadav to bowl.

A flick for two from de Grandhomme a great shot from the big man. 

WICKET!! de Grandhomme swings for the hills, and it doesn't carry, caught on the boundary. de Grandhomme 2 c Rayudu b Yadav. 

Horrible from de Grandhomme at the point in the innings, just such a bad shot to play. 

Bracewell defends the first ball for zero. 

A single to get off the mark for Bracewell. 

Four from Nicholls, timed too well and fine leg can't make up the ground. Pull shot from the lefty. 

Big LBW appeal, not out from the umpire. 

A single for Nicholls. 

Four runs for Bracewell, a half volley on leg flicked away. 

26th over: Shami to bowl.

Cover drive from Nicholls, just a single. 

A short ball from Shami is avoided from Nicholls.

A late cut from Nicholls is timed so well, four more.

Dot ball, good lines from Shami here.


25th over: Yadav to continue. 

Wicket! Latham has missed a straight one, and the finger comes up from the umpire. Latham 34 lbw b Yadav. 

de Grandhomme gets off the mark with a single to the off side. 


24th over: Jadav to bowl.

11 from the over including a big six from Latham, over  mid wicket. 

23rd over : Yadav to bowl.

A single from Latham to start.

Dot ball off the second and third.

A cut shot from Nicholls for one.

A huge LBW appeal, not out from ump. 

Single to finish. 

22nd over: Jadav to continue.

Sweep from Nicholls for a single. 

Two off the over. 

21st over: Yadav to bowl.

Single into the leg side for Nicholls. 

The same for Latham, into the leg side. 

A shot through the covers for two for Nicholls. 

Great first over from Yadav, just four off it.

NZ are 113/4, India were 111/0! only difference, wickets in hand. These two need to bat for a while.

20th over: Jadav to bowl.

A sweep goes to the man at fine leg, dot ball.

A little flick in the leg side goes for a single for Latham. 

A good single from Nicholls, both batsmen looking to keep the scoreboard ticking over.

Dot ball to finish. 

19th over: Chahal to bowl.

Single down the ground for Nicholls. 

Four runs for Latham, A sweep shot runs away for four.

A sweep from Nicholls goes straight to deep square leg, just the single.

18th over: Jadav to bowl.

Big appeal from Dhoni, Taylor lunges forward, misses it and Dhoni is quick to get the stumps off. Replay shows his foot is in the air, great work from Dhoni! Taylor is gone. Taylor 22 st Dhoni b Jadav. 

Jadav tosses the first two up, two dots before he gets off the mark with a single down the ground. 

A much needed drinks break for NZ, a long way to go. 

17th over: Chahal will continue.

Taylor needs to bat very deep if the Blackcaps are to have any chance. 

A single into the of side for Taylor.

Latham comes down the pitch and flicks one for a single. 

Dot ball to finish the over. 

16th over: Jadav will continue.

A little paddle from Taylor to fine leg for two runs. 

Taylor gets a single through the covers. 

Latham gets on the back foot and punches one for a single. 

A bad ball from Jadav, and Latham is onto it, pulling it through the gap for four. 


15th over: Chahal to bowl.

WICKET! An attempted switch hit from Munro, he got down low and missed it, the ball hit him in the stomach and the umpire gave him out. After a long talk with Taylor, the lefty decides against the review. Munro 31 lbw b Chahal.

Latham gets forward and defends his first ball, big lunge. 

A sweep from Latham, he tucks one around the corner for a boundary four.

Three dots to end the over. 

14th over: Jadav to bowl,

Munro with great batting, another single into the off side.

Taylor with a shot to long on for a single. 

An inside edge from Munro is lucky to miss the stumps,

Followed by a single down the ground, getting singles whenever they want at the mo. 

Four more, Taylor cuts one through the gap and it runs away. 

13th over: Chahal to bowl.

A drive down the ground for a single off the first for Munro.

Single down the ground for Taylor.

Five off the over. 

12th over: Shankar to continue. 

Munro plays a slashing drive, but there is protection, just a single.

Munro toes a drive to third man for a single. 

Solid from Taylor. He looks good early, both batsmen looking to play their way into the game and not force anything.

Four runs from Taylor, too straight from Shankar and Ross says thank you sir, past fine leg for four. 

1th over: Chahal to bowl his first.

Good lines early on from the spinner, making Taylor play. 

Three dots to start the over.

Taylor gives himself some room and cuts one for a single. 

Munro flicks one into the leg side for a single.

Two off the over.  

10th over: Shankar to bowl.

A dot ball from Taylor to start the over.

A wide off the second ball. 

A single into the leg side for Taylor. 

Four runs, a short ball is slashed away and finds the gap.

Another four, Munro advances and finds the same gap, very good batting. 

9th over: Kumar to bowl.

Six dot balls, a great maiden from Kumar.

8th over: Shami to continue.

Six from Williamson, very similiar to the last over from Munro a pull shot which sails over fine leg's head for six. 

Another six! same ball, same result, too straight and too short. 

Four more! VIntage Kane Williamson, Shami drops it short and the captain is on the back foot in a flash, times a drive through the cover. 

An uppish flick from Williamson, it falls safe, two runs. 

Wicket! A short and wide ball, Williamson tries to cut it to the boundary but he gets an inside edge and it goes back onto his stumps. Williamson 20 b Shami. 

Taylor is off te mark with two on the leg side. 

7th over: Kumar to bowl.

Very defensive start from the Blackcaps, but very good bowling too. 

Six from Munro, to short and straight from Kumar and the lefty just helps it on it's way for six. 

Great cricket, a single on the offside from Munro. 

Williamson ends the over with a single on the leg side. 

6th over: Shami to bowl.

Williamson defends his first three, tight bowling by SHami.

Too straight again from Shami as the captain is off the mark, working one into the leg side for a single. 

A flick off the pads from Munro for a single to end the over. 

5th over: Kumar will continue.

Defended into the off side by Munro, dot ball.

Wide down the leg side. 

Three more dot balls, great bowling from Kumar. 

Kumar gets the line too straight and Munro hits it to the leg side for a single

Wicket! A short and wide ball that Guptil can't get on top of, caught at third man on the boundary. Guptil 15 b Kumar c Chahal.

4th over: Shami to continue.

Another edge for Guptil, this time there is a slip, but it doesn't carry. 

Defensive shots on the next two balls from Guptil, good areas from Shami.

A short ball from Shami, Guptil thinks about swinging the bat, but he decides to leave it. 

Too straight from Shami and Guptil flicks it into the deep for two. 

Dot ball to end the over. 

3rd over: Kumar to continue. 

Guptil defends the first two into the off side for dots.

Guptil goes for a flash drive but gets an inside edge and is lucky not to be walking back to the sheds, runs away for four.

A trademark flick for four for Guptil, lovely timing, one bounce four. 

DROPPED, Guptil tries a back foot drive, gets a thick edge on it and Dhoni can't hang on. Big chance. 

2nd over: Shami to use the new ball from the other end.

A full ball on Guptil's legs is flicked away for three, He is off the mark. 

A flick to fine leg goes for a single. 

Two balls are defended into the off side by Munro, two dots. 

An LBW shout from Shami, Munro steps across the line and looks to go leg side, umpire says not out.

Dot ball to finish. 

1st over: Kumar to bowl the first over.

A mix up in the middle on the first ball and Guptil was two metres out, but the ball missed the stumps, a big let off for NZ.

A nice shot into the leg side for Munro, a double.

Great shot from Munro on the back foot through the covers for four. 


50th over: Dhoni is 42 off 31 balls.

Jadhav has a boundary of Ferguon's first ball of the final over. He flicks the next ball over the square leg boundary rider for six. 

Jadhav gets the faintest of edges off the next ball and it goes throw Latham's gloves for four - disappointing.

Dhoni has a four and two off the final ball to finish 48 not out off 33 balls.

That's a costly last over from Ferguson - 21 overs off it to let India off the hook somewhat. Still, earlier in the day, when the openers were cruising along, 324 would have been accepted with both hands.

Both teams will now enjoy the tea break and New Zealand will fancy their chances of scoring these runs, given they've already produced big scores on this wicket twice this summer, albeit batting first.

49th over: Jadhav hits Boult legside to the boundary with the first ball.

Boult comes back with a bouncer that deflects off the gloves/helmet that could have gone anywhere. The next ball is a wide grubber that Dhoni can't connect with.

But Dhoni does catch up with the fifth ball, sending it into the crowd to bring up 300. Fourteen off the over. 

48th over: DROPPED!

Dhoni tries to ramp Ferguson and de Grandhomme puts down a running chance on the boundary. Four runs, costly.

Again, Ferguson recovers well, conceding just two more runs.

47th over: Dhoni dispatches Boult's first ball to the ropes - he's on the slog now.

But Boult pulls it back, conceding just three singles over the rest of the over. This score is getting away from India.

46th over: Ferguson begins his final spell - he'll be our closer tonight.

OUT! Rayudu is trying to hit Ferguson out of the park, but gets a top edge that skies very high and caught by the bowler.
Ambati Rayudu c&B Ferguson 47

Dhoni has a boundary with the next ball, as Jadhav takes guard.

45th over: Dhoni plays an ungainly shot at Bracewell and narrowly avoids lobbing to Nicholls.

Seven runs easily taken off that over - the slog must come on soon. Bracewell finishes his spell with 0/59.

44th over: De Grandhomme and his eight runs an over are back. India look like they might declare out of fear, but they're just swapping bats.

Rayudu cuts at the fifth delivery and is a little lucky to carry the fielder. Six runs off the over.

43rd over: Bracewell replaces Sodhi. I guess we won't see Williamson with the ball today.

Five singles, all to Ferguson this over. WASP is at 329, which NZ would have taken earlier in the day.

42nd over: Dhoni shows his class, clubbing Boult for four off the opening ball of his next over.

Rayudu repeats the dose later in the over - 10 runs off that one. 

41st over: Just the one run from Sodhi's over - he's doing a good job of slowing the run rate. No wickets, but just 43 runs off his 10 overs.

40th over: OUT!

Boult to Kohli, who takes his eye off a short ball and top-edges to Sodhi at fine leg. He's safe under the ball and the Indian captain is on his way - a huge wicket!
Virat Kohli c Sodhi b Boult 43

Boult beats Rayudu's bat with the final ball of that very good over.

39th over: Five more singles off Sodhi.

38th over: The 50 partnership betwen Kohli and Rayudu comes up in 49 balls.

Rayudu swings de Grandhomme over the ropes for six on the last ball this over.

37th over: Sodhi replaces Bracewell. Kohli dabs and runs, Rayudu barely makes it home before the fielder's throw.

Five singles off the over.

36th over: Five singles off de Grandhomme.

35th over: Kohli drives Bracewell to the ropes with his first ball back from drinks.

Bracewell tries to bounce him, but the Indian captain swats him to fine leg for another four. India's 200 is up, 11 runs off the over.

34th over: De Grandhomme is back. He confounds Kohli, who tries to flat-bat it and almost takes out his stumps.

Better over for India - seven runs.

33rd over: Bracewell proves difficult for the Indians to get away, throwing a lot of off-speed stuff. Three runs off that over.

32nd over: Ferguson beats the edge of Rayudu's bat - so close. Next ball is terrible though, travelling down leg side and Rayudu just catches up with it to smash a four past Latham.

Next ball is played straight back past the bowler for another boundary.

31st over: Bracewell is back and Kohli pushes him to the rope immediately. Just five runs off that over though.

30th over: OUT!

Ferguson tempts Sharma to swing towards the leg-side boundary, but de Grandhomme is lurking and dives forward for the catch.
Rohit Sharma c de Grandhomme, b Ferguson 87

Rayudu is the new batsman and he guides the ball away for a single on the last ball - the only run off that over.

WASP is predicting 329 now. The other theory is doubling the 30-over score, which would mean something like 350.

29th over: Six off Sodhi's next over.

28th over: Ferguson replaces Boult - big call to remove the guy who just made the breakthrough. Kohli dispatches the second ball for four.

Kohli takes Ferguson off his hop down leg side for another boundary.

27th over: Sodhi replaces Munro. Time to strike, while Sodhi is new to the wicket.

Sharma stretches for a delivery going away and is lucky not to lob it to the field.

26th over: OUT!

Boult bowls wide and Dhawan takes an ill-advised waft at it, nicking it to Latham, who dives even further left to take the catch.
Shiktar Dhawan c Latham, b Boult 66

Is that the breakthrough New Zealand needed to get back into this match?

25th over: Munro is back for a second over and the second ball is dispatched by Sharma for four.

Sharma fetches the ball from outside off-stump and guides it behind square leg, but over Ferguson.

24th over: Boult is a little wayward in this over - two wides, but just a single with the remaining balls.

WASP is predicting 357, but I reckon that's a bit light.

23rd over: Here we go - Munro has the ball, First ball is wide down leg side.

Third ball is dispatched to the boundary by Dhawan. Seven runs off the over.

22nd over: Boult is back and dispatched for four by Sharma off his first ball.

And another off his second ball - 10 off the over.

21st over: Dhawan brings up his 27th ODI fifty off de Grandhomme and then plays it off his legs for four.

Next ball is played to fine leg for another four - momentum is picking up.

20th over: Ferguson drops one short, Sharma hooks and it clears the fielder at fine leg for six.

Sharma's next shot scoops over the infield off a full toss, but not convincingly. Nicholls hits the stumps with a throw on the fifth ball, but the batsman is home.

Nine off the over. We've got Nelson.

19th over: Sodhi continues after the break - just two singles.

18th over: Williamson continues to mix things up, with Ferguson replacing de Grandhomme. How long before he brings himself or even Colin Munro on?

Ferguson is showing good pace - his fourth ball is 149 kmph - and the batsmen are treating him will respect.

Spoke too soon - Sharma swings Ferguson over the fence for six and his half century.

Drinks break.

17th over: Sharma stretches for a wide ball from Sodhi and hits it back down the wicket, but not enough on it to carry to the boundary.

The scoring rate has slowed, but India are doing this easily.

16th over: De Grandhomme proves difficult for Sharma to get away.

The Indian sweeps at the final ball of the over and misses - Latham takes the stumps out and there's a review. He's safe and it's called a no-ball down leg side.

15th over: Sharma takes to Sodhi again - similar shot to the previous over - but the ball falls short of Ferguson. Just four off that over.

14th over: Dhawan cuts it viciously, stinging Guptill's hand on the way through to the boundary. That was a chance, but a tough one.

Dhawan plays another behind point for four - 10 off the over.

13th over:  Sharma smashes Sodhi over mid-wicket for the first six of the innings, clearing the fieldsman on the rope. Ten off the over.

12th over: And another bowling change, with de Grandhomme taking the ball. Williamson has now used five bowlers already, but none have really troubled the India openers.

Four runs off the over, all singles.

11th over: Looks like we'll see Sodhi. Interesting that India are playing three spinners, while we stick with just one.

The Indian openers just noodle Sodhi around for singles off the first five balls.

10th over: Sharma dances down the pitch and cuts Bracewell square for a boundary. 

Ninth over: Ferguson digs one short and Sharma scoops it high, but into space on the leg-side for four.

The bowler digs another short and almost tempts Dhawan into a dangerous ramp shot, but the next ball is played straight for four.

Eighth over: Dhawan cuts Bracewell for four, then nearly plays on again. Eight runs off the over.

Seventh over: Change in the bowling, with Ferguson replacing Boult. His first ball goes right through Dhawan.

Remember the other night, Ferguson should have had a wicket on a ball that no-one appealed - this may have been another one of those, but no-one seemed that interested.

Ferguson right on the mark with his first over - just three runs off it.

Sixth over: Bracewell's third delivery beats the outside of Sharma's bat, but his last ball is dropped short and Sharma pulls it to the boundary for the only runs of the over.

Fifth over: Dhawan plays Boult through the leg-side for four. Six from the over.

Fourth over: Dhawan plays a streaky shot to Bracewell's first ball and nearly plays onto his stumps.

Two balls later, Sharma plays a sublime shot through the on-side for four.

Third over: Boult bowls a nice full delivery, but Sharma plays it straight for four.

Five runs off that over.

Second over: Bracewell shares the new ball with Boult - he was perhaps the pick of the bowlers in Napier.

Dhawan guides the final ball of the over down fine leg for four.

First over: Dhawan and Sharma are at the crease, Boult bowling first to Sharma, who edges between a wide first slip and the keeper for four runs. Unlucky start for NZ.

Sharma misses an edge and then edges the final ball just short of Guptill in the gully, so no luck for Boult in that over.

2:32pm: India have won the toss and elected to bat first on a pitch that captain Virat Kohli likes as a batting strip - obviously.

No changes to the Indian line-up.

Blackcaps skipper Kane Williamson predicts a high-scoring match, after two big scores against Sri Lanka earlier this month. He would have bowled first anyway, so both teams get what they wanted.

Two changes to the NZ line-up - Ish Sodhi comes in for Mitch Santner and Colin de Grandhomme replaces Tim Southee.

New Zealand: Guptill, Munro, Williamson, Taylor, Latham, Nicholls, de Grandhomme, Sodhi, Ferguson, Bracewell, Boult

India: Dhawan, Sharma, Kohli, Rayudu, Dhoni, Jadhav, Shankar, Kuldeep Chahal,  Bhuvneshwar, Shami


Good afternoon, kia ora and welcome to Newshub's live updates of the second ond-day international between New Zealand and India at Mt Maunganui's Bay Oval.

The Blackcaps were pretty feeble the other night in Napier, failing to make even 40 of their 50 overs and scoring just 157 runs, which their rivals picked off in ridiculously easy fashion.

Captain Kane Williamson was the only batsman to offer any resistance with his 64, so his teammates need to show more stickability today.

The bowlers just didn't have enough runs to defend, but the fielders also let a few opportunities slip their fingers (literally).

Experienced TV commentators suggested the home team were simply short of a gallop, two weeks after their series sweep against Sri Lanka.

By contrast, India were straight off victory over Australia across the ditch only days earlier.

That excuse will hold no water today. 

Join us closer to 3pm for the toss and naming of teams for today's clash.

Pre-match banter - Pressure key to New Zealand comeback, says Trent Boult

Pressure is the operative word leading into the second one-day international against India on Saturday, according to Blackcaps quick Trent Boult.

The hosts are looking to bounce back after their abysmal display in the opening match of the series in Napier on Wednesday, where they only managed 157 runs in an emphatic eight-wicket loss.

Now Boult wants he and his fellow bowlers turn up the heat at both ends in Mt Maunganui, or they may found themselves at the mercy of the selectors and a newfound level of depth.

"In terms of our plans as a bowling unit, we want to be aggressive as we can and put pressure on them on the first few balls they face," Boult told Newshub. "They're quality batsmen and when they're in they're hard to get out.

"No one is complacent… especially in the bowling ranks. To have guys on the sideline like Matt Henry and Ish Sodhi, there is pressure on the lads who have been picked and that is healthy competition to have.

"I know in times we've struggled to have that and it is exciting come into a big six months for the ODI side."

The 29-year-old admitted they may have misread the pitch at McLean Park in terms of the composition of the bowling attack they opted for.

"You want to play the best bowlers who can take wickets. Ish [Sodhi] has done well for us, but where does he fit in in terms of who you don't play?

"It is one of those things. We didn’t read the pitch that it was going to turn like it did in Napier, but moving to here, it is usually a good wicket.

That said, Boult has complete confidence in whoever the selectors go with on a wicket that is renowned for producing runs.

"We want to be aggressive but limit the runs because big scores can be scored on this ground. I'm sure the guys who get the nod will do well and be successful."

The key lies with the early removal of the Indian dangermen at the top of the order, says Boult. No prizes for how he believes they best achieve that.

"The plan is to put pressure on them early in conditions they're not used too. If we can get a couple of wickets in the first 10 overs because we know what kinds of pressure it can put the rest of the team in the sheds. "