Live Updates: Blackcaps vs India, Third ODI

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Blackcaps 242 (Taylor 93, Latham 51, Shami 3/41)

India 240/3 (Sharma 62, Kohli 60, Boult 2/40) - India win by seven wickets 

And the match mercifully comes to an end courtesy of five wides. What a fitting way to end another demolition job as India clinch the series with two games to spare. Domination all-round.

43rd over:

Apparently Nicolas Cage once did magic mushrooms with his cat. 

42nd over: 

Is it time to move Latham into the opening role, shift Munro down to five instead? Just spitballing here...

40th over:

Fifty partnership up between Karcthik and Rayudu. It really has been a batting clinic from the visitors through these first three games.

39th over:

Did you know that Nicholas Cage once bought a pet octopus because he sincerely thought it might help with his acting?

Rayudu crunches another boundary.

37th over:

Karthik drives for four and brings up the India 200.

36th over:

Rayudu slays one for six off Ferguson, bullet over long-off. It's been a rough night for Bracewell, 43 runs off his five overs so far with no wickets.

35th over: 

Sodhi is at 34 runs from five overs to date.

Five wides. Yep, that's what I said.

33rd over: 

The commentary team are taking about Australian state cricket, if you needed any indication as to how this one is going as a contest.

32nd over:

Boult back into the attack. 

OUT - Nicholls takes a superb catch to dismiss the dangerman, another deserved wicket for Boult. Kohli c Nicholls b Boult 60(74)

31st over:

Rayadu goes inside out on two Santner balls and lofts them over cover for boundaries.

29th over:

OUT - Santner deceives Sharma with flight and Latham whips off the bails for the stumping. But the Indian opener's already done the damage, an excellent knock. Sharma st Latham b Santner 62(77)

27th over:

Kohli brings up his 49th ODI half century.

26th over:

Kohli hooks one over the square leg boundary for six.

The 100-run partnership is up, and the equation is an easy one for the visitors.

24th over:

Sharma crushes Ferguson over cow corner for six.

Kohli guides one past slip for four and India are curising here.

23rd over:

Sharma brings up an excellent half-century.

21st over:

Kohli takes to Sodhi, two boundaries off the over.

20th over:

Kohli goes over midwicket for four to bring up the 50 partnership.

17th over:

Sodhi gets his chance now. NZ desperately need a wicket here.

Line and length on the money early from the leggie, three runs from his opener.

16th over:

Santner varying his pace well, beats Kohli all ends up with a gem.

14th over:

Sharma dances down the wicket and lofts Santner into the clouds and back over his head for six.

13th over:

Kohli warming to the task now, driving square for four. Nine runs off the over.

12th over:

Santner into the attack. Five off his first.

11th over:

Boult remains in the attack. Williamson realises they need wickets.Two slips in.

Three off the over, Kohli yet to bother the scorers.

10th over:

Bracewell opens proceedings with a poor ball down leg, Sharm obliges and flicks it fine for four.

9th over:

OUT - Boult nabs the breakthrough for NZ, big edge straight to first slip and the first India wicket has fallen. Dhawan c Taylor b Boult 28(27)

Boult follows up with a fizzer to welcome Kohli. NZ need his wicket quickly.

8th over:

Three off the ferguson over. A steady start for the quick.

7th over:

Dhawan closes the over with an elegant cover drive for four and India roll on.

6th over:

Ferguson into the attack, kicks things off with a maiden over.

5th over:

Boult puts some extra heat into a bouncer, gets some glove but it's over Latham's head for four.

4th over:

Sharma plays one off the pads, finds another gap for four.

Dhawan puts Bracewell to the sword again, cutting through point for four.

3rd over:

Just a solitary run off the Boult over.

2nd over:

Edge doesn't carry to Taylor at first slip. Promising start from Bracewell.

Dhawan strokes one through covers, perfectlly dissecting the fielders for four.

Placement even better the following ball, to the rope it goes.

Dhawan makes it three-straight, this time though long-on. Big over for India.

1st over:

Here we go, can the NZ bowlers pull off an improbable win to keep the series alive?

Dhawan gets off the mark with a well placed drive for two.


NZ will be highly disappointed with that total. Taylor and Latham looked to have set the foundation for a testing score  after some early wobbles, but you'd back India to chase this one down with ease and wrap up the ODI series. Join us back here shortly to see if they can manage just that.

49th over:

OUT - Oh wow. Boult is sent up the order for some odd reason and immediately prceeds to run Bracewell out at the non-striker's end. Bracewell run out 15 (18)

OUT - Boult skies one for an easy catch and that will do us for the NZ innings. Boult c Shami b Kumar 2(4) 

48th over:

Shami into the breeze, on the money in the opening two balls.

Bang! Sodhi middles a hefty pull shot over the fence at cow corner for six.

Sodhi goes for it again and skies one, looks to be there for Kohli but the Indian captain proves he may actually be a mere mortal as he puts the catch down.

OUT - Kohli doesn't make the same mitsake twice, hauls in the catch to send Sodhi packing. Sodhi c Kohli b Shami 12(12)

47th over:

Not much batting left for NZ, there's plenty of swinging going on here but not a whole lot of dinging. The Indian bowlers are keeping a superb line and length, proving difficult to put away.

Just five from the over.

46th over:

NZ on track for about 260-odd. Is that going to be enough? I'm thinking no.

OUT - Huge blow to NZ's cause as Taylor - the their rock of the innings - departs, healthy edge behind for another Karthick catch. A fantastic knock, nonetheless. Taylor c Karthik b Shami 93(105)

45th over:

Taylor sweeps and gets a thick top edge, flies deep with one bounce for four. Into the 90s he goes.

44th over:

The wicket looks to be playing a lot slower in the later stages of this innings.

Taylor drives and sets off for a single, stumps well thrown down at long-off but he's comfortably home.

Taylor plays one off his hip and get it fine enough to beat the fielder to the rope. 

43rd over:

Bracewell cuts one on the up, looks like a chance but Dharwan misjudges it terribly. Four runs it is.

42nd over:

OUT - Santner slashes at an awful delivery and succeeds only in putting a comfortable catch through to the keeper. Santner c Karthink b Pandya 3(9)

The hosts starting to hit the skids now. Can Bracewell produce some more heroics at Bay Oval?

41st over: 

The bespectacled hometown lad Santner gets off the mark with a single to midwicket. Time to start accelerating for NZ.

Excellent over from Kumar, just three runs from it.

40th over:

Nicholls plays a well timed drive from a slower ball, Dhawan makes an athletic save, throws to the keeper and the ball takes a deflection off the stumps for two more.

OUT - Nicholls attempts to hook a swinging bouncer from Pandya and edges directly to the keeper. Nicholls c Karthik b Pandya 6(8)

39th over:

A great over for India's Kumar is somewhat spoiled by an edgy Taylor boundary to third man.

38th over:

Heart in mouth moment for NZ as Nicholls almost becomes another victim of a poor Taylor run call, but third umpire confirms his bat was just a couple of inches.

Apparently Nicholls is the quickest over 40m in the NZ side. At least according to Simon Doull, who's also a global warming denier so take that for what you will.

37th over:

Taylor slashes a square cut to the boundary.

Latham uses his feet beautifully again, whips one deep to bring up his half-century. Crucial hand played by the test opener this afternoon.

OUT - Latham goes hard at one but only manages to get the toe of the bat to it and the ball sails down Rayudu's throat at deep midwicket. Latham c Rayudu b Chahal 51(64)

36th over:

Latham dances down the pitch and hoists a poor ball over the square leg boundary for six.

Taylor nabs a cheeky double, and the pressure starting to tell on the Indian fielders.

34th over:

What Taylor innings is complete without a sketchy single? He escapes courtesy of a poor throw from the infield.

Taylor on to the back foot with a late cut, beats slip for four. follows that with a well taken double.

31st over:

NZ racking up the singles as they work the gaps well.

Taylor plays a late cut to perfection, splits the fielders for four.

Taylor goes again the next ball with an identical shot to the boundary to bring up his 46th ODI half-century.

30th over: 

Three runs off an uneventful Jadhav over.

29th over:

Big shout for LBW by Pandya, but it looks to have struck Taylor a touch high. The two scramble a run and the stumps are thrown down, a second appeal comes. Upstairs they go to review both appeals. LBW was pitching outside, and Latham is comfortably in his crease. Danger averted on both counts.

28th over: 

Jadhav takes the ball for the first time. Eases into his work. NZ run rate up to 6.80 through the past five overs.

27th over:

Delicate late cut from Taylor beats third man to the boundary. Handy partnership forming here now, NZ starting to build momentum.

Taylor on to the back foot and he pulls one emphtaically through midwicket for four to bring up the 50 partnership. Looks to have found his rhythm now.

26th over:

The Blackcaps working their way slowly back into this contest after a shaky start. Wickets in hand towards the end of the innings will be key to posting a competitive total.

Taylor's single brings up the NZ 100 to some muted applause from the Bay Oval crowd. 

25th over:

Shami in for the final over of his spell. Beats Taylor off the pitch, and the Kiwi responds with a smartly-run single.

24th over:

Yadav to the crease.

Latham sweeps a full one, it's misfielded at fine leg and the ball reaches the rope for the first time in what feels like an eternity.

23rd over:

Shami back into the attack, three runs off the over.

22nd over:

Pre-meditated sweep comes off for Latham, nabs three down to fine leg.

Repeats the shot, just a single from that one.

21st over:

Better work from the NZ pair, using their feet effectively to tick the runs over off Chahal.

20th over:

The consolidation continues. Four runs and another cheap over for India. 

19th over: 

Five from the Chahal over. Pivotal period here now for NZ.

18th over: 

Latham pulls to square leg to get off the mark.

17th over:

OUT - The pressure has finally told, Williamson reaches for one in an attempt to loft over midwicket but is foiled by the flight and a stunning diving catch by Pandya. Just reward for the spinner who's looked likely from the outset.  Williamson c Pandya b Chalal 28(48)

15th over: 

Three singles off the Chahal over. A much more measured approach to the Indian spin attack by the Blackcaps so far today.

14th over:

The studious NZ approach continues, just four off the Pandya over.

13th over:

Yadav into the attack for India. Some dangerous early drift here for the Indian spinners.

Taylor paddles one around the corner for a single, before Williamson is beaten all ends up off the final ball of an impressive opening over.

12th over:

Chalal keeps the Kiwi batsmen guessing.

Taylor looks to sweep and is beaten all ends up, no idea how that one didn't hit the stumps.

Williamson whips one across the line and find the gap perfectly, smart shot collects four.

11th over:

Pandya right on the money in his first over. No runs from it.

10th over:

Chahal into the attack and the spinner has the clamps on early. Just two off the first five.

Williamson puts paid to that with a glorious cover drive off the back foot, picks the gap and grabs four.

9th over: 

Classic Williamson straight drive, beats mid-off and claims four.

8th over: 

Taylor off the mark courtesy off a thick edge to third man.

7th over:

OUT - Guptill looks to drive to a good length ball and sends a straightforward catch through to wicketkeeper Karthik. Another poor showing from the NZ openers today. Guptill c Karthik b Kumar 13(15)

6th over:

Williamson rocks back and punches one through covers for his first boundary.

5th over:

Guptill uses the angle well and just picks one up off his pads, sending it sailing over the cow corner boundary rope for six.

Same zone two balls later and Guptill gives it the treament, this time just one bounce and into the fence.

Much better over for NZ.

4th over: 

NZ taking a very cautious approach after the early loss of Munro, and rightly so. Just a single off it, Williamson off the mark. 

3rd over:

Williamson to the crease, sees out a maiden over.

2nd over:

OUT - Munro gets a much thicker edge just a couple of balls later and it's a simple catch at first slip for Rohit Sharma. Munro c Sharma b Shami 7(10)

Munro gets a healthy edge on one the very next ball, keeper gets a glove on it but can't hold a low and tough chance.

Munro gets aggressive early and strikes one high and handsome back over Shami's head for thie first boundary of the innings.

1st over: 

Steady start with a handful of singles.

2:58pm - No Dhoni today for India, he's out with a hamstring strain. He's replaced by Dinesh Karthik.

2:38pm - Just one change for the hosts today, with Mitchell Santner coming into the side in place of Colin De Grandhomme. And there's still no sign of Tim Southee, who also sat out the second ODI.

2:34pm - Kane Williamson has won the toss and the Blackcaps will bat first at Bay Oval today. Conditions look positively picturesque at Ther Mount, as you'd expect.

Kia ora, good afternoon and welcome to Newshub's coverage of the third one-day international between New Zealand and India, taking place at Bay Oval in Mt Maunganui.

With India taking a 2-0 lead into today's contest, the hosts need to win all three remaining games to have a chance at claiming the series against the world's second-best side 50-over side.

This is also the final time New Zealand fans will get to see superstar batsman Virat Kohli on these shores, with the Indian skipper due to return home to rest up ahead of a home series against Australia.

Join us closer to 3pm for the toss and the team line-up confirmations.


New Zealand: Martin Guptill, Colin Munro, Kane Williamson (c), Ross Taylor, Tom Latham (wk), Henry Nicholls, Mitchell Santner, Doug Bracewell, Ish Sodhi, Lockie Feguson, Trent Boult

India: Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli (capt), Ambati Rayudu, Kedar Jadhav, MS Dhoni (wk), Hardik Pandya, Kuldeep Yadav, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Shami, Yuzvendra Chahal

TAB odds: Blackcaps $2.42, India $1.57

Pre-match banter: Gary Stead backs struggling batsmen to fire

Blackcaps coach Gary Stead knows the biggest challenge for his batsmen in the remainder of their one-day international series against India is to build partnerships at the top of the order.

None of New Zealand's top six batsmen scored more than 35 runs, as the Blackcaps were dismissed for 234 in reply to India's 324/4 to suffer a 90-run loss in the second ODI in Mt Maunganui. The hosts lost the opening match by eight wickets in Napier.

The biggest partnership the Blackcaps had in their chase was 58 runs between bowlers Doug Bracewell (57) and Lockie Ferguson.

The Blackcaps now have to win the remaining three ODI matches, if they want to win the series and they can't afford to lose their top batsmen early in the innings.

"We haven't built partnerships across the whole top six or seven," Stead began.

"That was the strength of what we did so well against Sri Lanka, that's what we haven't clicked and done here yet.

"As a batting unit, that's going to be our challenge going into the next three games - to build those partnerships and that's everyone.

"Our guys have played enough cricket - they know that you can't rely on the lower order to win you those games. It's got to be the top order to score the majority of the runs.

"We haven't done that in the two games as yet."

Another area for concern for New Zealand is their struggles against spin bowling. In the two ODIs, spin duo Kuldeep Yadav and Yuzvendra Chahal have accounted for 12 wickets out of 20 wickets.

Stead knows the Blackcaps must improve with the bat, but highlighted their recent success against Sri Lanka as proof they can handle the turning ball.

"It's not that we can't play spin bowling, we've just taken some options that haven't been the best options at times.

"I have faith in our guys. We played the spin bowling very well against Sri Lanka and they had a lot of spinners, so it's not like we can't - we just haven't done it effectively.

"The two wrist spinners that they [India] have here are very, very effective bowlers. Our challenge is to find a way to be better."

Despite the woes against India, Stead remains confident that his squad has the ability to turn things around.

"I have faith in all of our squad that they can do a job there.

"We're still - I guess in some ways - experimenting what our very best team is. That's an on-going thing and it'll probably change with the conditions that we have as well."


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