Live Updates: Blackcaps vs Sri Lanka, First ODI

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Sri Lanka innings

49th Over - Sri Lanka 236 all out - (NZ win by 45 runs)

WICKET: Lasith Malinga b Henry 11 (7) 1x6 FOW 326
Got em! Henry gets some reward - full and Malinga can't get down on it as the ball crashes into middle stump and that's the game - 45 run win for NZ.

Malinga goes bang over mid off! Huge six - henry has taken some punishment tonight.

Chance! Dropped - Henry Nicholls scoffs a tough chance at mid off- high and he did get two hands but couldn't pull it in.

Matt Henry to bowl his last over - 0/77 so far.

48th Over 316/9 [Malinga 1 / Pradeep 6]
Slower ball from Boult is smashed down to long on for six by Pradeep! Great shot.

Nuwan Pradeep is the final Sri Lankin batsman.

WICKET: Lakshan Sandakan b Boult 6 (7) 1x4 FOW 310
Boult picks up his second! Sandakan gives himself room - full from Boult and it crashes into the base of oof stump.

Boult to bowl his last.

47th Over 310/8 [Malinga 1 / Sandakan 6]
Ferguson is done for the night - 2/65 from his 10 overs.

Sandakan squeezes a yorker out - down to the boundary for four.

New batsman is Sandakan.

WICKET: Seekuge Prasanna c Seifert b Ferguson 16 (14) 1x6 FOW 303
Ferguson could have a wicket here - Prasanna may have edged this one through to Seifert - the ball could have hit the grass first. Nope it looks to be fine and Prasanna is on his way. It was an ugly woft from the batsman - got a feint edge and Seifert took a great catch.

Ferguson to bowl his last.

46th Over 
Six and a wicket for Boult. 69 from 24 balls required.

New batsman is Malinga.

WICKET: Kusal Perera c Seifert b Boult 102 (86) 13v4 1x6 FOW 298
Boult strikes! Perera's brilliant innings is over - big swing across the line - ball goes straight up and Seifert claims the catch and that should be it.

Trent Boult is back - 0/53 from his eight.

45th Over 296/6 [Perera 102 / Prasanna 10]
Ferguson came back very well at the latter end - 10 off it.

Slower ball bouncer sits up and Prasanna slams it over midwicket for six! Great shot to start the over - they need a 20-30 run over in the next two.

Ferguson back to the bowling crease - 1/50 from eight overs.

44th Over 286/6 [Perera 102 / Prasanna 3]
10 from that Matt Henry over - but not enough at this stage - they need 14's from here.

Perera through the covers and races away to the boundary for another four and his fourth ODI ton. Superb knock.

Short from Henry - Perera rocks back and smashes it to fine leg for four - he's very good on the short ball. 97 now for Perera.

95 runs required from seven overs - Matt Henry is back - 0/67 from his eight overs.

43rd Over 277/6 [Perera 94 / Prasanna 2]
Great stuff from Sodhi - just the four from that and he finished with 2/53 from his 10 overs.

Sodhi to bowl out - 2/49 from his spell so far.

42nd Over 273/6 [Perera 93 / Prasanna 0]
WICKET: Thisara Perera c Munro b Ferguson 4 (5) FOW 273/6
Ferguson strikes! Big wicket - Thisara Perera back away and swings - he slices it high but not far and Munro takes a nice catch running backwards in the gully. 

Slower ball attack here from Ferguson - just one from the first three-balls.

Ferguson back - 0/48 from seven overs.

41st Over 271/5 [T.Perera 3 / K Perera 90]
Five and a wicket off the over - Sodhi doing the job again. 

The big hitting Thisara Perera is the new man.

WICKET: Asela Gunaratne c Ferguson b Sodhi 11 (23) FOW 267
Gunaratne takes on Sodhi - slog sweeps from outside off and it's right down Ferguson's throat at wide-midwicket. 

Sodhi to continue.

40th Over 266/4 [Perera 88 / Gunaratne 11]
11 off that one for Sri Lanka - they are right on track here to pull off one of the great run chases.

Perera almost makes it three but Ferguson did great work on the boundary to save three runs.

Perera flicks - great shot and it races away to the fine leg boundary for the second straight four.

Perera swings away at a full one and he gets a big edge and the ball flies down to third man for four runs.

Trent Boult is back - 0/42 from seven overs.

39th Over 255/4 [Perera 78 / Gunaratne 10]
Sodhi slipping here - awful ball down the leg side for a wide. Nine from that one and 20 from the last two which is almost with the rate.

Reverse sweep from Perera - superb shot as it crashes into the fence for four. Chance for a big over here.

Ish Sodhi back to the bowling crease - 1/37 from seven overs.

38th Over 246/4 [Perera 73 / Gunaratne 7]
Good over for Sri Lanka - much needed - 11 runs off that one.

Perera almost chops the ball on - manages to just kick the ball away as it was bouncing back towards the wickets.

Perera on the pull shot - Southee is on the boundary but it just has enough on it as Southee tips it over the bar like a GK in football. Almost a great catch.

Matt Henry to bowl his eighth over.

37th Over 235/4 [Perera 64 / Gunaratne 6]
Neesham has been simply superb - just the four runs off that one. he has 3/37 from eight.

Perera swings across the line - almost carries to Munro on the square leg boundary but he grabs it on the bounce.

Neesham starts his eighth over with a wide.

36th Over 231/4 [Perera 63 / Gunaratne 4]
Good over for Henry - his best of the match - just the three off it.

Perera down the wicket and looks to carve Henry over cover but can't make contact.

Matt Henry back for his third spell - 0/53 of six overs so far.

35th Over 228/4 [Gunaratne 2 / Perera 62]
Neesham cuts Perera in half on the last ball of the over but no edge - great over none the less.

Neesham to bowl his seventh.

34th Over 223/4 [Gunaratne 1 / Perera 59]
Ferguson drops short and Perera is on the hook and smashes it to the fine leg boundary for four runs.

Ferguson will continue.

33rd Over 215/4 [Perera 52 / Gunaratne 1]
Last ball strays onto Gunaratne's pads and he tickles around the corner for four runs. 

Asela Gunaratne is the new man in. Ish Sodhi back on the park.

WICKET: Dinesh Chandimal c Taylor b Neesham 10 (18) FOW 211/4
Neesham has three! Chandimal onto the back foot and on the pull - straight up in the air and Ross Taylor makes no mistake at square leg. Slower ball from Neesham - 116km. Great piece of bowling.

Neesham bowling 140 clicks - beats Perera outside off stump with a beauty.

32nd Over 209/3 [Perera 51 / Chandimal 10]
Two great overs on the bounce for the Blackcaps - just four off that Lockie Ferguson over.

Ferguson is back for Boult - Sodhi suffering from cramp.

31st Over 205/3 [Chandimal 8 / Perera 50]
Great over again from Neesham - just the three of that one - Drinks.

Perera flicks Neesham a round the corner for a single and his 12th fifty in ODI's.

Ish Sodhi is off the park - looks like a lower leg injury as he limps back to the sheds.

8.5 rpo is the required rate for Sri Lanka off the final 20 overs. Neesham is back for his second spell.

30th Over 202/3 [Perera 49 /Chandimal 5]
Boult strays onto Perera's pads and he flicks it past Perera for a boundary. 200 up for Sri Lanka.

Perera plants his front foot down the wicket and smashes Boult over his head for four - great shot. 

29th Over 191/3 [Chandimal 4 / Perera 40]
Final ball is squeezed around the corner for two - poor end to the over.

Sodhi bowling well here - three runs through the first five balls of the over but he lets himself down with a wide.

Sodhi will continue after getting the wicket in the last over.

28th Over 185/3 [Perera 37 / Chandimal 2]
Great over from Boult - three runs off the bat and a leg bye.

Trent Boult is back for his second spell.

27th Over 181/3 [Pererea 35 / Chandimal 1]
The quicker one from Sodhi beats Chandimal and hits the pads - umpire says not out but Williamson wants a review - sliding down for me. And so it is - NZ lose their only review. Great over none the less from Sodhi.

Dinesh Chandimal is the new batsman.

WICKET: Kusal Mendis c Seifert b Sodhi 18 (20) 2x4 FOW 178
Sodhi gets the breakthrough. Mendis comes forward defensively - inside edge onto pad and Seifert snaps it up behind the stumps. Much needed wicket for the Blackcaps. Great bowling from Sodhi - the googley is turning.

26th Over  177/2 [Perera 33 / Mendis 14]
Henry's final ball is guided down to third man for four - had been a great five balls before that. Fifty partnership up in 41 balls.

Henry bowls a cracker - play and miss from Perera - slower ball that gripped in the pitch. Lovely bowling.

25th Over 170/2 [Perera 31 / Mendis 13]
Chance! Another run put chance - Nicholls missed this time and Perera was short but a great over from Sodhi - just the four off it.

Ish Sodhi back - NZ need to apply the breaks here.

24th Over 166/2 [Perera 29 / Mendis 11]
Short from Henry and Perera smashes it through midwicket for consecutive fours. 

Slog across the line from Perera - French cuts down to teh fine leg boundary for four runs.

Matt Henry back for his second spell.

23rd Over 155/2 [Mendis 10 / Perera 19]
Perera cuts a short one from Ferguson to the cover boundary for another four. 12 off that one for Sri Lanka.

Great shot from Perera - short from Ferguson and it's straight pulled through mid on for four runs.

Chance! Nope. Mendis drop and run straight to Guptil who scoops, dives but misses a run out chance - Perera was well short.

22nd Over 143/2 [Mendis 9 / Perera 8]
Another solid over of work from Neesham - just the five runs off that one. 

21st Over 138/2 [Mendis 7 / Perera 6]
Just the five off that one - nice comeback from the last three balls.

Great shot from Mendis. 144km from Ferguson and it's whiped through midwicket along the carpet for a boundary.

Lockie Ferguson is back for his second spell.

20th Over 133/2 [Perera 6 / Mendis 2]
Six and a wicket for Neesham off that over.

Short and Perera gets inside it and pulls it away for four rns. Nice shot.

The new batsman is Kusal Mendis.

WICKET: Niroshan Dickwella b Neesham 76 (50) 8x4 3x6 FOW 126
Neesham gets another! Dickwella looks to thrash through the covers but he plays the ball onto his stumps and Neehsam has a second wicket.

19th Over 126/1 [Dickwella 76 / Perera 1]
Seven off the over - last ball almost yorked Perera with the knuckle ball.

Dickwella dabs past Seifert for four runs - lovely deft touch.

Colin Munro replaces Sodhi. 

18th Over 119/1 [Dickwella 70 / Perera 0]
Seven runs and a wicket from the Neesham over.

Kusal Perera the new batsman. He is quite the dasher by all accounts.

WICKET: Danushka Gunathilaka c Seifert b Neesham 43 (62) 3x4 FOW 119
Got em! Gunathilika strangled down the leg side - Seifert makes no mistake.

Dickwella slogs - balls is up in the air but Seifert can't pull it in on the run.

Dickwella steps away and smashes Neesham over long on for six - Huge hit!

Neesham to continue - Blackcaps need a wicket.

17th Over 112/0 [Dickwella 63 / Gunathilaka 43]
Another nice over from Sodhi - just the five runs from that one. Drinks.

Sodhi beats hits the pads of Dickwella but it pitched outside leg.

Reverse sweep from Dickwella earns him two runs.

Ish Sodhi to continue.

16th Over 107/0 [Dickwella 59 / Gunathilaka 42]
Good over from Neesham - sox off it but he bowled with good pace in the high 130s.

Dickwella slogs across the line - ugly shot but geat result as it's sent through midwicket for four runs.

Gunathilaka smashes Neesham into the covers - Ross taylor saves three runs with a great stop.

Jimmy Neesham into the attack - has struggled with the ball in the past.

15th Over 101/0 [Gunathilaka 41 / Dickwella 54]
Nice work from Sodhi - just the four singles from that one.

100 run partnership up between the two left-handers - 7.7 rpo required for the wiin.

14th Over 97/0 [Dickwella 52 / Gunathilaka 39]
10 from that over - two bad balls punished. 

Short from Ferguson and again the ramp shot from Dickwella - four more runs and a fifty for the batsman.

Loose from Ferguson again - strays down leg and Gunathilaka tickles it around the corner for four off the first ball.

13th Over 87/0 [Gunathilaka 34 / Dickwella 47)
Great piece of bowling from Sodhi - the googley beats Gunathilaka - nice over form the leg spinner but still five from it. 

12th Over 82/0 [Dickwella 45 / Gunathilaka 32]
Good over from Ferguson - just the four singles.

Gunathilaka rushed into a pull shot from the extra pace of Ferguson but it doesn't quite carry to Munro on the boundary. Closest NZ have come to a wicket.

11th Over 78/0 [Dickwella 43 / Gunathilaka 30]
No risk cricket from Sri Lanka as they work Sodhi around for eight runs - Sodhi lucky to get away with a long hop on the final ball.

Sodhi bowling leg stump line to begin - five runs from his first four balls.

Ish Sodhi into the attack for the Blackcaps.

10th Over 70/0 [Dickwella 39 / Gunathilaka 26]
Nice comeback from Ferguson - just two runs allowed after the first ball.

Loose start from Ferguson - strays onto Gunathilaka's pads and he helps it on its way to the fine leg boundary.

Lockie Ferguson replaces Matt Henry.

9th Over 64/0 [Dickwella 38 / Gunathilaka 21]
Not bad from Boult aside from that six - Great start for Sri Lanka.

Short from Boult - Dickwella backs away and guides it over a very fine third man four six! What a shot!

8th Over 56/0 [Dickwella 32 /Gunathilaka 20]
Six runs off that Matt Henry over - he has 0/35 from four.

Dickwella backs away and thrashes Henry through the covers for four runs.

7th Over 50/0 [Dickwella 27 / Gunathilaka 19]
Good over from Boult but a couple loose shots garnered good rewards with a three and a two.

6th Over 44/0 [Dickwella 25 / Gunathilaka 14]
Gunathilaka goes high over midwicket - Munro making good ground but just can't quite get to it - does well to stop the boundary though. 

5th Over 40/0 [Gunathilaka 12 / Dickwella 24]
Boult putting the breaks on a little here - just two runs from the first five balls.

4th Over 37/0 [Gunathilaka 11 / Dickwella 24]
Dickwella backs to the leg side and carves Henry through the point region for four - Nicholls got close to it but couldn't quite reel in a stunner.

Henry over-pitches and Gunathilaka smashes it over cover for four runs. Great shot.

3rd Over 26/0 [Dickwella 20 / Gunathilaka 4]
Dickwella cuts the last ball of the over - Neesham dives and almost pulls off a stunning catch - just out if reach and away to the bounday.

Dickwela pulls a short ball - great shot and a second four for the opening batsman.

2nd Over 17/0 [Dickwella 12 / Gunathilaka 3]
Dickwella goes over midwicket - ball rolls into the boundary rope for four runs - Pressure on Henry here.

Well bowled from Henry. Dots Dickwella up on the free hit.

No ball from the first ball - Dickwella down on one knee and scoops it over fine leg for six runs! Free hit.

Matt Henry gets his chance - will open up alongside Boult.

1st Over 3/0 [Dickwella 1 / Gunathilaka 1]
Just three runs off the first over including a wide.

Openers for Sri Lanka are Danushka Gunathilaka and Niroshan Dickwella. Trent Boult to open up for NZ.

What a tremendous finish to the innings by James Neesham - he was almost out first ball but then proceeded to smash 45 further runs from 12 balls. Tough task ahead for Sri Lanka. Be back in 35 mins.

New Zealand innings

Jimmy Neesham 47no (13) 6x6 - Ish Sodhi 0no 

50th Over 371/7 [Neesham 47 / Sodhi 0]

Last ball and Neesham smashes him over cover for six!!!! What a shot to end the innings and what a dynamic knocj from James Neesham.

WICKET: Matt Henry c Perera b Pradeep 6 (5) 1x4 FOW 363
Henry goes back and pulls but it's straight up in the air and Perera takes the catch at short fine leg.

Henry smashes it through midwicket for four - bottom hand heavy but great shot regardless.

Three runs off the first two balls from Pradeep. Matt Henry on strike with four balls remaining.

49th Over 356/6 [Neesham 36 / Henry 2]
No record - 34 runs off the over. Neesham hits it out to midwicket along the ground. Third most runs off an over by a single batsman.

Six!!!!! Neesham just smashes the leather off that one - Miles over the midwicket boundary for a massive six! On the roof. World record is on here.

No Ball! Full toss over waste height - Neesham gets back for two and will have a free hit.

Four in a row!!! Neesham smashes a low full toss over midwicket. Huge six - the biggest of the four.

Neesham goes straight this time and it's the same result - crashes into the sight screen for six!

Neesham repeats the dose next ball - carbon copy but better hit this time.

Neesham swings across the line - makes good contact and the ball sails over the mid wicket boundary for six.

48th Over 322/6 [Neesham 3 / Henry 2]
Neesham tries to go long - it's up in the air but the long off fielder Kusal Mendis can't run it down and Neesham is back for two.

Matt Henry is the new batsman

WICKET: Tim Seifert c Perera b Malinga 11 (10) 1x4 FOW 317
Seifert slogs - but he can't get enough on a slower ball and is caught on the boundary by Perera.

47th Over  317/5 [Seifert 10 / Neesham 0]
New batsman is Jimmy Neesham.

WICKET - Henry Nicholls run out 15 (12) 1x4 FOW 316
Seifert can't get a full toss away - comes off the pad and he sets off for a run but changes his mind - Nicholls is halfway down the track and stranded - Perera throws down the stumps and Nicholls is on his way.

Nicholls pulls a shortish ball from Perera - misfield on the boundary by Gunaratne and it goes for four.

46th Over 309/4 [Nicholls 10 / Seifert 8]
Full toss from Malinga - very close to yet another beamer - Seiferts pulls him down to fine leg for four- he should have been called for the no ball there and probably out of the attack. That's three from Malinga in eight and a bit overs.

Seifert drives uppishly through the covers - safely - and gets two runs to bring up the 300 for NZ.

Slower ball from Malinga and Nicholls chips it straight to mid on but Sandakan puts down a bit of a sitter. Poor fielding.

45th Over 298/4 [Nicholls 6 / Seifert 1]
Tim Seifert is the new batsman on debut.

WICKET: Ross Taylor c Prasanna b Perera 54 (37) 6x4 2x6 FOW: 294
Taylor looks to go over long off but the ball hits high on the bat and is caught on the boundary by Prasanna.

44th Over 293/3 [Taylor 54 /Nicholls 3]
Malinga goes full and wide and taylor thrashes him through point for the third four of the over.

Taylor french cuts down to fine lef for another boundary and brings up his fifty in the process - his 44th in ODI's.

Malinga strays down legside and Taylor whips him to a wide-fine leg for four runs.

Malinga back on to bowl his eighth over.

43rd Over 277/3 [Nicholls 2 /Taylor 40]
Henry Nicholls is the new batsman.

WICKET: Martin Guptill c Sandakan b Perera 138 (139) 11x4 5x6 FOW: 274
Guptill backs away but cuts the ball straight to Sandakan in the gully to end his innings.

Perera back into the attack.

Martin Guptill on his way to his 14th ODI ton.
Martin Guptill on his way to his 14th ODI ton. Photo credit: Photosport

42nd Over 274/2 [Guptill 138 / Taylor 39]
Taylor deposits a full toss into the stands over a wide long on for six to end a huge over for the Blackcaps.

Waste high full toss from Pradeep and Taylor will have a free hit.

Taylor goes again - flat and hard and one bounce into the boundary rope for four through square leg.

Taylor goes for the slog sweep - it's gone very high but he has enough on it to float into the stands for Taylor's first maximum.

Pradeep back for his third spell.

41st Over 255/2 [Guptill 137 / Taylor 22]
Guptill slams it over long off for his fifth six - superb shot and powerfully hit. There was a player out there but well over his head.

Sandakan's final over coming up.

40th Over 245/2 [Guptill 127 / Taylor 21]
Guptill swings a short ball through midwicket for four - long hop from Malinga and Guptill made him pay.

Taylor can't get the ball away - nice delivery from Malinga.

Another beamer from Malinga but down the legside - Taylor one-hands it down to fine leg for four - free hit coming up.

39th Over 231/2 - [Guptil 122 / Taylor 15]
Guptill slams Sandakan over long off for a huge six - similar ti some of the shots he hit during his double-hundred against the West Indies in the World Cup.

38th Over 221/2 [Guptill 114 / Taylor 14]
Lasith Malinga back for his third spell.

37th Over 217/2 [Taylor 13 / Guptill 111]
Just five runs off that over - well bowled by Sandakan.

36th Over 212/2 [Taylor 9/ Guptill 110]
Guptill plants his front foot down the wicket and launches Prasanna over midwicket for six and hit a Mr Whippy truck in the process. Great shot.

35th Over 203/2 [Taylor 8 /Guptill 103]
Appeal for a stumping but Taylor's foot is firmly planted - good piece of bowling though - a googley.

Taylor sweeps and sweeps well of the new bowler, Sandakan - Taylor's first boundary.

34th Over 196/2 [Guptill 102 /Taylor 2]
Guptill's hundred came off 112 balls with 10 fours and two sixes.

Guptill smashes the second ball through the covers for another boundary and completes his 14th ODI century in the process.

Prasanna back on - his ninth over.

33rd Over 192/2 [Guptill 98 / Taylor 2]
Time for a drinks break.

Just the three singles off the over - Guptill within two of a 14th ODI century. 

32nd Over 189/2 [Guptill 96 / Taylor 1]

Taylor off the mark with a single to long off.

31st Over 186/2 [Guptill 94 / Taylor 0]
WICKET: Kane Williamson b Pradeep 76 (74) 6x4 FOW: 186

Williamson attempts to guide the ball down to third man but he's chopped the ball on to his stumps. Too close to cut there but he is very good at that shot - missed opportunity for a huge score for Williamson.

Pradeep replaces Gunathilaka.

30th Over 182/1 [Guptill 92 / Williamson 74]
Partnership now 156 - that's a record for the second wicket against Sri Lanka in ODI's.

Guptill on the sweep and smashed it to the square leg boundary for four runs.

Prasanna is back on - replacing Parera.

29th Over 174/1 [Guptill 86 / Williamson 72]
And Williamson goes again - same shot but even better this time - two bounces and into the fence it goes.

Williamson goes inside out over cover for for runs - superb cricket shot off the first ball of the over.

Gunathilaka's off spin replaces Gunaratne's medium pace.

28th Over 164/1 [Guptill 85 / Williamson 63]
Six singles off the Parera over - as easy as you like.

Parera replaces Malinga.

27th Over 158/1 [Guptill 82 / Williamson 60]
Good over from Gunaratne - just the five singles.

Change of bowling - Gunaratne's medium pace replaces Sandakan.

26th Over 153/1 [Williamson 58 / Guptill 79]
Malinga continues and his first ball is hammered over point for four - great shot to start the over from Guptill.

25th Over 144/1 [Williamson 55 / Guptill 73]

24th Over 140/1 [Williamson 53 / Guptill 71]
Superb yorker from Malinga has Williamson breifly in trouble but he adjust superbly well to keep it out.

23rd Over 135/1 [Guptill 69 / Williamson 51]
A really testing over from Sandakan - Guptill couldn't get him away until pushing for one off the final ball.

Williamson brings up his fifty with a lovely shot through midwicket for three-runs. the Blackcaps skipper's 34th half century in ODI's.

22nd Over 131/1 [Williamson 48 / Guptill 68]
Good over from Malinga after a first ball wide.

Sri Lankin skipper Lasith Malinga brings himself back on with the visitors needing a wicket to stem the flow.

21st Over 126/1 [Guptill 66 / Williamson 46]
Guptill launches Sandakan over square leg for six to bring up the century stand.

20th Over 117/1 [Williamson 45 / Guptill 58]
Eight from that over as Guptill plays the last ball down to long on for one.

Williamson down the wicket and flicks over midwicket for four runs from ball one - superb batting.

19th Over 109/1 [Williamson 38 / Guptill 57]
Guptill cuts the final ball of the 19th away to the point boundary for yet another four. This pair in complete control.

18th Over 102/1 [Williamson 36 / Guptill 52]
Blackcaps coasting at the moment - Guptill smashes a six over cover off the final ball of the over to bring up his fifty. 11 off that one for NZ.

17th Over 91/1 [Williamson 34 / Guptill 43]
Solid over for the Blackcaps with five singles easily gathered.

16th Over 86/1 [Williamson 31 / Guptill 41]
Quiet few overs off the back of some good slow bowling - Just the four singles from that Prasanna over as we head to a drinks break.

15th Over 82/1 [Williamson 29 / Guptill 39]
Tidy over from Sanakan - just four singles from his first over.

Change of bowling - Sandakan, left arm wrist spinner.

14th Over 78/1 [Guptill 37 / Williamson 27]
Guptill swings widely across the line at the final ball of the over - ball hits his pad but is sliding down. Nice over from Prasanna.

13th Over 77/1 [Guptill 37 / Williamson 26]
Just the three singles off that Parera over.

12th Over 74/1 [Williamson 24 / Guptill 26]
Fifty partnership off the last ball of the over.

Williamson punches off the back foot through wide cover for three-runs - Great shot.

Short and wide from Prasanna and Guptill slaps him through point for a boundary.

11th Over 63/1 [Williamson 20 / Guptill 29]
Nice comeback from Parera to go for just the one single after a boundary off the first ball.

Williamson cuts the first ball of Parera's over to the point boundary for four runs.

10th Over 58/1 [Williamson 15 / Guptill 29]
Back-to-back good overs for Sri Lanka - that was a nice start form Prasanna.

Change of bowling - Legbreak bowler Seekuge Prasanna replaces Pradeep.

9th Over 56/1 [Guptill 28 / Williamson 14]
Tight over from Parera - just the two singles.

8th Over 54/1 [Guptill 27 / Williamson 13]
Through the gully off the last ball of the over for yet another four from Guptill.

Over-pitched by Pradeep and Guptill drives it superbly passed the bowler for another four. Timed exquisitely.

Guptill goes over midwicket this time - another great shot and another boundary for Guptill.

7th Over 42/1 [Guptill 15 / Williamson 13]
Guptill goes over cover and down the boundary for four runs. - great shot

Change of bowling - Parera replaces Malinga

6th Over  37/1 [Guptill 10 / Williamson 13]
Williamson with a deft touch gets the ball past a wide slip for his third four.

5th Over 31/1 [Williamson 9 / Guptill 10]

Williamson goes through point next ball for a second boundary - loose bowling from Malinga.

Williamson guides his free hit down to the third man boundary to get off the mark.

Williamson bowled a beamer first up but he avoids damage and will have a free hit. 

WICKET: Colin Munro c Sandakan b Malinga 13 (14) 1x4 1x6 FOW: 23

Munro goes after a wide one - he stops on the shot and the ball looks to have been caught in the gully - yes it has. Nice catch from Sandakan and Malinga has the early breakthrough. 

4th Over  23/0 [Munro 13 / Guptill 10]
Another loosish ball is punished by Guptill as he repeats the show to end the over.

Pradeep over-pitches and Guptill punches through the covers for his first boundary.

3rd Over  15/0 [Munro 13 / Guptill 2]
Munro tries to go big on the leg side - ball has gone very high but it also has length on it and it floats over the midwicket boundary for six.

2nd Over  7/0
Munro pushes gently at Pradeep's second ball and it races to the boundary - looks like a fast surface.

1st Over 2/0
Malinga will bowl the first over for Sri Lanka, with Guptill taking guard. He guides the second ball for a single to open his account.

Munro has a single to get off the mark and the Blackcaps successfully negotiate Maling's first over.

National anthems being played - the Blackcaps have a new strip that looks like All Blacks jerseys, essentially black with white collars.


Blackcaps skipper Kane Williamson has won the toss and elected to bat first. Tim Southee and Doug Bracewell have missed the playing line-up, so that means Tim Seifert will debut behind the wickets.

Temperature is currently 25 degrees and the Mount has just experienced a brief shower, but expects pretty nice weather for the rest of the day.

New Zealand: Martin Guptill, Colin Munro, Kane Williamson, Ross Taylor, Henry Nicholls, Tim Seifert, Jimmy Neesham, Ish Sodhi, Matt Henry, Trent Boult & Lockie Ferguson

Sri Lanka: Niroshan Dickwella, Danushka Gunathilaka, Dinesh Chandimal, Kusal Mendis, Kusal Perera, Asela Gunaratne, Seekuge Prasanna, Thisara Perera, Lakshan Sandakan, Lasith Malinga (capt), Nuwan Pradeep


Kia ora, good afternoon and welcome to the opening one-day international match between New Zealand and Sri Lanka from Bay Oval at Mt Maunganui.

The Blackcaps have had little time to reflect on their test-series win over the same opponents, before switching their preparation to the limited-over format.

Over the past two years, Sri Lanka have lost 33 of their 44 ODI outings and currently sit eighth in world rankings.

New Zealand rank third behind England and India, and just one point clear of South Africa, having lost their most recent series against Pakistan in the desert.

With the change of format, the Kiwis have brought in players from outside the test squad, including bowler Lockie Ferguson, and all-rounders Jimmy Neesham and Doug Bracewell.

With Tom Latham rested, Tim Seifert is poised to make his international debut behind the stumps, while big hitters Martin Guptill and Colin Munro return to the batting top order. 

Probably the biggest change for Sri Lanka will see distinctive side-arm bowler Lasith Malinga introduced as captain, while injured all-rounder Angelo Mathews is sidelined.

The TAB has New Zealand at $1.22 for victory, with Sri Lanka at $4. Guptill and Blackcaps skipper Kane Williamson are paying $3.75 as top runscorers.

Joins us at 2pm for the start of play.


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