Live updates: Blackcaps vs Sri Lanka – second one-day international

New Zealand 319/7 - Final score 

Sri Lanka 298 all out  Pradeep 3no.

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Over 47: Henry to bowl. Three off the first ball. That's it!! Perera's fantastic innings comes to an end just 22 runs short. A great take from Trent Boult. Perera c Boult b Henry 140.

Over 46: Southee to bowl. Another six! This is amazing. another six, wow is all i can say. This is fantastic stuff. Another six for Perera. And another one, four off this over. The last ball of the over is a dot. 24 off the over. 

Over 45: Neesham to bowl, another six from Perera. Another six! Wow. Gets a single off the second to last ball of the over. 

Over 44: Southee to bowl. Another drop catch! Wow, that's five. Three runs off the Southee over. 

Over 43: Neesham to bowl. A mistimed shot goes for one. An edge just goes past slip, and he gets Perera on strike. Three singles so far.  Wicket! It's the number 10 Sandakan who gloves one up in the air and Taylor takes a good catch at slip. Sandakan c Taylor b Neesham 4. One wicket needed for the Blackcaps. 

Over 42: Another big six!! and a flick for one and he moves to 99. That's the 100! What a knock from Perera. 11 off that.

Over 41: Southee to return. Sandakan gets off strike with a french cut for one.

Over 40: Boult to continue. A six!! Through the hands of Kane Williamson, another drop catch. And then Perera follows it up with another six! 12 off the over. 

Over 39: Henry to continue. A good shot from Perera a cut for four. A good over for Perera, who gets a single off the last to keep strike.

Over 38: Boult will be looking to wrap up the tail here. That's huge from Perera, a big six over cow corner. Seven off the over. 

Over 37: Henry to return. Looking for nothing but boundaries or doubles. Two off the second. Five off the Henry over. 

Over 36: Malinga top edges Boult over the keepers head for four. Bowled him!!! A slower ball from Boult cannons off the pads on to the stumps and the Sri Lankan captain is gone. Malinga b Boult 17. Sandakan to the crease now. Four off the over and one wicket. 

Over 35: Henry will continue after drinks. Good bowling from Henry as he looks to tie up Malinga. A miss timed pull shot for two from Malinga. Another drop! This time is Boult who drops a skied shot from Malinga. A great shot to end the over from Perera a cut over covers for four. Seven off it. 

Over 34: Boult to return. Will be looking to bowl wicket to wicket here. Malinga with a single that will bring Perera to strike. A drop, in the outfield Munro drops Malinga. Three off the over. 

Over 33: Sodhi misses his length, and Perera makes him play with a stunning lofted drive for six!! It's followed up by a short ball from Sodhi that is put into the crowd. Another great shot for four and it brings up the 50 off 28 balls. A big lofted drive agian, it hangs high in the air but it lands safe! 20 off the over. 

Over 32: Southee to continue. A short ball is pulled away by Perera for six! Four more, Southee is missing his length and it's stand and deliver from Perera. 11 off the over. 

Over 31: Sodhi to bowl his ninth. Malinga gets off the mark with a sweep for four. Big appeal for LBW, we are going upstairs, given not out. Decision remains not out. Ball-tracker wasn't available. A short ball from Sodhi is cut for two. Eight off the over. 

Over 30: Southee back into the attack. First ball is flicked away nicely for four. The second ball is the same result, this time over mid-off. The over going for nine.

Over 29: Can Ish get more? Great bowling once again, giving the batsmen nothing.

Over 28: Neesham back. Lovely shot, A full toss from Neesham is flicked away for four. seven off that. 

Over 27: Sodhi looking for more wickets. A run out appeal, they will go upstairs. Out! A shot guided to the leg side and Neesham gets it in to Seifert and the decision is out! Gunaratne run out Neesham/ Seifert 6 Fantistic confident bowling from Sodhi. Another one!!! Another wrong-un, not picked.

Prasanna went for the big slog and he drags one on to the stumps. Prasanna b Sodhi 0

Over 26: Neesham mixing up line and lengths again and goes for six.

Over 25: Sodhi into his sixth. A big shout, a great wrong-un but there is a slight edge. A fantastic bowling performance from Ish. Growing in confidence. Another wicket! He didn't pick the wrong-un and Chandimal is bowled. A gorgeous peice of bowling. Chandimal 3 b Sodhi.  

Over 24: Neesham to continue. He is around the wicket to the left hander bowling a much better line. Huge breakthrough!! A big top edge from Gunathilaka and Seifert takes another catch. A great one. Big wicket.  Gunathilaka c Seifert b Neesham 71 The wicket brings Gunaratne to the crease. Good over from Jimmy five off it. 

Over 23: Sodhi to bowl his fifth. And he gets the breakthrough! A big appeal from Sodhi and Seifert! It's a great take by the keeper on the leg side and Mendis walks. Mendis c Seifert b Sodhi 20. Chandimal to the crease. A sweep clips the pad and it's a big appeal from NZ but not out is the call. Good over this. Two off the over.

Over 22: Neesham to continue. He is struggling with his line early on, he needs to bowl a touch straighter. Better this over from Jimmy, five off it. Can we get a breakthrough? 

Over 21: Sodhi to continue. NIce and tight from the leggy again who is flighting the ball up well. A very good over fom Ish who goes for just one.  

Over 20: Jimmy Neesham into the attack for the first time tonight. First ball on the leg stump and it's flicked away for one. A full toss is driven into the deep for two. A big shout for a catch down leg but ump calls it a wide. The next is cut very well by Gunathilaka for four. A tough start for Neesh who goes for 10 off his first 

Over 19: Back after drinks and it's Sodhi to continue. A fantastic reverse sweep from Gunathilaka who is batting very well! 7 off the over. Sri Lanka going along well at the mo. 

Over 18: Henry to continue, a great cut timed perfectly runs away for four. Henry finished off with some straighter balls, that will probably end his spell. Nine off the over. That's drinks.   

Over 17: Sodhi to continue. Very straight from the leggy, forcing the batsmen to play. Two off it. 

Over 16: Henry to continue. One off the first and fifty for Gunathilaka, tight bowling from Henry. A lofted straight drive for four from Mendis to finish the over. 7 off it. 

Over 15: Williamson gets a rest. Sodhi to bowl. A late cut for four from Gunathilaka,a great shot. Seven off the over. 

Over 14: Matt Henry gets the reward for his good start. Taking Perera for four runs as he top edges a pull shot to third man. Perera c Boult b Henry 4. A good over from Henry with a breakthrough. A wicket and three runs off it. 

Over 13: 7 runs off the captains second. 

Over 12: A straight drive for one off the first ball. A good over, four off it.

Over 11: The captain is into the attack. And it's dropped!! A sitter at point is put down by Henry Nicholls. A bad ball is cut straight to point but Nicholls can't hold onto it. Just one off it. 

Over 10: Henry to continue. A much better line early on from Henry. Back of a length and outside off. It's a maiden over from Henry. 

Over 9: Boult to continue. Very straight line once again from the lefty. Perera navigates a short ball to fine leg. A nice slower ball nearly gets the edge of Gunathilaka's bat. A lovely back foot drive from Gunathilaka for four. Six from it. 

Over 8: Matt Henry in to the attack for the first time tonight. Great shot!! Too full from Henry and Gunathilaka drives him straight for four. Six off the over. 

Over 7: Very straight bowling from Southee and Boult, a cut off the second ball goes for one. Perera gets off the mark with a little flick down to fine leg. A cracker of a shot from Gunathilaka he charges down the wicket and hits a drive over mid-off for four. Seven off it. 

Over 6: Some tight bowling from Southee and the pressure is right back on the batsmen. Just one run off the bat, two off the over because of a leg bye. 

Over 5: Perera comes to the crease. But it's Gunathilaka to strike who defends the whole over. Great bowling from Boult. Maiden over. 

Over 4: Southee to bowl. Looks to be struggling a little bit early on with line. The breakthrough!! A Southee slower ball gets the job done. Dickwella was looking to cut one to third man but chops it on. Dickwella b Southee 9

Over 3: A big slog off the first ball and it misses the bat, a bad shot really. Boult with slight shape away from the left hander. He drops the ball short and Gunathilaka is quickly on to the back foot and pulls it for four. A wide off the fourth but some great batting early on from Sri Lanka, six off the over.

Over 2: Southee: First ball is driven for four on the up but it will run away. A four off the last and it's 12 off the over. 

Over 1: Good line and lenth early for Trent Boult but great running from the Sri Lankan openers who steal three singles. Four off the first, great bowling and batting. 

Sri Lanka's turn to bat! They will plenty of confidence after their perfomance on Thursday.  

Decent total for the Blackcaps there. Sri Lanka will have some work to do chasing this down on a pitch that seems to be offering the bowlers a little something something. Tune back in shortly for the second innings at Bay Oval.

Over 50: Final over! Seifert gets down low and plays a textbook ramp shot for four runs off the first ball. Follows that up with a heave over midwicket for six. Perera responds with an effective slower ball, just one. Southee gets one away, just one bounce to deelp long-on for a single. Seiferts slashes and they come back for two, should've been run out but the throw is a shocker. Last ball is a money yorker, Seifert digs it out and runs anyway, Perera easily runs down the stumps for the fourth run out of the innings. Handy knock by Seifert, nonetheless. Seifert run out 22(17)

Over 49: Sri Lanka desperate to get Seifert on strike now. Neesham digs out a full one, looks to scramble a single but Pradeep fields his own delivery, turns and fires down the stumps - Neehsam keeps on walking to the pavilion. Brilliant, critical knock yet again from the comeback kid.  Neesham run out 64 (37). Pradeep is on top of his slower ball game, two dots to finish.

Over 48: Neesham latches on to a short ball and gets it just square enough to beat fine leg to the boundary. Plays a half tracker to the same region for one. Seifert advances but can't collect, just one there. Neesham skyrockets one over long-on, over the rope it goes and that's an apt way to bring up his half-century. Bang! He goes again over long on and that's cleared the boundary easily. Huge over for the NZ cause.

Over 47: Neesham plays the first ball late through square and that's four. Mistimes a pull, just a single. Seifert pulls deep, one bounce and straight to the fielder. Neesham whips a full toss off the pads, single there. 

Over 46: Malinga back for his final over. Neesham spots a gap at midwicket and they nab two quick runs. Full toss on the pads and Neesham gets a leading edge, splays it into the sky but it falls to safety. Strikes Neesham full on the pads, Malinga goes up, umpire not interested and he immediately calls for the review. Seems to be pitching outside leg, and ball tracker confirms as much. Neesham finds another gap for one, playing some smart cricket here. Dot ball to finish a superb spell for the skipper, finishing with two wickets for 44 runs off his 10.

Over 45: Pradeep takes the ball. Taylor plays one to fine leg, they turn and come back for a second but the throw is a good one and he's comfortably short upon review. Taylor run out 90 (105). Pradeep with a lovely slower ball, Seifert had no idea about that one. Definitely some more movement in this wicket now. Single to round out the over.

Over 44: Malinga with a pinpoint yorker for a dot ball to start. Taylor spots a gap through cover and they take a well-run two. NZ restricted to singles for the remainder of the over. Malinga rounds out another effective over with yet another dot ball yorker.

Over 43: Sandakan to the bowling crease. Neesham pushes the first for a comfy single through the covers. Taylor does the same. Lap shot for a cheeky one. Sandakan with an excellent over, just four from it.

Over 42: Perera takes the ball. Taylor dances down the wicket and heaves a bullet one over midwicket for the third six of the NZ innings. Wild, wide bouncer - he'll have to bowl that again. Neesham whips one over square leg for another six. Settle in people. 17 more off that over.

Over 41: A duo of singles to start, then Neesham plays two delicate shots fine for consecutive boundaries. He's looked very secure out there as NZ look to close this innings strongly. Big over for the hosts, 13 from it.

Over 40: Neesham picks up a short ball, pulls but it's only worth one. Malinga with another deft short ball, Neesham misses it clean. Great bouncer for another dot ball. Taylor top edges a pull onto his own helmet, sneaks a single. 

Over 39: Neesham plays a late cut, gets enough on it to claim four runs. Taylor sweeps for a single. Three more singles round out the over.

Over 38: Malinga again. Quick single, well run off the short ball. Nicholls looks to pull a short one and he's got some glove on that, keeper Dickwella takes the catch. Umpire agrees. Nicholls c Dickwella b Malinga 32. Perhaps a well timed wicket as far as NZ is concerned? In comes the five-six don himself, Jimmy Neesham. Off the mark immediately for one. Wicket and two runs from the over for the skipper.

Over 37: Nicholls sweeps boldly off Gunaratne, one bounce to the fence to bring up the 200 and the 50 partnership. He goes again with the sweep, slightly squarer but same result. Nine off the over.

Over 36: Malinga back into the attack. Nicholls edges one behind, drops just short and wide of the keeper. Nicholls digs out a yorker and mid-on muffs the stop, propels the ball to the boundary for the first time in what seems an age. Final ball is a full toss that Taylor picks off his pads for a single.

Over 35: Taylor guides one around the corner for one. Nicholls gets some purchase on a cover drive but it's straight to the fielder. The NZ run rate has dropped to just 4.60 over the past five overs.

Over 34: Nicholls sweeps with force but the fielder at square leg is up to the task. Taylor punches another to long-on. 

Over 33: Single after single for the Blackcaps - it's been a while since they found the boundary. 

Over 32: Nicholls plays straight for one, as does Taylor. NZ just accumulating and keeping wickets in hand until they can launch around over 40. Nicholls lofts a sweep over square leg, they steal two.

Over 31: Taylor times one off his pads, misfield at mid wicket and they scamper back for two. 

Over 30: Taylor nabs one, and Prasanna responds with three dot balls. Nicholls plays straight and the bowler defelcts ones on to the stumps at the non-striker's end. They check upstairs but it was clear Taylor was comfortably safe.  

Over 29: Taylor flicks one to long-on and Nicholls goes to long-off, singles each way. Good over from Gunaratne.The run rate has really stalled since Munro's departure. 

Over 28: Sandakan really keeping the line and length on the mark. Taylor plays a straight drive for a single to bring up his half century off 61 balls. 

Over 27: Clamps on Nicholls as he looks to get off the mark. Rocks back and plays one to long-off for a single. Miserly over for Gunaratne to capitalise on the wicket.

Over 26: Big mix up here and it looks like Taylor has run someone out, again. Yep, Munro is comfortably short off the direct hit - stranded on his equal highest ODI score after Taylor looked to have called for the run, then sent his partner back. Big breakthrough for Sri Lanka and you have to feel for Munro who looked on course for a hefty first century. Munro run out (Perera) 87

Over 25: Gaps being worked well and the runs tick over. Taylor rocks back and plays his trademark cut behind point for four to end the over. 

Over 24: Sandakan puts one wide and ripe for punishment, Taylor can't cash in. Makes no mistake on the next ball, slashing it through covers with perfect placement for four. That's the 100-run partnership, comes off 96 balls. 

Over 23: WASP has the NZ total at 313, for what it's worth, which is not that much in most people's eyes. Taylor sneaks a late cut straight to backward point and takes off for a run, Munro should be in trouble but the throw is awful and he's comfortably home.

Over 22: Munro launches another huge six straight down the ground off Prasanna. The man is in some sort of rhythm now. NZ are now almost at six per over.

Over 21: Munro swings hard but no ding, and the keeper misses it completely as well. Four byes. Sandakan puts up another shocker down leg, Taylor gets some pad to it and there's four more. 

Over 20: Prassana into the attack for Sri Lanka. Munro goes deep to long on but the filder totally misjudges it, makes an absolute meal of what should've been a straightforward catch. Munro rubs salt into the wounds by crushing one over long-off for the first six of the day. Rough first over for Prassana. NZ run rate edges upward to 5.55.

Over 19: Taylor tickles a poor ball down to the fine leg boundary. Singles to midwicket to complete a five-run over.

Over 18: Munro dances down the pitch and blasts Perera back down the wicket, bowler gets a hand down to it to prevent runs. Munro gets a half volley on his pads and uses the pace to loft it behind square for four.

Over 17: Taylor sweeps powerfully but it's straight to square leg for a dot. He cashes in for two the next ball, flicking a full toss to deep midwicket.

Over 16: Tightly bowled over from Perera, just a Taylor single from it.

Over 15: Wide down leg to start from Sandakan. Looping half volley begs to be put away but Munro can't quite pick it up. Makes no mistake the following ball, advancing and cutting square for four.

Over 14: Perera maintaining an effective line and length to keep the run rate low, currently sitting at just 5.20. Taylor earns one to deep square leg. Munro carves one through covers to bring up a well deserved half century. 

Over 13: Munro cuts one late and picks up four off Sandakan. Attempts the reverse pull but can't connect. 

Over 12: Optimistic appeal for LBW leads to overthrows. Taylor finds runs at third man. Just three runs from Perera's first effort.

Over 11: Gunathilaka into the attack. Munro dispatches his first effort to the point boundary. Taylor with a trademark sweep for three. 

Over 10: Taylor finally off the mark. Munro pulls to deep square leg and it's another cheap over for the tourists.

Over 9: Munro plays the attempted yorker late to third man for four. Follows that with a cracking cover drive back to the fence, got down to one knee for that one. We call that shot 'The Proposal'.

Over 8: Williamson hooks, skies a top edge to fine leg and is caught right on the boundary but the fielder is off balance, throws it in the air then steps back in-field to complete a ripper of a catch and claim a huge scalp. Williamson c Sandakan b Pradeep 1 (9)

Over 7: Malinga getting some nice deviation off the pitch. Perhaps it's broken up a bit more since the first ODI, few cracks to be taken advantage of. Spinners could play a big part. The skipper keeping the screws tight here, just one from the over.

Over 6: Williamson off the mark with a single to mid-on. Munro plays another lush straight drive, denied a boundary by some superb fielding at mid-off. Tidy over for Sri Lanka, just three from it.

Over 5: Guptill tucks one away fine and the quick outfield helps it to the boundary. Guptill knicks one through to the keeper playing a half-hearted shot and there's tghe first wicket. No big hundred today. Guptill c Dickwella b Malinga 13 (15)

Over 4: Both players working the gaps well for singles, four through the first four balls. Guptill struck on the pads in front and a huge appeal goes up. Upmire shakes his head, and Sri Lanka opt not to review. That looked pretty good - but ball tracker reveals it was missing leg stump.

Over 3: Guptill to square leg for a well-run single. Malinga with a slower ball, Munro plays it directly in front of him for one. 

Over 2: Munro with a lovely straight drive for the innings' first boundary. Guptill times one off the pads for two. Munro follows with a lofted on-drive for four, then slashes one square for another boundary. Great early signs for the Aucklander who could do with a big score today.

Over 1: Guptill off the mark with a quick single from Lasith Malinga's first ball. Munro can't get a hold of a couple of half-trackers, then drops one short for a sneaky run. Guptill plays neatly off the hip for one, Munro drives to mid-off for another to close the opening over.

1:53pm - By all reports it's another belter of a batting wicket. Could we see 400 breached today?

1:52pm - Just one change for the NZ side today with Lockie Ferguson stepping aside to rest, replaced by Tim Southee. The Sri Lanka line-up remains the same.

1:37pm - Another picturesque day in The Mount, barely a cloud in the sky and only a whisper of wind. Oh, to be sprawled on that embankment with a cold one right now...

1:33pm - NZ skipper Kane Williamson has won the toss and the Blackcaps will bat first at Bay Oval.

Kia ora and welcome to live coverage from Mount Maunganui as the Blackcaps look to go 2-0 up in their ODI series against Sri Lanka.

The hosts put on a show for the small yet vocal crowd at Bay Oval on Thursday as Martin Guptill blasted the attack to all corners on his way to a magnificent 138.

Can the Sri Lankans bounce back to even the series?

The first ball will be bowled at 2pm, when over-by-over coverage will begin.

In the meantime, check out the video above for a preview of today's action with comeback kid, Jimmy Neesham.


Head to head:

New Zealand - $1.22       Sri Lanka - $4.00


Pre-match banter

Capital shift boosts Neesham

By Brad Lewis

Returning Blackcap Jimmy Neesham is crediting a shift to the capital for his career resurgence.

The 28-year-old spent close to two years in the international wilderness, after the emergence of Colin de Grandhomme as New Zealand's premier all-rounder.

Not content with watching from the sidelines, Neesham shifted from Otago to Wellington at the start of the season, with outstanding results.

After starring for the Firebirds - with both bat and ball - during their Ford Trophy triumph, Neesham earned a recall to the national side for the current ODI series with Sri Lanka, with the selectors opting to rest an overworked de Grandhomme.

The all-rounder rewarded that favour with a tremendous display in the opening match in Tauranga on Thursday, smashing 47 from 13 balls and taking 3/38 with the ball.

Neesham's batting has never been the issue when wearing the Blackcaps shirt. Through 22 tests, he averages 33.76 with two centuries and his ODO stats are equally impressive. Through 42 matches, he has passed 50 four times, averaging 28.60 with a strike rate of 97.

Realising he needed to focus his efforts at the bowling crease, Neesham turned to his provincial skipper for help and the results have been exceptional.

"Bowling has been the main focus for me since I was dropped from the side a few years back," Neesham said on Friday.

"The move to Wellington has really helped with that - Hamish Bennett has been pretty influential in the improvement.

"I train now as a front-line bowler and just get to the batting when I can. For me, at the bowling crease now, it's about staying as loose as possible.

"I know I have the ability to bowl around that 140km mark, but it's about remaining consistent."

Neesham often rushed the Sri Lankan batsman during Thursday night's 45-run win, his wickets proving vital, removing set openers Niroshan Dickwella (76) and Danushka Gunathilaka (43).

But despite a brilliant all-around performance, Neesham is more focused on appreciating his time back in the Blackcaps, rather than putting too much pressure on himself to perform.

"I wasn't really concerned with the runs and the wickets," he said. "It was more about trying to enjoy being part of the team again.

"The lads have been very welcoming and yesterday was a lot of fun.

As for his near world-record batting performance, Neesham admits he almost fluked it.

With four sixes from the first four balls of the penultimate over, Neesham was two big hits away from equalling South African Herschelle Gibbs, who struck six sixes in six balls off Dutch bowler Daan van Bunge during the 2007 Cricket World Cup.

It wasn't to be, although Neesham did deposit Perera for six off the final ball.

"I had three of the worst net sessions of my life leading up to the game, so I went out there without too much expectation, and decided to go out there and swing at a few. Some days it comes off, some days it doesn't.

"Yesterday was a good day."

The second game of the series is also at Mount Maunganui's Bay Oval on Saturday.


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